artist "song" director
q-tip "vivrant thing" HYPE WILLIAMS
quad city dj's "come on n' ride it (the train)" CAMERON CASEY
quasimoto "bully's hit" JAMES REITANO
queens of the stone age "go with the flow" SHYNOLA
queens of the stone age "in my head" [ASSOCIATES IN SCIENCE]
queens of the stone age "little sister" NATHAN COX / JOSH HOMME
queens of the stone age "monsters in the parasol" BOB STEVENSON
queens of the stone age "no one knows" DEAN KARR
queens of the stone age "the lost art of keeping a secret" JOHN PIROZZI
r. kelly "bump n' grind"
r. kelly "half on a baby" HYPE WILLIAMS
r.e.m. "all the way to reno (you're gonna be a star)" MICHAEL MOORE
r.e.m. "animal" MOTION THEORY
r.e.m. "at my most beautiful" NIGEL DICK
r.e.m. "bad day" TIM HOPE / PETE CANDELAND
r.e.m. "bang and blame" RANDY SKINNER
r.e.m. "bittersweet me" DOMINIC DEJOSEPH
r.e.m. "daysleeper" THE SNORRI BROTHERS
r.e.m. "e-bow the letter" JEM COHEN
r.e.m. "electrolite" SPIKE JONZE / PETER CARE
r.e.m. "everybody hurts" JAKE SCOTT
r.e.m. "how the west was won and where it got us" LANCE BANGS
r.e.m. "i'll take the rain" YOSHITOMO NARA / DAVID WEIR
r.e.m. "imitation of life" GARTH JENNINGS
r.e.m. "losing my religion" TARSEM
r.e.m. "lotus" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
r.e.m. "man on the moon" PETER CARE
r.e.m. "new test leper" LANCE BANGS / DOMINIC DEJOSEPH
r.e.m. "nightswimming" JEM COHEN
r.e.m. "orange crush" MATT MAHURIN
r.e.m. "shiny happy people" KATHERINE DIEKMANN
r.e.m. "strange currencies" MARK ROMANEK
r.e.m. "swan swan h"
r.e.m. "the great beyond" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
r.e.m. "the sidewinder sleeps tonite"
r.e.m. "what's the frequency, kenneth?" PETER CARE
rachael yamagata "worn me down" PAUL FEDOR
radio 4 "dance to the underground" MATT BASS
radiohead - blips (for kid a) SHYNOLA / CHRIS BRAN
radiohead "fake plastic trees" JAKE SCOTT
radiohead "go to sleep" ALEX RUTTERFORD
radiohead "high & dry" PAUL CUNNINGHAM
radiohead "i might be wrong" SOPHIE MULLER
radiohead "just" JAMIE THRAVES
radiohead "karma police" JONATHAN GLAZER
radiohead "knives out" MICHEL GONDRY
radiohead "national anthem (live)"
radiohead "no surprises" GRANT GEE
radiohead "optimistic" (spy cam footage live from london) DILLY GENT
radiohead "palo alto" GRANT GEE
radiohead "paranoid android" MAGNUS CARLSSON
radiohead "pyramid song" SHYNOLA
radiohead "street spirit" JONATHAN GLAZER
radiohead "there there" CHRIS HOPEWELL
rae and christian feat. bobby womack "get a life" BERNARD WEDIG / WOLF GRESENZ
rage "war of worlds" MATHIAS KNEZY BOHM
rage against the machine "bulls on parade" PETER CHRISTOPHERSON
rage against the machine "guerrilla radio" HONEY
rage against the machine "no shelter" GAVIN BOWDEN
rage against the machine "testify" MICHAEL MOORE
rah digga "break fool" DIANE MARTEL
rah digga "tight" MARCUS RABOY
rah digga feat. busta rhymes "imperial" DIANE MARTEL
rainer maria "ears ring" DAVID AHUJA
raising the fawn "gwendolyn" CHRISTOPHER MILLS
ralph myerz and the jack herren band "nikita" THOMAS HILLAND
ralph myerz and the jack herren band "think twice" GEIR HENNING HOPLAND / ARILD FRÖHLICH
rammstein "du hast" PHILLIP STÖLZL
rammstein "ich will" JÖRN HEITMANN
rampage "take it to the streets" DARREN GRANT
rancid "bloodclot" NICK EGAN / RANCID
rappin' 4-tay "i'll be around" CAMERON CASEY
rapture, the "house of jealous lovers" SHYNOLA
rapture, the "sister saviour" PATRICK DAUGHTERS
rasmus, the "in the shadows" PHILIPP STÖLZL
rat pack "montage of various songs"
razorlight "golden touch" MAT COOK / JULIAN HOUSE
reach the sky "a year and a smile" ZACHARY MERCK
real tuesday weld, the "the ugly and the beautiful" TIM KIRKBY
reckless kelly "stick around" PETER ZAVADIL
red café "all night long" MIKE TAYLOR / CHRIS ROBINSON
red hot chili peppers "aeroplane" GAVIN BOWDEN
red hot chili peppers "around the world" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
red hot chili peppers "by the way" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
red hot chili peppers "californication" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
red hot chili peppers "can't stop" MARK ROMANEK
red hot chili peppers "coffee shop" GAVIN BOWDEN
red hot chili peppers "give it away" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
red hot chili peppers "higher ground" BILL STOBAUGH / DREW CAROLAN
red hot chili peppers "love rollercoaster" KEVIN LOFTON
red hot chili peppers "my friends (version one)" ANTON CORBIJN
red hot chili peppers "my friends (version two)" GAVIN BOWDEN
red hot chili peppers "otherside" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
red hot chili peppers "road trippin'" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
red hot chili peppers "scar tissue" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
red hot chili peppers "soul to squeeze" KEVIN KERSLAKE
red hot chili peppers "suck my kiss" GAVIN BOWDEN
red hot chili peppers "the zephyr song" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
red hot chili peppers "under the bridge" GUS VAN SANT
red hot chili peppers "universally speaking" DICK RUDE
red hot chili peppers "warped" GAVIN BOWDEN
red snapper "image of you" RINGAN LEDWIDGE
redneck manifesto "we still got it" JOHNNY KELLY
redwalls "thank you" SCOTT LYON
refused "new noise" JOCKE AHLUND
refused "rather be dead" UNKNOWN SWEDE
regina spektor "us" ADRIA PETTY
reindeer section "you are my joy" STUART HILTON / ANTHONY BURRILL
relient k "chap stick, chapped lips,and things like chemistry" ELLIOT LESTER
rembrandts "i'll be there for you" SEAN ALQUIST
remy ma "whuteva" DAVID PALMER
remy zero "gramarye" SOPHIE MULLER
remy zero "save me" PHILIP HARDER
rentals "friends of p" MATT SHARP / JASON RUSSIO
rentals "waiting (version one)" ROMAN COPPOLA
rentals "waiting (version two)" ROMAN COPPOLA
replacements "down together"
republica "drop dead gorgeous" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
republica "ready to go" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
reunion show "television" NICK CARBONARO / ACQUASTRADA
revboy "the republican fight song" REVBOY / THE LUNATIC FRINGE
reveille "the pheonix" MIKE ALPEROWITZ
reveille "what you got" JACQUES REY
revelation theory "slow burn" XDOANEX
reverend horton heat "lie detector" MARTIN NOWAK
revolution smile "bonethrower" SHAUN LOPEZ / THE CRONENWETHS
