number thirteen: 2 minute videos
1. Solex "Solex All Licketysplit"
Album: Solex vs. the Hitmeister
Label: Matador
Directors: Bruce Alcock / Birgit Rathsmann
Time: 2:22

2. The Comas "Invisible Drugs"
Album: Conductor
Label: Yep Roc
Director: Bradley Scott
Time: 2:19

3. The Vines "Get Free"
Album: Highly Evolved
Label: Capitol
Director: Roman Coppola
Time: 2:03

4. Black Strobe "Me and Madonna"
EP: Me and Madonna
Label: Output
Director: ne-o
Time: 2:04

5. Cornelius "I Hate Hate"
Album: Point
Label: Trattoria/Matador
Director: Koichiro Tsujikawa
Time: 1:41

6. Super Furry Animals "God! Show Me Magic"
Album: Fuzzy Logic
Label: Creation/XL/Beggars Group
Director: Brian Cannon
Time: 2:07

7. Super Furry Animals "Do or Die"
Album: Guerrilla
Label: Flydaddy/XL/Beggars Group
Directors: Jake & Jim
Time: 2:04

8. Super Furry Animals "Golden Retriever"
Album: Phantom Power
Label: XL/Beggars Group
Directors: Jake & Jim
Time: 2:26

9. Devendra Banhart "At the Hop"
Album: Niño Rojo
Label: Young God/XL/Beggars Group
Directors: Isaiah Seret / Scott Diamond
Time: 2:10

10. The Features "The Way it's Meant to Be"
Album: Exhibit A
Label: Universal
Director: Chad Denning
Time: 2:04

11. Electric Six "Gay Bar"
Album: Fire
Label: XL/Beggars Group
Directors: Kuntz & Maguire
Time: 2:32

12. Beep Beep "Executive Foliage"
Album: Business Casual
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: Jason Kulbel
Time: 2:02

13. The Presidents of the United States of America "Lump"
Album: The Presidents of the United States of America
Label: Columbia/Pusa Inc.
Director: Roman Coppola
Time: 2:22

14. "Weird Al" Yankovic "Gump"
Album: Bad Hair Day
Label: Scotti Bros.
Director: Al Yankovic
Time: 2:16

15. They Might Be Giants "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"
Album: Flood
Label: Elektra
Director: Drew Takahashi, Lidia Pryzluska, J. Otto Seibold
Time: 2:32

16. The High Strung "Real Nice Boy"
Album: These Are Good Times
Label: Tee Pee
Director: J. B. Carlin
Time: 2:25

17. Millencolin "Fox"
Album: Pennybridge Pioneers
Label: Burning Heart/Epitaph
Director: David Berron
Time: 2:03

18. Blur "Song 2"
Album: Blur
Label: Food/Parlophone/Virgin
Director: Sophie Muller
Time: 2:00

19. Snapcase "Coagulate"
Album: End Transmission
Label: Victory
Director: Kathi Prosser
Time: 2:19

20. Piebald "Part of Your Body is Made out of Rock"
Album: All Ears, All Eyes, All the Time / Atticus - Dragging the Lake III
Label: SideOneDummy
Director: Pat Tobin
Time: 2:21

21. Louis XIV "God Killed the Queen"
Album: The Best Little Secrets Are Kept
Label: Atlantic
Director: Christian Swegal
Time: 1:58

22. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Pin"
Album: Fever to Tell
Label: Dress Up/Interscope
Director: Tunde Adebimpe
Time: 2:03

23. Fatboy Slim "Slash Dot Dash"
Album: Palookaville
Label: Skint/Astralwerks
Director: Tim Pope
Time: 2:32

24. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Dark Wave"
Album: Pig Lib
Label: Matador
Director: Scott Lyon
Time: 2:29

25. BIGdumbFACE "Duke Lion"
Album: Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!
Label: Flawless/Flip/Geffen
Director: Wes Borland / Marc Webb
Time: 2:02

