artist "song" director
g. love & special sauce "cold beverage" MARK ROMANEK
gabin "doo uap, doo uap, doo uap" DIGITAL DELICATESSEN
gabin feat. dee dee bridgewater "into my soul" DANIELE PERSICA
game, the "dreams" PHILIP G. ATWELL
game, the feat. 50 cent "how we do" HYPE WILLIAMS
gamma "killer apps" MERLIN MASSARA
gangstarr feat. nice and smooth "dwyck" KEITH WARD
gangstarr feat. total "discipline" RUBIN WHITMORE II
garbage "androgyny" DON CAMERON
garbage "bleed like me" MULLER + MANSON [SOPHIE + SHIRLEY]
garbage "breaking up the girl" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
garbage "i think i'm paranoid" MATTHEW ROLSTON
garbage "milk" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
garbage "only happy when it rains" SAMUEL BAYER
garbage "push it" ANDREA GIACOBBE
garbage "queer" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
garbage "special" DAWN SHADFORTH
garbage "stupid girl" SAMUEL BAYER
garbage "vow" SAMUEL BAYER
garbage "why do you love me" SOPHIE MULLER
gary young "plant man" TOM SURGAL
gas huffer "rotten egg" DON BLACKSTONE
gathering, the "monsters" LORENZO BONICONTRO
gears, the "two hands warring" MARIS MEZULIS / MATTHEW EASTMAN
geggy tah "whoever you are" BILL FISHMAN
gemma hayes "hanging around" JOHN HILLCOAT
genesis "jesus he knows me" JIM YUKICH
george harrison "cheer down"
george harrison "got my mind set on you (version one)" GARY WEIS
george harrison "this is love" ROCKY MORTON
george michael "fastlove" VAUGHAN ARNELL / ANTHEA
george michael "killer/papa was a rolling stone" MARCUS NISPEL
george michael "too funky" THIERRY MUGLER
gerald levert "one million times" NZINGHA STEWART
giant sand "johnny hit and run pauline" BRADEN KING
giant sand "remote" BILL CARTER
giant sand "shiver" BILL CARTER
gift of gab "the rat race" SHAFEI & LEVITZ
gin blossoms "until i fall away" DAVID HOGAN
girls against boys "park avenue" ALEX PEACOCK
glasseater "everything is beautiful when you don't look down" VENDETTA FILMS
gloria estefan "everlasting love" ROCKY SCHENCK
gloria estefan "go away" KEVIN LAYNE
gluecifer "a call from the other side" AMIR CHAMDIN
gluecifer "i got a war"
go betty go "c'mon" RANDY WEDICK
goats "typical american"
god lives underwater "from your mouth" ROMAN COPPOLA
god's property feat. kirk franklin and cheryl "salt" james "stomp" DARREN GRANT
godsmack "serenity" SULLY ERNA
gold chains "i come from san francisco" RUBEN FLEISCHER
gold chains & sue cie "california nites" RUBEN FLEISCHER
golden boy with miss kittin "rippin kittin" RICH KIM
golden earring "quiet eyes" ANTON CORBIJN
golden republic, the "you almost had it" COOPER JOHNSON
goldfrapp "train" DAWN SHADFORTH
goldfrapp "twist" H5
goldie "inner city life" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
gomez "bring it on" RINGAN LEDWIDGE
gomez "r 'n' b alibi" DAVID MOULD
gomez "shot shot" SIMON ATKINGSON / ADAM TOWNLEY [SI & AD]
gomez "we haven't turned around" LAURENCE DUNMORE
goo goo dolls "name" GEOFF MOORE
good life, the "lovers need lawyers" NIK FACKLER
gorillaz "19-2000 (soulchild remix)" JAMIE HEWLETT / PETE CANDELAND
gorillaz "clint eastwood" JAMIE HEWLETT / PETE CANDELAND
gorillaz "rock the house" JAMIE HEWLETT / PETE CANDELAND
gorillaz feat. de la soul "feel good inc." PETE CANDELAND
gorky's zygotic mynci "stood on gold" PETER GRAY
gotan project "santa maria" THOMAS NAPPER / DOMINIC LEUNG / FABIAN MONHEIM
grade "a year in the past" BRIAN SPEEDWAY
grade "seamless" RICHIE VAIA
grade "termites hollow" DARREN DOANE
grade "triumph and tragedy" RICHIE VAIA
graham coxon "i wish" ADAM BERG