rex the dog "prototype" LAURENT BRIET
rhapsody with christopher lee from lord of the rings "unholy warcry" NEIL JOHNSON
richard ashcroft "a song for the lovers" JONATHAN GLAZER
richard ashcroft "c'mon people" ANDY MORAHAN
richard ashcroft "science of silence" TIM ROYES
richard x vs. liberty x "being nobody" PAUL GORE VS. URBAN STRÖM
rickie lee jones "stewart's coat" RICKIE LEE JONES / NICO SOULTANAKIS
rilo kiley "it's a hit" ANDREW BRUNTEL / MATT ENLOW
rise against "give it all" JAMES COX
rise against "swing life away" ESTEVAN ORIOL
river city rebels "glitter and gold" MAJOR LIGHTNER
river city rebels "hate" TONY BRUMMEL / RICHIE BUG EYE
river city rebels "life's a drag" DARREN DOANE
river city rebels "small town pride" JACOB STRADLING / CHAD GOYETTE
rjd2 "1976" LEFTCHANNEL
rjd2 "exotic talk" PLATES ANIMATION
rjd2 "the horror" RICH CEFALO
rl burnside "let my baby ride" BRADLEY BEASLEY
rob thomas "lonely no more" JOSEPH KAHN
rob thomas "this is how a heart breaks" PEDRO ROMHANYI
rob zombie "demonoid phenomenon"
rob zombie "dragula" ROB ZOMBIE
rob zombie "feel so numb" ROB ZOMBIE
rob zombie "never gonna stop" ROB ZOMBIE
robb roy "happy" ANDREW WALTON
robbie williams "feel" VAUGHAN ARNELL
robbie williams "let me entertain you" VAUGHAN ARNELL
robbie williams "mack the knife (live)"
robbie williams "rock dj" VAUGHAN ARNELL
robbie williams and nicole kidman "somethin' stupid" VAUGHAN ARNELL
robert cray band "no one special" SUE TURNER-CRAY
robert randolph and the family band "going in the right direction" NOBLE JONES
rockwell "somebody's watching me" FRANCIS DELIA
rod stewart "leave virginia alone" ZACK SNYDER
rolling stones "gimme shelter" MICHEL GONDRY
rolling stones "gimme shelter" (live version) BRUCE GOWERS / DICK CARUTHERS
rolling stones "like a rolling stone" MICHEL GONDRY
rolling stones "love is strong" DAVID FINCHER
rolling stones "out of tears" JAKE SCOTT
rolling stones "sympathy for the devil (fatboy slim remix)" MICK GOCHANOUR
rollins band "liar" ANTON CORBIJN
romantics "talking in your sleep"
roni size and cypress hill "child of the wild west"
roni size/reprazent "brown paper bag" NICK GORDON
roni size/reprazent "heroes" JULIAN GIBBS
roni size/reprazent "watching windows" TOM BIRD
rooney "blueside" MARCOS SIEGA
rooney "i'm shakin'" JOHN SCHWARTZMAN
rooney "popstars"
roots "don't say nuthin'" THE SALINE PROJECT
roots "silent treatment" FRANK SACRAMENTO
roots "star" SANJI
roots "what they do" CHARLES STONE III
roots feat. erykah badu "you got me" CHARLES STONE III
roots feat. jaguar "what you want" LITTLE X
roots manuva "colossal insight" HUSE
roots manuva "juggle tings proper" RICHARD ANTHONY
roots manuva "too cold" ALASTAIR SIDDONS
roots manuva "witness (one hope)" MAT KIRKBY
rosanne cash feat. johnny cash "september when it comes" DANNY KAHN
roughstars "letter in blue" JORY HULL
royal city "bad luck" BRAD PEYTON
röyksopp "only this moment" BRENDAN MCNAMEE / ROBERT CHANDLER
röyksopp "poor leno" SAM ARTHUR
röyksopp "remind me" H5 [LUDOVIC HOUPLAIN / HERVÉ DE CRÉCY]
rufus wainwright "across the universe" LEN WISEMAN
rufus wainwright "april fools" SOPHIE MULLER
rufus wainwright "california" GILES DUNNING / RUFUS WAINWRIGHT
run dmc vs. jason nevins "it's like that" SCHOFIELD & STEINBERG
run-dmc featuring aerosmith "walk this way"
rupaul "supermodel"
rupee "tempted to touch (live at s.o.b's)"
rupee "tempted to touch (movie version)" HW
rupee "tempted to touch" HW [HYPE WILLIAMS]
rusted root "send me on my way" CHRISTINA WAYNE
ruth ruth "uninvited" EVAN BERNARD
ryan cabrera "40 kinds of sadness" BILL FISHMAN
ryan cabrera "on the way down" DEAN PARASKEVOPOULOS
ryan cabrera "true" KEVIN KERSLAKE
rye coalition "stop eating" DEVIN FLYNN
ryuichi sakamoto "love is the devil" JOHN MAYBURY
rza "holocaust" KAREN MCCARTHY
sabres of paradise "wilmot" DOUGLAS HART
sade "by your side" SOPHIE MULLER
sade "cherish the day" ALBERT WATSON
sade "feel no pain" ALBERT WATSON
sade "hang on to your love" BRIAN WARD
sade "is it a crime" BRIAN WARD
sade "kiss of life" ALBERT WATSON
sade "love is stronger than pride" SOPHIE MULLER
sade "never as good as the first time" BRIAN WARD
sade "no ordinary love" SOPHIE MULLER
sade "nothing can come between us" SOPHIE MULLER
sade "paradise" ALEX MCDOWELL
sade "smooth operator" JULIEN TEMPLE
sade "sweetest taboo" BRIAN WARD
sade "turn my back" SOPHIE MULLER
sade "your love is king" JACK SEMMENS
saigon kick "love is on the way"
saint etienne "action" PAUL KELLY
saint etienne "how we used to live" MIKEY TOMKINS
salt-n-pepa "ain't nothin' but a she thang" ELLEN VON UNWERTH
salt-n-pepa "none of your business" MATTHEW ROLSTON
salt-n-pepa "shoop" SCOTT KALVERT
sam bisbee "you are here" TOBIAS PERSE
sam prekop "something" TIM SUTTON
sammy hagar "little white lie" KEVIN DONOVAN
sappy bell "sleeping pills" DAVE BURZANKO / JOHN SLOBODA
sarah harmer "don't get your back up" JETH WEINRICH
sarah mclachlan "adia" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
sarah mclachlan "ben's song" DAVID HAUKA / SARAH MCLACHLAN
sarah mclachlan "building a mystery" MATT MAHURIN
sarah mclachlan "drawn to the rhythm" SARAH MCLACHLAN
sarah mclachlan "hold on" TONY PANTAGES
sarah mclachlan "into the fire" PHILIP KATES
sarah mclachlan "path of thorns (terms)" PHILIP KATES
sarah mclachlan "possession" (cdn) SARAH MCLACHLAN
sarah mclachlan "possession" (us) JULIE HERMELIN
sarah mclachlan "steaming" DAVID HAUKA
sarah mclachlan "sweet surrender" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
sarah mclachlan "vox" (cdn) DERMOT SHANE
sarah mclachlan "vox" (u.s.) MICHELLE MAHRER
sarah vaughan "fever (adam freeland remix)" HAPPY
saucers "late bloomer" GREGG SIMON
saves the day "anywhere with you" JAMES FROST
saxon "beyond the grave" RONALD MATTHES
scarface "it ain't s***" JOSEPH KAHN
scary kids scaring kids "the only medicine" DARREN DOANE
scatman john "scatman" KERSTIN MUELLER
scenario rock "skitzo dancer" JÉRÉMIE ROZAN / MARTIAL SCHMELTZ
schneider tm "reality check" UWE FLADE
scientist "voodoo curse" DERRICK HODGSON
scott weiland "barbarella" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
screaming trees "all i know" MARK KOHR
scritti politti feat. mos def & lee majors "tinseltown to the boogiedown"
scum of the earth "get your dead on" ROB PRIOR / PAUL JENKINS
seal "crazy" BIG TV!