26. Earlimart "Lost at Sea"
Album: Everyone Down Here
Label: Palm
Director: Elfish Design
Time: 1:26

27. The Apes "Black Tears"
Album: The Fugue in the Fog
Label: Frenchkiss
Director: Divya Srinivasan
Time: 2:30

28. The Thermals "No Culture Icons"
Album: More Parts Per Million
Label: Sub Pop
Time: 2:22

30. Mary Timony "Dr. Cat"
Album: The Golden Dove
Label: Matador
Director: Brett Vapnek
Time: 2:30

31. The D4 "Get Loose"
Album: 6Twenty
Label: Hollywood
Director: Mensch
Time: 1:55

32. River City Rebels "Hate"
Album: Racism, Religion, and War
Label: Victory
Director: Tony Brummel/Richie Bug Eye
Time: 1:57

33. Cursive "Some Red Handed Slight of Hand"
Album: The Ugly Organ
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: Jun Kawaguchi
Time: 1:49

34. Burning Heads "Wise Guy"
Album: Escape
Label: Epitaph Europe/Victory
Director: Burning Heads/Je Suis Bien Content
Time: 1:31

35. The Network "Supermodel Robots"
Album: Money Money 2020
Label: Adeline
Director: Roy Miles
Time: 2:03

36. The Network "Joe Robot"
Album: Money Money 2020
Label: Adeline
Director: Roy Miles
Time: 2:01

37. White Stripes "Fell In Love With a Girl"
Album: White Blood Cells
Label: Third Man/V2
Director: Michel Gondry
Time: 1:54

38. White Stripes "Hotel Yorba"
Album: White Blood Cells
Label: Sympathy For the Record Industry/Third Man/V2
Directors: Anthony Ernest Garth / Dan Miller
Time: 2:09

39. White Stripes "We're Going to be Friends"
Album: White Blood Cells
Label: Third Man/V2
Directors: Kevin Carrico / Anthony Ernest Garth
Time: 2:27

40. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Dang"
Album: Orange
Label: Matador
Director: Steven Hanft
Time: 1:55

41. Madvillain "ALL CAPS"
Album: Madvillainy
Label: Stones Throw
Director: James Reitano
Time: 2:15

42. Wax "California"
Album: 13 Unlucky Numbers
Label: Shattered/DGC
Director: Spike Jonze
Time: 2:21

43. Death Cab For Cutie "The Sound of Settling"
Album: Transatlanticism
Label: Barsuk
Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds
Time: 2:14

44. Enon "Pleasure and Privilege"
Album: High Society
Label: Touch and Go
Director: Clark Vogeler
Time: 1:54

45. Weezer "Dope Nose"
Album: maladroit
Label: Geffen
Director: Marcos Siega
Time: 2:14

46. Gomez "Shot Shot"
Album: In Our Gun
Label: Virgin
Director: Simon Atkingson & Adam Townley [Si & Ad]
Time: 2:25

47. Foo Fighters "Big Me"
Album: Foo Fighters
Label: Roswell/Capitol
Director: Jesse Peretz
Time: 2:11

48. Ima Robot "Dynomite"
Album: Ima Robot
Label: Virgin
Director: Roman Coppola
Time: 2:23

49. Rjd2 "1976"
Album: Since We Last Spoke
Label: Definitive Jux
Director: leftchannel
Time: 2:30

50. Kid Koala "Fender Bender"
Album: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Label: Ninja Tune
Director: Monkmus
Time: 1:54

51. The Soviettes "#1 is Number Two"
Album: The Soviettes LP II
Label: Adeline
Director: Justin Staggs
Time: 1:50

52. The Hives "Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones"
Album: Tyrannosaurus Hives
Label: Interscope
Director: The Saline Project
Time: 2:04

53. Hot Hot Heat "No, Not Now"
Album: Make Up the Breakdown
Label: Sub Pop
Director: MK12