grand theft audio "stoopid ass" SHAWN FOSTER
grandaddy "el caminos in the west" MATT BURKE
grandaddy "hewlett's daughter" LANCE BANGS
grandaddy "now it's on" JAKE & JIM
grandaddy "the crystal lake" JAKE & JIM
grandaddy "the nature anthem" MATT BURKE
grant lee buffalo "mockingbirds" ANTON CORBIJN
gratitude "drive away" NATHAN COX
gravity kills "guilty" ROCKY MORTON
green day "basket case" MARK KOHR
green day "longview" MARK KOHR
green day "nice guys finish last" EVAN BERNARD
green day "time of your life (good riddance)" MARK KOHR
green day "walking contradiction" MARK KOHR
green day "when i come around" MARK KOHR
green jelly "three little pigs" FRED STUHR
greenhornes "it returns" AUSTIN VINCE
greyarea "colossus" STEVE O'BRIEN
grip inc. "answer"
grip inc. "curse"
grip weeds "astral man" KEN ROSS
groop dogdrill "jackie 'o'" BABAK
groove coverage "poison" BEAT REBMANN
grooverider "rainbows of colour" RINGAN LEDWIDGE
guided by voices "bulldog skin" SCOTT MARSHALL
guided by voices "my kind of soldier" ADAM LEVITE
guilt "gamma" DAN STEGER
guitar wolf "invader ace"
guitar wolf "jet generation" TETSUROU TAKEUCHI
guns n' roses "dead horse" GUNS N' ROSES / LOUIS MARCIANO
guns n' roses "don't cry" ANDY MORAHAN
guns n' roses "estranged" ANDY MORAHAN
guns n' roses "garden of eden" ANDY MORAHAN
guns n' roses "it's so easy" NIGEL DICK / JEFF RICHTER
guns n' roses "live and let die" JOSH RICHMAN
guns n' roses "november rain" ANDY MORAHAN
guns n' roses "paradise city" NIGEL DICK
guns n' roses "patience" NIGEL DICK
guns n' roses "since i don't have you" SANTE D'ORAZIO
guns n' roses "sweet child o' mine" NIGEL DICK
guns n' roses "the garden" DEL JAMES
guns n' roses "welcome to the jungle (live)" JEFF RICHTER
guns n' roses "welcome to the jungle" NIGEL DICK
guns n' roses "yesterdays" ANDY MORAHAN
guru "feel the music" J. SMILEY
guru "lifesaver" BRIAN "BLACK" LUVAR
guru feat. chaka khan "watch what you say" HYPE WILLIAMS
guru's jazzmatazz feat. angie stone "keep your worries" MARCUS RABOY
gus gus "polyesterday" STEFAN ARNI / SIGGI KJARTANSSON
gwar "bring back the bomb" SCOTT STANTON
gwen stefani "hollaback girl" PAUL HUNTER
gwen stefani "what you waiting for?" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
gwen stefani feat. eve "rich girl" DAVID LA CHAPELLE
gym class heroes "papercuts" ALAN FERGUSON
h2o "everready" GHETTO FABULOUS
h2o "one life one chance" PIPER FERGUSON
handsome boy modeling school "rock and roll (could never hip-hop like this)" JOSH ADAMS / TROY PERKINS
handsome boy modeling school feat. barrington levy, del tha funkee homosapien, alex kapranos "the world's gone mad" LEX SIDON
hanson "mmmbop" TAMRA DAVIS
hanson "where's the love" TAMRA DAVIS
hard-fi "cash machine" JAMES SHANKS
hardknox "come in hard" RICHARD HESLOP
harsh krieger "home" KAAN AKALIN
harvey danger "private helicopter" JOHN FLANSBURGH
harvey danger "save it for later" EVAN BERNARD
haste the day "closest thing to closure" DALE RESTEGHINI
hatebreed "before dishonor" RICHIE VIA / TONY BRUMMEL
hawk nelson "california" SETH BOSTON
hawthorne heights "ohio is for lovers" SHANE C. DRAKE
hayden "all in one move" YAEL STAAV
hayden "hollywood ending" YAEL STAAV
he is legend "the seduction" ACQUASTRADA
heather duby "judith" SEAN MENNIE
heather nova "virus of the mind" BERNARD WEDIG / WOLF GRESENZ
heather nova "walk this world" ZACK SNYDER
heatseekers "new (old) sound" J.B. CARLIN
heavenly states "car wash" ERNIE FOSSELIUS
heavenly states "my friends" ANDY HILL
heavenly states "pretty life" MORGAN WILLIAMS
heavy d. and the boyz "nuttin' but love" BRETT RATNER