seal "don't cry" WAYNE ISHAM
seal "future love paradise" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
seal "killer" DON SEARLL
seal "kiss from a rose" JOEL SCHUMACHER
seal "prayer for the dying" PAUL BOYD
seal "the beginning" MICHAEL GEOGHEGAN
sean lennon "home" SPIKE JONZE
sebadoh "willing to wait" TRYAN GEORGE
sébastien tellier "universe" MATHIEU TONETTI
secret lives of the freemasons "it only took a whisper" MARK SERAO / CHRIS VAGLIO
seefeel "fracture" SEEFEEL
selena "i could fall in love" WILSON / KLUTHE
semisonic "secret smile" SOPHIE MULLER
seľor coconut "tour de france" CLAUDIA IGLESIAS / MARCELO FLORES
sepultura "mindwar" RICARDO DELLAROSA
sesame street feat. the pointer sisters "pinball number count (dj food re-edit)" JEFF HALE
shabaam sahdeeq "3d"
shabba ranks "mr. loverman"
shaggy feat. olivia "wild 2nite" LITTLE X
shai "baby i'm yours" KEITH WARD
shakespear's sister "goodbye cruel world" SOPHIE MULLER
shakespear's sister "hello (turn your radio on)" SOPHIE MULLER
shakespear's sister "i don't care" SOPHIE MULLER
shakespear's sister "stay" SOPHIE MULLER
sham-pain "my life/who ya daddy is?" GATE MEDIA GROUP / SHAM-PAIN
shannon mcnally "down and dirty" DAVID PALMER
shannon mcnally "now that i know" MICHELE CIVETTA
shantel "inside"
she wants revenge "sister"
shelby lynne "go with it" ERIC COHRAN / ALEX HEDISON
shelter "don't walk away" RAY CAPPO / JOE PATTISALL
shelter "in the van again" THE STONE BROTHERS
sheryl crow "a change would do you good (version one)" LANCE ACORD / SHERYL CROW
sheryl crow "a change would do you good (version two)" MICHEL GONDRY
sheryl crow "all i wanna do" DAVID HOGAN
sheryl crow "anything but down" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
sheryl crow "can't cry anymore" ELIZABETH BAILEY
sheryl crow "everyday is a winding road" PEGGY SIROTA
sheryl crow "home" SAMUEL BAYER
sheryl crow "leaving las vegas" DAVID HOGAN
sheryl crow "my favorite mistake" SAMUEL BAYER
sheryl crow "run, baby, run" DAVID CAMERON
sheryl crow "soak up the sun" WAYNE ISHAM
sheryl crow "steve mcqueen" WAYNE ISHAM
sheryl crow "strong enough" MARTIN BELL
sheryl crow "sweet child o' mine" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
sheryl crow and friends "there goes the neighborhood (live)" BRUCE GOWERS
shinedown "45" GLEN BENNETT
shinedown "simple man" CHRISTOPHER MILLS
shins "kissing the lipless" YOUR MOM
shins "know your onion!" LANCE BANGS
shins "new slang (version one)" LANCE BANGS
shins "pink bullets" ADAM BIZANSKI
shins "so says i" PLATES ANIMATION
shins "the past and pending" MATT MCCORMICK / GREGORY BROWN
shivaree "bossa nova" FATIMA ROBINSON
shivaree "i close my eyes" GEOFFRAY BARBIER
shout out louds "the comeback" TED & TOM MALMROS
shout out louds "very loud" TED & TOM MALMROS
showbread "mouth like a magazine" ACQUASTRADA
shutdown "few and far between" RICHIE BUG EYE / TONY BRUMMEL
sights, the "circus" ANTHONY GARTH
sigur ros "untitled #1" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
silk "freak me" LIONEL C. MARTIN
silverstein "giving up" MICAH MEISNER
silverstein "smile in your sleep" MARC RICCIARDELLI
simian "la breeze" HENRY MOORE SELDER
simian "never be alone" PAUL GORE
simian "the wisp" SAM ARTHUR
simon says "blister" SHAWN FOSTER
simple minds "don't you (forget about me)" DANIEL KLEINMAN
sinai beach "necessary bloodshed" DEREK DALE
sinead lohan "whatever it takes" JAMES BROWN
sinead o'connor "fire on babylon" MICHEL GONDRY
sinead o'connor "mandinka" JOHN MAYBURY
sinead o'connor "no man's woman" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
sinead o'connor "the emperor's new clothes" SOPHIE MULLER
singles "he can go, you can't stay" MIKE WILLIAMSON
siouxsie and the banshees "candyman" CLIVE RICHARDSON
siouxsie and the banshees "cities in dust" TIM POPE
siouxsie and the banshees "dazzle" TIM POPE
siouxsie and the banshees "dear prudence" TIM POPE
siouxsie and the banshees "face to face (batman returns version)" NEIL ABRAMSON
siouxsie and the banshees "face to face" NEIL ABRAMSON
siouxsie and the banshees "fear (of the unknown) (extended version)" CLIVE RICHARDSON
siouxsie and the banshees "fireworks" CLIVE RICHARDSON
siouxsie and the banshees "kiss them for me" PETER SCAMMELL
siouxsie and the banshees "peek-a-boo" PETER SCAMMELL
siouxsie and the banshees "shadowtime" PETER SCAMMELL
siouxsie and the banshees "slowdive" CLIVE RICHARDSON
siouxsie and the banshees "the killing jar" PETER SCAMMELL
siouxsie and the banshees "the last beat of my heart" PETER SCAMMELL
siouxsie and the banshees "the passenger" CLIVE RICHARDSON
siouxsie and the banshees "this wheel's on fire" CLIVE RICHARDSON
sir mix-a-lot "baby got back (video remix)" ROCKAMERICA-STEINBERG / WIKOFF
sir mix-a-lot "baby got back" ADAM BERNSTEIN
sir mix-a-lot "beepers" BRAD HUSKINSON
sir mix-a-lot "iron man" BRAD HUSKINSON
sir mix-a-lot "my hooptie" BRAD HUSKINSON
sir mix-a-lot "one time's got no case" BOB KUBILOS
sir mix-a-lot "posse on broadway" BRAD HUSKINSON
sir mix-a-lot "swap meet louie" CANDACE BROWN
sisqo "the thong song" JOSEPH KAHN
six by seven "eat junk become junk" DAVID WOODHEAD
six by seven "i.o.u. love" ALEX SMITH
skalpel "sculpture" LUKASZ TUNIKOWSKI
skee-lo "i wish" MARTY THOMAS
skinny puppy "pro-test" WILLIAM MORRISON
skunk anansie "charlie big potato" GIUSEPPE CAPOTONDI
slackers "have the time"
sleater-kinney "entertain" MOLLY AND MARIAH
sleater-kinney "get up" MIRANDA JULY
sleater-kinney "jumpers" MATT MCCORMICK
sleater-kinney "you're no rock n' roll fun" BRETT VAPNEK
sleep station "caroline, london 1940" SCRAMBLED VISUAL / GREY SKY FILMS
sleepy brown feat. outkast "i can't wait" BARBARINO
slim thug feat. bun b "I ain't heard of that" HYPE WILLIAMS
slimm calhoun "the cut song" DAVID NELSON
slimm calhoun feat. andre 3000 of outkast "it's okay" DAVID NELSON
slipknot "duality" TONY PETROSSIAN / M. SHAWN CRAHAN
sloan "rest of my life" WENDY MORGAN
slum village feat. dwele "tainted" CHRIS ROBINSON
slum village feat. kanye west "selfish" CHRIS ROBINSON
slunt "the best thing" DALE RESTEGHINI
sly and robbie "super thruster" ALAN MAXWELL
smash mouth "then the morning comes" SCOTT MARSHALL
smashing pumpkins "1979" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
smashing pumpkins "an ode to no one (live at final metro performance)" BART LIPTON
smashing pumpkins "ava adore" DOM & NIC
smashing pumpkins "bullet with butterfly wings" SAMUEL BAYER
smashing pumpkins "cherub rock" KEVIN KERSLAKE
smashing pumpkins "disarm" JAKE SCOTT
smashing pumpkins "everlasting gaze" JONAS ÅKERLUND
smashing pumpkins "geek usa (live)" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
smashing pumpkins "i am one" KEVIN KERSLAKE
smashing pumpkins "perfect" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
smashing pumpkins "rhinoceros" ANGELA CONWAY
smashing pumpkins "rocket" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
smashing pumpkins "siva" ANGELA CONWAY
smashing pumpkins "stand inside your love" W.I.Z.