hefner "i took her love for granted" JOHN HARDWICK
helio sequence "don't look away" FRED ARMISEN
helio sequence "everyone knows everyone" SHAFEI & LEVITZ
helium "honeycomb" BRETT VAPNEK
helium "leon's space song"
hepcat "no worries" PIPER FERGUSON
herbaliser "the missing suitcase" JAKE KNIGHT
herbaliser "wall crawling giant insect breaks" LIGHT SURGEONS
herbaliser feat. dream warriors "road of many signs" (version one) ROB HEYDON
herbaliser feat. dream warriors "road of many signs" (version two) ROB HEYDON
herbaliser feat. jean grae and introducing the generals "generals" CHRIS RATCLIFFE
herbaliser feat. seaming to "something wicked" MAO MAO
herbert "so now" BLANCA LI
herbert "the audience"
herbert grönemeyer "bleibt alles anders" ANTON CORBIJN
herbert grönemeyer "mensch" ANTON CORBIJN
herbie hancock "rockit/hard rock" GODLEY & CREME
hexstatic "chase me" WEEBL
hexstatic "extra life" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "living in stereo" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "l-virata" CHEEKY BEEF
hexstatic "ninja tune" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "perfect bird (astro boy remix)" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "perfect bird" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "pulse" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "salvador" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "telemetron" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "that track" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic "toys are us" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic feat. alien toy, cosmos and jimmy saville "auto" HEXSTATIC
hexstatic feat. juice aleem "distorted minds" HEXSTATIC
hidden in plain view "ashes, ashes" SCOTT CULVER
hidden in plain view "bleed for you"
hifana "fat bros" +CRUZ / PENG / FAN
hi-fi and the roadburners "fear city" DAN STEGER
hi-fi and the roadburners "get up and go" DAN STEGER
hi-fi and the roadburners "what the hell" DAN STEGER
high & mighty "dick starbuck porno detective" J. JESSES SMITH
high & mighty feat. mos def & mad skillz "b-boy document '99" BETSY BLAKEMORE
high dials "fields in glass" PLATES ANIMATION
high dials "my heart is black" FAISAL LUTCHMEDIAL
high speed scene, the "the iroc-z song" GEOFF OKI
high strung, the "real nice boy" J. B. CARLIN
hip hop for respect "one four love" CALABAZITAZ TIERNAZ
hippos "wasting my life" THE MALLOYS
hives "walk, idiot, walk" STYLEWAR
hives, the "two timing touch and broken bones" THE SALINE PROJECT
hole "celebrity skin" NANCY BARDAWIL
hole "doll parts" SAMUEL BAYER
hole "gold dust woman" MATT MAHURIN
hole "miss world" SOPHIE MULLER
homelife "flying wonders" SOPHIE CHOUPAS
hoobastank "out of control" WAYNE ISHAM
hootie and the blowfish "only wanna be with you" FRANK SACRAMENTO
hooverphonic "2wicky" ALEXANDER HEMMING
hot hot heat "bandages" JAYSON MOYER / COOPER JOHNSON
hot hot heat "no, not now" MK12
hot hot heat "talk to me, dance with me" KYLE DAVISON
house of pain "jump around" DAVID PEREZ
houston calls "exit, emergency" JONATHAN LONDON
howie b. "angels go bald too" RUN WRAKE
howie b. "maniac melody" RUN WRAKE
howie b. "music for babies" RUN WRAKE
howie b. feat. robbie robertson "take your partner by the hand" RUN WRAKE
humpers "plastique valentine" MATTHEW RICHARDSON
hurt process, the "my scandinavian ride" ADAM MASON
hush feat. nate dogg "hush is coming" FLYY KAI
i am "je danse le mia" MICHEL GONDRY
i can make a mess like nobody's business "the best happiness money can buy" PAX FRANCHOT
ian brown "love like a fountain" JUAN CARLOS MARTIN
ice cube "bop gun" CAMERON CASEY