smashing pumpkins "thirty-three" BILLY CORGAN / YELENA YEMCHUK
smashing pumpkins "today" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
smashing pumpkins "tonight, tonight" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
smashing pumpkins "try, try, try" JONAS ÅKERLUND
smashing pumpkins "untitled"
smashing pumpkins "zero" YELENA YEMCHUK
smile empty soul "bottom of a bottle" PATRICK KIELY
smog "I feel like the mother of the world" BRYCE KASS
smoke city "underwater love" TIM MACMILLAN
smoosh "la pump" ACE NORTON
snap "rhythm is a dancer" HOWARD GREENHALGH
snapcase "a synthesis of classic forms" DARREN DOANE / SHANE C. DRAKE
snapcase "caboose" RICHIE VIA
snapcase "coagulate" KATHI PROSSER
snapcase "steps" DAN STEGER
snapcase "typecast modulator" DARREN DOANE / DEREK DALE
sneaker pimps "6 underground" TOBY TREMLETT
snoop dogg "ups and downs" ANTHONY MANDLER
snoop dogg feat. justin timberlake and charlie wilson "signs" PAUL HUNTER
snoop dogg feat. pharrell "drop it like it's hot" PAUL HUNTER
snoop doggy dogg "murder was the case" DR. DRE
snoop doggy dogg "what's my name?" FAB FIVE FREDDY
snow "girl, i've been hurt" JIM SWAFFIELD
snow "informer" GEORGE SEMINARA
snow patrol "chocolate" MARC WEBB
snow patrol "run" PAUL GORE
snow patrol "spitting games" CROOKED
snowdogs "drive" DARREN DOANE / SHANE C. DRAKE
soft pink truth "promofunk" RYAN JUNELL
solex "comely row" BIRGIT RATHSMANN
solex "solex all licketysplit" BIRGIT RATHSMANN / BRUCE ALCOCK
solvent "for you" JARON ALBERTIN
solyoni "gold mime robberies" DAN LURIE
somehow hollow "kamloops" CHRISTIAN WINTERS
sondre lerche "two way monologue" MAGNUS MARTENS
sondre lerche "you know so well" ANDRE OVREDAL
songodsuns "minors into fire" GREGORY EVERETT
sonic youth "100%" TAMRA DAVIS / SPIKE JONZE
sonic youth "addicted to love" KIM GORDON
sonic youth "beauty lies in the eye" KEVIN KERSLAKE
sonic youth "bull in the heather" TAMRA DAVIS / KIM GORDON
sonic youth "candle" KEVIN KERSLAKE
sonic youth "cinderella's big score" DAVE MARKEY
sonic youth "death valley '69" RICHARD KERN
sonic youth "dirty boots" TAMRA DAVIS
sonic youth "disappearer" TODD HAYNES
sonic youth "disconnection notice" TOM SURGAL
sonic youth "hoarfrost" LEE RANALDO
sonic youth "kool thing" TAMRA DAVIS
sonic youth "little trouble girl" MARK ROMANEK
sonic youth "macbeth" DAVE MARKEY
sonic youth "mary-christ" STEVE SHELLEY
sonic youth "mildred pierce" DAVE MARKEY
sonic youth "mote" RAY AGONY
sonic youth "my friend goo" DAVE MARKEY / JOE COLE / KIM GORDON / THURSTON MOORE
sonic youth "nevermind (what was it anyway)" FROGME
sonic youth "providence" PETER FOWLER / SONIC YOUTH
sonic youth "scooter & jinx" RICHARD KERN
sonic youth "shadow of a doubt" KEVIN KERSLAKE
sonic youth "silver rocket" CHARLIE ATLAS
sonic youth "sugar kane" NICK EGAN
sonic youth "sunday" HARMONY KORINE
sonic youth "superstar" DAVE MARKEY
sonic youth "teen age riot" SONIC YOUTH
sonic youth "the empty page" THURSTON MOORE / CHRIS HABIB
sonic youth "titanium expose" PHIL MORRISON
sonic youth "tunic (song for karen)" TONY OURSLER
sonic youth "youth against fascism" NICK EGAN
sons and daughters "johnny cash"
sophie b. hawkins "as i lay me down" ERNIE FRITZ
sophie b. hawkins "only love (ballad of sleeping beauty)" BONNIE HOFFENBERG
sophie b. hawkins "right beside you" ALBERT WATSON
soul asylum "just like anyone" P.J. HOGAN
soul asylum "misery" MATT MAHURIN
soul asylum "runaway train" TONY KAYE
soul coughing "circles" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
soul coughing "down to this" MARK KOHR
soul coughing "soundtrack to mary" JOHN FLANSBURGH / NORWOOD CHEEK
soul coughing "super bon bon" JAMIE CALIRI
soulwax "e talking" EVAN BERNARD
soundgarden "black hole sun (version one)" HOWARD GREENHALGH
soundgarden "black hole sun (version two)" HOWARD GREENHALGH
soundgarden "fell on black days" JAKE SCOTT
soundtrack of our lives "bigtime" ANDREAS NILSSON / JOHANNES NYHOLM
soup dragons "divine thing"
south "loosen your hold" MICHAEL ESTRELLA
soviettes "#1 is number two" JUSTIN STAGGS
soviettes "the land of clear blue radio" JUSTIN STAGGS
soviettes, the "multiply and divide" JUSTIN STAGGS
space "female of species" GERALD MCMORROW
space raiders "disko doktor" BARNABY & SCOTT
spacehog "at least i got laid" ADOLFO DORING
spacemonkeyz vs. gorillaz "lil' dub chefin'" JAMIE HEWLETT / TIM U. / MAT WATKINS
sparklehorse "piano fire" RODNEY ASHER
sparklehorse "pig" SOPHIE MULLER
sparky lightbourne "where you goin' chicken?" LOCAL
sparta "breaking the broken" MARC WEBB
sparta "cut your ribbon" SOPHIE MULLER
spearhead "hole in the bucket" GUY GUILLET
specials "ghost town"
speech "clocks in sync with mine" KEVIN BRAY
speech "like marvin gaye said" DAVID DOBKIN
spice girls "2 become 1" BIG TV!
spice girls "say you'll be there" VAUGHAN ARNELL
spice girls "wannabe" JHOAN CAMITZ
spin doctors "little miss can't be wrong"
spineshank "new disease" SHAWN FOSTER
spiraling "a face for radio" JEREMY YURICEK
spiritualized "come together" BAILLIE WALSH
spitalfield "gold dust vs. state of illinois" JUSTIN THOMPSON
spitalfield "i loved the way she said l.a." DARREN DOANE
spoken "falling further" SETH BOSTON
sponge "plowed" TONY KUNEWALDER
sponge "wax ecstatic" GEORGE VALE
spooks "sweet revenge" DANIELA FEDENCI
spooks "things i've seen" BRIAN BELETIC
spoon "everything hits at once" DIVYA SRINIVASAN
spring heel jack "hale bopp" BEN & JOE DEMPSEY
squad five-o "bye american" JEFF STEWART
squarepusher "come on my selector" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
squirrel nut zippers "hell" NORWOOD CHEEK / GRADY COOPER / TOM MAXWELL
squirrel nut zippers "put a lid on it" NORWOOD CHEEK
squirrel nut zippers "suits are picking up the bill" NORWOOD CHEEK / GRADY COOPER / TOM MAXWELL
st. germain "sure thing" NATHALIE CANGUILHEM
stabbing westward "shame" PAUL CUNNINGHAM
stabbing westward "sometimes it hurts" KEVIN KERSLAKE
stabbing westward "what do i have to do?" JOSH TAFT
staind "home" FRED DURST
staind "it's been awhile" FRED DURST
staind "right here" NATHAN COX
staple "dictatorship vs. democracy" SHANE DRAKE
stardust "music sounds better with you" MICHEL GONDRY
stars "look up" MATT BURKE
starsailor "good souls" MOULDY
starsailor "poor misguided fool" DAVID SLADE
starsailor "silence is easy" PEDRO ROMHANYI
start, the "gorgeous" DOUGLAS KEITH FRIEDMAN
starting line, the "bedroom talk" COREY PETRICK
steel pulse feat. damien marley "no more weapons" BEN STOKES
stephen malkmus "mama" EJ MCLEAVEY-FISHER
stephen malkmus & the jicks "dark wave" SCOTT LYON
stereo mc's "connected" MATTHEW AMOS
stereo mc's "step it up" MATTHEW AMOS
stereolab "miss modular" TRASH 2000
stereolab "the free design" NICK ABRAHAMS
stereophonics "don't let me down" JAMES FROST
stereophonics "maybe tomorrow" W.I.Z.
steriögram "walkie talkie man" MICHEL GONDRY
stewie "sexy party" MEIERT AVIS
stills, the "lola stars and stripes" OLIVIER GONDRY
stills, the "still in love song" JOSH & XANDER
sting "all this time" ALEX PROYAS
sting "be still my beating heart" M. PATTERSON / C. DECKINGER
sting "brand new day" JAN HOULLEVIGUE
sting "bring on the night" DONNA MUIR / SUE HUNTLEY
sting "demolition man" MARCUS RABOY
sting "englishman in new york" DAVID FINCHER
sting "fields of gold" KEVIN GODLEY
sting "fortress around your heart" MICK HAGGERTY
sting "fragile" DOMINIC SENA
sting "if i ever lose my faith in you" HOWARD GREENHALGH
sting "if you love somebody set them free" KEVIN GODLEY / LOL CREME
sting "let your soul be your pilot" EMMANUEL CARLIER
sting "russians" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
sting "send your love" SANAA HAMRI
sting "they dance alone (cueca solo)" DOMINIC SENA
sting "this cowboy song" HOWARD GREENHALGH
sting "we'll be together" MARY LAMBERT
sting "when we dance" HOWARD GREENHALGH
sting "why should i cry for you?" GERARD DE THOME
sting "you still touch me" ADOLFO DORING
sting feat. eric clapton "it's probably me" RICHARD DONNER / BOBBY WOODS
sting feat. will-i-am "stolen car" NICK QUESTED
sting, bryan adams, rod stewart "all for love (version one)" DAVID HOGAN
sting, bryan adams, rod stewart "all for one (version two)" DAVID HOGAN
stone roses "love spreads" STEVEN HANFT
stone temple pilots "big bang baby" JOHN EDER
stone temple pilots "interstate love song" KEVIN KERSLAKE
stone temple pilots "lady picture show" JOSH TAFT
stone temple pilots "plush" JOSH TAFT
stone temple pilots "plush" (from headbanger's ball)
stone temple pilots "sex type thing" JOSH TAFT
stone temple pilots "sour girl" DAVID SLADE
stone temple pilots "tripping on a hole in a paper heart" BERNARDO SANTINI
stone temple pilots "vasoline (version one)" KEVIN KERSLAKE
stone temple pilots "vasoline (version two)" KEVIN KERSLAKE
stone temple pilots "wicked garden" GRAEME JOYCE
strait up feat. sevendust "angel's son" NATHAN "KARMA" COX
straylight run "existentialism on prom night" MAJOR LIGHTNER
street dogs "you alone" MARK HIGGINS
streets, the "blinded by the lights (radio edit)" ADAM SMITH
streets, the "blinded by the lights" ADAM SMITH
streets, the "don't mug yourself" RUPERT JONES
streets, the "dry your eyes" JOHAN RENCK
streets, the "fit but you know it" DOUGAL WILSON
streets, the "has it come to this" NICK WOOD
streets, the "let's push things forward" THE SNORRI BROTHERS
streets, the "weak become heroes" DAWN SHADFORTH
strife "one truth" DARREN DOANE
strike, the "shots heard round the world" CHAD ANDERSON
student rick "falling for you" DARREN DOANE
stuttering john "everybody's normal but me" SCOTT EINZIGER
styles "good times" JESSY TERRERO
styles of beyond "easy back it up" FRANK SACRAMENTO
styles of beyond "spies like us (kut masta kurt remix)" KEVIN BURKE / DAVID ROBERTSON
sublime "what i got" CLARK EDDY
subseven "emotion" SHANE DRAKE
subtle "f.k.o." SSSR
subtle "the long vein of the law" SSSR
suede "electricity" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
suffocation "surgery of impalement" ADAM WINGARD
sugar ray "every morning" MCG
sugar ray "mean machine" MCG
sugar ray "rpm" MCG
sugar ray "someday" JOSEPH KAHN
sugar ray feat. super cat "fly" MCG
sugarcult "stuck in america" SHAWN FOSTER
sunna "i'm not trading" NICK GORDON
sunna "power struggle" GUISEPPE CAPOTONDI
super furry animals "demons" BRIAN CANNON
super furry animals "do or die" JAKE & JIM
super furry animals "fire in my heart" JAKE & JIM
super furry animals "focus pocus / debiel" DANIEL GLYN / MATHEW GLYN
super furry animals "god! show me magic" BRIAN CANNON
super furry animals "golden retriever" JAKE & JIM
super furry animals "hello sunshine" PETE FOWLER
super furry animals "hermann loves pauline" MARK NUNNELLY
super furry animals "hometown unicorn" BRIAN CANNON
super furry animals "ice hockey hair" DAF PALFREY
super furry animals "if you don't want me to destroy you" BRIAN CANNON
super furry animals "it's not the end of the world?" DAVID NICOLAS
super furry animals "juxtapozed with u" H5 / DAWN OF THE NEW ASSEMBLY
super furry animals "lazer beam" PALUMBO & COCH
super furry animals "northern lites" SUPER FURRY ANIMALS / MARTIN MCCARTHY
super furry animals "play it cool" MARK NUNNELLY
super furry animals "rings around the world" PEDRO ROMHANYI
super furry animals "slow life" DYLAN JONES / PAPS O'MAOILEOAIN
super furry animals "smokin'" PETER GRAY
super furry animals "something 4 the weekend" BRIAN CANNON
super furry animals "the international language of screaming" GEOFF EVERSON
super furry animals "the man don't give a fuck (live)" DYLAN JONES
superdrag "destination ursa major" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
superdrag "sucked out" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
supergrass "kiss of life" DOM & NIC
supergrass "late in the day" DOM & NIC
supergrass "pumping on your stereo" HAMMER & TONGS
supergrass "st. petersburg" BORKUR SIGTHORSSON
supergrass "we still need more (than anyone can give)" ROMAN COPPOLA
supersonic "we rock" RINGAN LEDWIDGE
supersystem "born into the world" RAMONE BLUMBERG
suzanne vega "no cheap thrill" DAVID CAMERON
sven vath "your sweat (dein schweiss)" MARC TRAUTMANN / DANIEL WOELLER
sway & king tech feat. dj revolution "the anthem" JEFF RICHTER / SWAY & TECH
swayzak "keep it coming" NATHAN BROWN
sweatmaster "song with no words" KALLE KOTILA / TOMI MALAKIAS
sweet exorcist "testone" MARTIN WALLACE / JARVIS COCKER
switchfoot "meant to live"
swv "right here/human nature" LIONEL C. MARTIN
t.i. "bring 'em out" FAT CATS
t.i. "let's get away (clean version)" DARREN GRANT
t.i. "let's get away" DARREN GRANT
tag team "whoomp! there it is" V.J. BEEDLES
taking back sunday "cute without the 'e' (cut from the team)" CHRISTIAN WINTERS
taking back sunday "great romances of the 20th century" CHRISTIAN WINTERS
taking back sunday "this photograph is proof (i know you know)" THOMAS DELONGE
taking back sunday "you're so last summer" CHRISTIAN WINTERS
talib kweli & hi-tek "move something" DAVID NELSON
talib kweli & hi-tek feat. vinia mojea "the blast" LITTLE X
talib kweli feat. mary j. blige "i try" STEVE MURASHIGE
talking heads "and she was" JIM BLASHFIELD
talking heads "burning down the house" DAVID BYRNE
talking heads "crosseyed and painless" TONI BASIL
talking heads "love for sale" DAVID BYRNE / MELVIN SOKOLSKY
talking heads "once in a lifetime" DAVID BYRNE / TONI BASIL
talking heads "road to nowhere" DAVID BYRNE / STEPHEN R. JOHNSON
talking heads "stay up late" TED BAFALOUKOS
talking heads "the lady don't mind" JIM JARMUSH
talking heads "this must be the place (naive melody)" DAVID BYRNE
talking heads "wild wild life" DAVID BYRNE
talvin singh feat. amar "jaan" ROB HOWARD
tamia "can't go for that" CHRIS HAFNER
tamia "stranger in my house" PAUL HUNTER
tamia feat. 213 "can't go for that (remix)" CHRIS HAFNER
tanya donelly "keeping you" JOEL PEISSIG
taproot "the calling" MOH AZIMA
tasmin archer "sleeping satellite" ZANNA
taylor dayne "send me a lover"
tears for fears "break it down again" DANI JACOBS
tears for fears "everybody wants to rule the world" NIGEL DICK
tears for fears "god's mistake" CAMERON CASEY
tears for fears "head over heels" NIGEL DICK
tears for fears "mother's talk (us remix)" NIGEL DICK
tears for fears "shout" NIGEL DICK
tears for fears "sowing the seeds of love" JIM BLASHFIELD
tegan & sara "walking with a ghost" TROY NIXEY
télépopmusik "breathe (version one)" JORDAN SCOTT
télépopmusik "breathe (version two)" IF/THEN
télépopmusik "into everything" KÖRNER UNION
ten foot pole "armchair quarterback" DARREN DOANE
ten foot pole "the getaway" DEREK DALE
terence trent d'arby "she kissed me" MICHEL GONDRY
terence trent d'arby feat. des'ree "delicate" ANDY MORAHAN
terranova "contact" JAMES HYMAN
terranova "no peace" NICOLETTE KREBITZ
thermals "how we know" YOUR MOM
thermals "no culture icons"
they might be giants "(she was a) hotel detective" ADAM BERNSTEIN
they might be giants "ana ng" ADAM BERNSTEIN
they might be giants "birdhouse in your soul" ADAM BERNSTEIN
they might be giants "boss of me" TED CRITTENDEN
they might be giants "doctor worm" JOHN FLANSBURGH
they might be giants "don't let's start" ADAM BERNSTEIN
they might be giants "istanbul (not constantinople)" DREW TAKAHASI / LIDIA PRYZLUSKA / J. OTTO SEIBOLD
they might be giants "purple toupee" HELENE SILVERMAN
they might be giants "put your hand inside the puppet head" ADAM BERNSTEIN
they might be giants "snail shell" NICO BEYER
they might be giants "the guitar (the lion sleeps tonight)" JOHN FLANSBURGH
they might be giants "the statue got me high" ADAM BERNSTEIN
they might be giants "they'll need a crane" ADAM BERNSTEIN
thicke "when i get you alone" MAT KIRKBY
third eye blind "10 days late" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
third eye blind "deep inside of you" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
third eye blind "never let you go" CHRIS HAFNER
thirty odd foot of grunts "sail those same oceans" 50/50 / MR. BLACK
thompson twins "hold me now"
thousand foot krutch "rawkfist" ZACH MERCK
thrice "all that's left" THE WORKSHOP
thrice "stare at the sun" BRETT SIMON
thrills, the "not for all the love in the world" X [LITTLE X]
thrills, the "one horse town" MAX DODSON
throwing muses "bright yellow gun" KEVIN KERSLAKE
thursday "cross out the eyes" DARREN DOANE
thursday "signals over the air" JOAKIM AHLUND
thursday "understanding in a car crash" MORTIMER JONES
tift merritt "good hearted man" PHILIP ANDELMAN
til tuesday "voices carry" D. J. WEBSTER
timbaland and magoo feat. tweet and sebastian "all y'all" NICK QUESTED
timo maas feat. kelis "help me" ROJO
tin star "head" OLLY BLACKBURN
tina turner "better be good to me" BRIAN GRANT
tina turner "i don't wanna fight" PETER CARE
tina turner "what's love got to do with it" MARK ROBINSON
tindersticks "sometimes it hurts" MARTIN WALLACE
tino "tino's drum lessons" BENJAMIN STOKES
tipsy "mr. excitement" MATT AMATO
tipsy "space golf" STEVE SPEER
titan "corazon" EVAN BERNARD
tlc "ain't 2 proud 2 beg"
tlc "hat 2 da back" PHELIM DOLAN
tlc "no scrubs" HYPE WILLIAMS
tlc "red light special" MATTHEW ROLSTON
tlc "waterfalls" F. GARY GRAY
toad the wet sprocket "all i want" HANS NELEMAN
toad the wet sprocket "fall down" SAMUEL BAYER
toad the wet sprocket "something's always wrong" KEN FOX
toad the wet sprocket "walk on the ocean" PIERS PLOWDEN
toadies "possum kingdom" THOMAS MIGNONE
today is the day "mother's ruin" ADAM AHLBRANDT
todd terry "let it ride" GLP
tom cochrane "life is a highway"
tom jones "if i only knew" LOL CREME
tom petty "you don't know how it feels" PHIL JOANOU
tom petty "you wreck me" MARTYN ATKINS
tom petty and the heartbreakers "a face in the crowd" JESSE DYLAN
tom petty and the heartbreakers "a woman in love (it's not me)" JIM LENAHAN
tom petty and the heartbreakers "change of heart" CAMERON CROWE / PHIL SAVENICK / DOUG DOWDLE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "don't come around here no more" JEFF STEIN
tom petty and the heartbreakers "free fallin" JULIEN TEMPLE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "here comes my girl" JOHN GOODHUE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "insider" JIM LENAHAN
tom petty and the heartbreakers "into the great wide open" JULIEN TEMPLE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "jammin' me" JIM LENAHAN
tom petty and the heartbreakers "learning to fly" JULIEN TEMPLE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "mary jane's last dance" KEIR MCFARLANCE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "refugee" JOHN GOODHUE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "runnin' down a dream" JIM LENAHAN
tom petty and the heartbreakers "the waiting" JIM LENAHAN
tom petty and the heartbreakers "yer so bad" JULIEN TEMPLE
tom petty and the heartbreakers "you got lucky" JIM LENAHAN
tom waits "hold on" MATT MAHURIN
tomahawk "rape this day" GARY SMITHSON
tommy guerrero - ear eye data poop THOMAS CAMPBELL
tone loc "wild thing" TAMRA DAVIS
tonic "open up your eyes" (version one) THOMAS MIGNONE
tony bennett "steppin' out with my baby" MARCUS NISPEL
tony toni toné "anniversary" NICK EGAN
tool "schism" ADAM JONES
tool "sober" FRED STUHR
tori amos "1,000 oceans" ERICK IFERGAN
tori amos "bliss" LOREN HAYNES
tori amos "caught a lite sneeze" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
tori amos "china" CINDY PALMANO
tori amos "cornflake girl" (version one) BIG TV!
tori amos "cornflake girl" (version two) TORI AMOS / NANCY BENNETT
tori amos "crucify" CINDY PALMANO
tori amos "god" MELODIE MCDANIEL
tori amos "hey jupiter" EARLE SEBASTIAN
tori amos "jackie's strength (wedding cake mix)" JAMES BROWN
tori amos "jackie's strength" JAMES BROWN
tori amos "past the mission" JAKE SCOTT
tori amos "pretty good year" CINDY PALMANO / SAM RILEY
tori amos "professional widow" (remix)
tori amos "raspberry swirl" BARNABY & SCOTT
tori amos "silent all these years" CINDY PALMANO
tori amos "spark" JAMES BROWN
tori amos "talula" MARK KOHR
tori amos "winter" CINDY PALMANO
toronto star "sweet marie" YAEL STAAV
tortoise "dear grandma & grandpa" DAVID ELLSWORTH
tortoise "four day interval" DAVID ELLSWORTH
tortoise "salt the skies" ADAM LEVITE
tortoise "seneca" BRADEN KING
tosca "honey" MARKUS ROSSLE
tosca "wonderful" MARKUS ROSSLE
touch & go "would you" STEVE BURRELL
tow down "country rap tune" JEFF BYRD
towa tei "technova" HIROYUKI NAKANO
tracy bonham "mother mother" JAKE SCOTT
tracy bonham "the one" PAMELA BIRKHEAD
tracy chapman "give me one reason" JULIE DASH
tracy chapman "telling stories" HERB RITTS
tranquility bass "la, la, la" LANCE ACORD
tranquility bass "we all want to be free" TODD MUELLER
transister "look who's perfect now" WALTER STERN
transplants "gangsters & thugs" ESTEVAN ORIOL
travis "re-offender" ANTON CORBIJN
travis "turn" RINGAN LEDWIDGE
trey songs feat. twista "gotta make it" MARC WEBB
trick daddy feat. lil' kim and cee-lo "sugar (gimme some)" RAY KAY
trick daddy feat. trena "nann nigga" ZODIAC FISHGREASE
trick daddy feat. twista and lil' jon "let's go" ERIK WHITE
tricky "aftermath" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
tricky "black steel" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
tricky "christiansands" SHAWN MORTENSEN
tricky "hell is round the corner" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
tricky "makes me wanna die" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
tricky "money greedy" THEODORE WITCHER
tricky "overcome" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
tricky "ponderosa" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
tricky "pumpkin" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
tricky "tricky kid" ARTHUR JAFA
tricky feat. pj harvey "broken homes" THEODORE WITCHER
tricky with dj muggs and grease "for real" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
trio "da da da" DIETER MEIER
trio "da da da" (censored) DIETER MEIER
tristania "equilibrium" RALPH STRATHMANN
truman "girl with a pearl" MEIERT AVIS
truth hurts "the truth" BRYAN BARBER
truth hurts feat. rakim "addictive" PHILIP G. ATWELL
tsunami bomb "dawn on a funeral day" NATE WEAVER
turin brakes "mind over money" NICK GORDON
turin brakes "over and over" CHARLIE PAUL
turin brakes "pain killer" DAVID SLADE
turin brakes "underdog (save me)" SOPHIE MULLER
tv on the radio "staring at the sun" ELLIOT JOKELSON
tweet feat. missy elliott "oops (oh my)" CAMERON CASEY
tweet feat. missy elliott "turn da lights off" ANTTI J. JOKINEN / MISSY ELLIOTT
twista "overnight celebrity" ERIK WHITE
twista feat. faith evans "hope" CHRIS ROBINSON
twista feat. r. kelly "so sexy chapter ii (like this)" MARCUS RABOY
twista feat. r. kelly "so sexy" MARCUS RABOY
ty "the nonsense" MARK BAKER
ty "wait a minute" TOM & JON
ty "we don't care" TORRIANO SALVATORY
ty feat. roots manuva "oh u want more?" TOM & JON
u.s. bombs "skater dater"
u2 "all because of you" PHIL JOANOU
u2 "beautiful day" JONAS ÅKERLUND
u2 "discotheque (director's cut)" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
u2 "discothéque" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
u2 "electrical storm" ANTON CORBIJN
u2 "elevation remix" JOSEPH KAHN
u2 "even better than the real thing (dance mix)" RICHIE SMYTH
u2 "even better than the real thing" KEVIN GODLEY
u2 "even better than the real thing" (zoo tv) MAURICE LINNANE
u2 "gone (live from mexico city)" DAVID MALLET
u2 "hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" KEVIN GODLEY / MAURICE LINNANE
u2 "if god will send his angels" PHIL JOANOU
u2 "last night on earth" RICHIE SMYTH
u2 "lemon" MARK NEALE
u2 "mysterious ways" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
u2 "numb (version one)" KEVIN GODLEY
u2 "numb (version two)" EMERGENCY BROADCAST NETWORK
u2 "one (version one)" ANTON CORBIJN
u2 "one (version three)" PHIL JOANOU
u2 "please" ANTON CORBIJN
u2 "sometimes you can't make it on your own" PHIL JOANOU
u2 "staring at the sun (version one)" JAKE SCOTT
u2 "staring at the sun (version two)" MORLEIGH STEINBERG
u2 "stay (faraway, so close!)" WIM WENDERS
u2 "stuck in a moment you can't get out of (version one)" KEVIN GODLEY
u2 "stuck in a moment you can't get out of (version two)" JOSEPH KAHN
u2 "the ground beneath her feet" WIM WENDERS
u2 "the hands that built america (movie version)"
u2 "the hands that built america" MAURICE LINNANE
u2 "the sweetest thing" KEVIN GODLEY
u2 "until the end of the world" KEVIN GODLEY
u2 "vertigo" ALEX & MARTIN
u2 "walk on" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
u2 "who's gonna ride your wild horses" PHIL JOANOU
ub40 "can't help falling in love" NEIL ABRAMSON
udo "trainride in russia"
ugly casanova "things i don't remember (edited version)" YURI A
ugly duckling "a little samba" TONY LEE
ugly duckling "everybody c'mon" ALEX KOUSTAS
ugly kid joe "cats in the cradle" MATT MAHURIN
underoath "reinventing your exit" ACQUASTRADA
underworld "banstyle" TOMATO
underworld "born slippy nuxx" TOMATO
underworld "born slippy nuxx" (trainspotting version) TOMATO
underworld "cowgirl" ROBERT SHACKLETON / TOMATO
underworld "dark train" TOMATO / JOHN HOLLIS
underworld "dirty epic" TOMATO
underworld "jumbo" TOMATO
underworld "moaner" TOMATO
underworld "most 'ospitable" TOMATO
underworld "oich oich" TOMATO
underworld "pearl's girl" TOMATO
underworld "push upstairs" TOMATO
underworld "rez" ROBERT SHACKLETON
underworld "spikee" TOMATO
underworld "spoonman" TOMATO
underworld "two months off" GRAHAM WOOD
union underground "revolution man" SHAWN FOSTER
unkle "reign" DANIEL ASKILL
unkle feat. ian brown "be there" JAKE SCOTT
unkle feat. thom yorke "rabbit in your headlights" JONATHAN GLAZER
unsane "scrape" THOMAS CAMPBELL
unwound "lifetime achievement award" SARA LUND / SADIE SHAW
unwritten law "cailin" DOUG PRAY
unwritten law "holiday" DARREN DOANE
unwritten law "seein' red" MARC WEBB
urge overkill "girl, you'll be a woman soon" DREW CAROLAN
usher "my way" PAUL HUNTER
utah saints feat. kate bush "something good" JERRY HIBBARD
vampyros lesbos "the lion & the cucumber" MICHAEL UMAN
van hunt "down here in hell (with you)" PAUL HUNTER
van hunt "dust" ONDI TIMONER
vandals "don't stop me now" JOE ESCALANTE / NATE WEAVER
vanessa carlton "a thousand miles" MARC KLASFELD
vanessa williams "save the best for last" KEVIN BRAY
vanity project, the "wilted rose" PLATES ANIMATION
vapourspace "rays" DAN LANSING BRUMLEY
vast "touched" WAYNE ISHAM
verbena "baby got shot" SPENCER SUSSER
verbena "way out west" TED NEWSOME
veruca salt "all hail me" TAMRA DAVIS
veruca salt "seether" JEFF ECONOMY / TIM RUTILI
veruca salt "shutterbug" NANCY BARDAWIL
veruca salt "volcano girls" NANCY BARDAWIL / PAUL ANDRESEN
verve "bitter sweet symphony" WALTER STERN
verve "lucky man" JAMIE THRAVES
vhs or beta "night on fire" BEN DICKINSON
victor e "meditation #6 (getting to know you)" LISANNE SKYLER
victoria williams "crazy mary" NANCY BENNETT
victoria williams "train song" JOHN PIROZZI
vikter duplaix "sensuality" CHRISTIAN SCHULZ
viktor vaughan "mr. clean" PANOPTIC
vines "get free" ROMAN COPPOLA
vines "outtathaway (live)" ALASTAIR MCKEVITT
vines "outtathaway" DAVID LACHAPELLE
violent femmes "all i want" DOMINIC ENGEL
violent femmes "american music" ADAM BERNSTEIN
violent femmes "blister in the sun" EVAN BERNARD
visionaries "if you can't say love" ANDREW GURA
vitamin c "the itch" THE BROTHERS STRAUSE
viva k "dekoder" RAVI DHAR
viva k "no better time" RAVI DHAR
voodoo glow skulls "left for dead" DANIEL SIWEK
voodoo glow skulls "steady as she goes" DARREN DOANE
vpn "flypaper" ERIK LAROI
vue "pictures of me" CHARLES MEHLING
wagon christ "lovely" SEAN BRAUGHTON
wagon christ "receiver" FIZZY EYE
wagon christ "shadows" FIZZY EYE
wallflowers "letters from the wasteland" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
wallflowers "sleepwalker" MARK ROMANEK
wallflowers "the beautiful side of somewhere" JON WATTS
wallflowers "when you're on top" MARC WEBB
warzone "the sound of revolution" IANN ROBINSON
was not was "walk the dinosaur" NIGEL DICK
waterdown "round 2" PASCAL HEIDUK
waterdown "xerox" DARREN DOANE
wax "california" SPIKE JONZE
we are scientists "nobody move, nobody get hurt" AKIVA SHAFFER
ween "freedom of '76" SPIKE JONZE
ween "i can't put my finger on it" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
ween "transdermal celebration" ADAM PHILIPS
weezer "beverly hills" MARCOS SIEGA
weezer "buddy holly" SPIKE JONZE
weezer "dope nose" MARCOS SIEGA
weezer "el scorcho (director's cut)" MARK ROMANEK
weezer "hash pipe" MARCOS SIEGA
weezer "island in the sun (version one)" MARCOS SIEGA
weezer "island in the sun (version two)" SPIKE JONZE
weezer "keep fishin'" MARCOS SIEGA
weezer "photograph" KARL KOCH
weezer "pink triangle" KARL KOCH / JENNIFER WILSON
weezer "say it ain't so" SOPHIE MULLER
weezer "slob" KARL KOCH
weezer "the good life" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
weezer "undone (the sweater song)" SPIKE JONZE
weezer "we are all on drugs" JUSTIN FRANCIS
weird al yankovic "amish paradise" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "bedrock anthem" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "bob" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "christmas at ground zero" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "dare to be stupid" JAY LEVEY / ROBERT K. WEISS
weird al yankovic "eat it" MARK REZYKA
weird al yankovic "fat" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "gump" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "headline news" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "i lost on jeopardy" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "i love rocky road" DROF SOREF
weird al yankovic "it's all about the pentiums" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "jurassic park" MARK OSBORNE / SCOTT NORDLUND
weird al yankovic "like a surgeon" JAY LEVEY / ROBERT K. WEISS
weird al yankovic "living with a hernia" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "money for nothing/beverly hillbillies" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "one more minute" JAY LEVEY / ROBERT K. WEISS
weird al yankovic "ricky" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "smells like nirvana" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "spy hard" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "the saga begins" AL YANKOVIC
weird al yankovic "this is the life" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "uhf" JAY LEVEY
weird al yankovic "you don't love me anymore" JAY LEVEY
weird war "grand fraud" ERIC CHEEVERS
weird war "illuminated by the light" M FROHMAN
west indian girl "what are you afraid of?" EASTERN BLOC
westbam & afrika bambaataa "agharta, the city of shamballa" DANIEL P. SIEGLER
westside connection feat. nate dogg "gangsta nation" DAVE MEYERS
whale feat. bus 75 "four big speakers" ACNE INTERNATIONAL
whirlwind heat "purple" TERRY RICHARDSON
white stripes "dead leaves and the dirty ground" MICHEL GONDRY
white stripes "fell in love with a girl" MICHEL GONDRY
white stripes "hotel yorba" ANTHONY ERNEST GARTH / DAN MILLER
white stripes "seven nation army" ALEX & MARTIN
white stripes "the hardest button to button" MICHEL GONDRY
white stripes "we're going to be friends" KEVIN CARRICO / ANTHONY ERNEST GARTH
white town "your woman" MARK ADCOCK
whitney houston "exhale (shoop shoop)" FOREST WHITAKER
whitney houston "i'm every woman" RANDEE ST. NICHOLAS
widelife feat. simone denny "all things (just keep getting better)" WAYNE ISHAM
wildchild "renegade master" AL FAGETTY
wildchild "wonder years" ANDREW GURA
wiley "wot do u call it" ADAM SMITH
william hung "she bangs" JEFF RICHTER
willowz "i wonder" MICHEL GONDRY
wink "simple man" EVAN BERNARD
wink, josh "are you there?" BENJAMIN STOKES
wiseguys "ooh la la" (version two) SCOTT BIBO
without gravity "beautiful son"
wreckx-n-effect "rump shaker" LIONEL C. MARTIN
wrens "everyone chooses sides" TERRI TIMELY (COREY CREASEY / IAN KIBBEY)
wrens "faster gun" MICHAEL PALMIERI
wu-tang clan "can it be all so simple" HYPE WILLIAMS
wu-tang clan "triumph" BRETT RATNER
wyclef jean feat. canibus & free "another one bites the dust" MICHEL GONDRY
wyclef jean feat. refugee all-stars "gone 'til november (remix)" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
wyclef jean feat. refugee all-stars "gone 'til november" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
x-con feat. twig and jay "whoa lil' mama" TROY SMITH
x-ecutioners feat. ghostface killah, trife, black thought "live from the pj's" VEM
yann tiersen "a quai"
yeah yeah yeahs "date with the night" PATRICK DAUGHTERS
yeah yeah yeahs "maps" PATRICK DAUGHTERS
yeah yeah yeahs "pin" TUNDE ADEBIMPE
yeah yeah yeahs "y control" SPIKE JONZE
yellowcard "ocean avenue" MARC WEBB
yellowcard "only one" PHIL HARDER
yellowcard "way away" PATRICK HOELCK
yerba buena "guajira" MARK SELIGER
yo la tengo "sugarcube" PHIL MORRISON
yolanda adams "i believe i can fly" JIM GABLE
yolanda adams "open my heart" SANAA HAMRI
yolanda adams "yeah" LUKE SCOTT
young heart attack "misty rowe" ANTHONY ERNEST GARTH
young heart attack "over & over" ANTHONY ERNEST GARTH
young heart attack "tommy shots" ANTHONY ERNEST GARTH
yourcodenameis:milo "17" WOOF WAN-BAU
yourcodenameis:milo "all roads to fault" THE DESIGNERS REPUBLIC
youssou n'dour with neneh cherry "7 seconds" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
yo-yo's "sunshine girl"
yo-yo's "time of your life"
yuki "sentimental journey" NAGI NODA
zack de la rocha, krs-one, the last emperor "c.i.a. (criminals in action)" JACOB SEPTIMUS
zeke "dolphenwulf"
zero 7 "destiny" TOMMY PALLOTTA
zero 7 "in the waiting line" TOMMY PALLOTTA
zero 7 "in time" MATT BURKE
zhane "hey, mr. d.j." PETER ALLEN
zincs, the "the moment is now (version one)" TIM SUTTON
zincs, the "the moment is now (version two)" TIM SUTTON
zion-i "the drill" MILES KINGHORN
zoot woman "grey day" DAWN SHADFORTH