iconz "get crunked up" GIL GREEN
idlewild "a modern way of letting go" ALEX SMITH
idlewild "little discourage" JAMES & ALEX
idlewild "love steals us from loneliness" JAMIE THRAVES
idlewild "roseability" GRANT GEE
iggy pop "corruption" JONAS ÅKERLUND
iggy pop "lust for life" DANNY BOYLE
iggy pop feat. sum 41 "little know it all" MIKE PISCITELLI
ike and tina turner "soul to soul" DAVID PECK / JON KANIS
ill ease "jersey-o-matic" CHRIS KAIRALLA
ima robot "dynomite" ROMAN COPPOLA
imani coppola "legend of a cowgirl" MCG
imperial teen "yoo hoo" ROCKY SCHENCK
incubus "stellar" PHIL HARDER
incubus "talk shows on mute" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
index case "deserver" CHAD CALEK
indigo girls "least complicated" MARK FENSKE
infesticons "hero theme" JENNY BOWERS
inner circle "bad boys" GEORGE SEMINARA
inspiral carpets "two worlds collide" MICHEL GONDRY
instruction "breakdown" MOLLY AND MARIAH
instruction "i'm dead" RICH NEWEY
integrity "systems overloaded" DAN STEGER
international noise conspiracy "smash it up" BJORN LINDGREN
interpol "c'mere" ASSOCIATES IN SCIENCE
interpol "evil" CHARLIE WHITE
interpol "nyc (new york cares)" DOUG AITKEN / ADAM LEVITE
interpol "obstacle 1" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
interpol "pda" CHRISTOPHER MILLS
interpol "slow hands" DANIEL LEVI
inxs "baby don't cry" PAUL BOYD
inxs "beautiful girl" MARK PELLINGTON
inxs "bitter tears" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "by my side" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "devil inside" JOEL SCHUMACHER
inxs "disappear" CLAUDIA CASTLE
inxs "don't change" SCOTT HICKS
inxs "don't lose your head" NICK EGAN
inxs "elegantly wasted" WALTER STERN
inxs "everything" PAUL BOYD
inxs "i'm only looking" EMMA KATE CROGHAN
inxs "just keep walking" GARY PAGE
inxs "kiss the dirt (falling down the mountain)" ALEX PROYAS
inxs "listen like thieves" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "make your peace" CLAYTON JACOBSEN
inxs "mystify" HAMISH CAMERON
inxs "need you tonight/mediate" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "never tear us apart" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "new sensation" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "not enough time" HOWARD GREENHALGH
inxs "original sin" YASUHIKO YAMAMOTA
inxs "searching" NICK EGAN
inxs "shining star" DAVID MALLET
inxs "suicide blonde" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "taste it" BAILLIE WALSH
inxs "the gift" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs "the one thing" SOREN JENSEN
inxs "the strangest party (these are the times)" BIG TV!
inxs "this time" PETER SINCLAIR
inxs "what you need" RICHARD LOWENSTEIN
inxs feat. ray charles "please (you got that...)" MATT MAHURIN
iron and wine "lion's mane" SAM BEAM
iron and wine "naked as we came" SAM BEAM
iron and wine "southern anthem" SAM BEAM
isaac green and the skalars "high school" DREW SENTIVAN
isidore "sanskrit" DAVID DUCHOW
isis "in fiction" JOSH GRAHAM
ja rule "holla holla" HYPE WILLIAMS
jadakiss feat. nate dogg "time's up" CHRIS ROBINSON
jaga jazzist "all I know is tonight" LASSE GRETLAND
jaga jazzist "animal chin" AKFF!
jaga jazzist "day" AKFF!
james "laid" ZANNA
james hardway "the illustrated man" WAYNE HOLLOWAY
james iha "be strong now" SOPHIE MULLER
jamie cullum "all at sea" SVEN HARDING
jamie lidell "daddy's car" FREDERIC D
jamie lidell "the city" FREDERIC D
jamiroquai "alright" VAUGHAN ARNELL
jamiroquai "canned heat" JONAS ÅKERLUND
jamiroquai "cosmic girl" ADRIAN MOAT
jamiroquai "supersonic" CASSIUS COLEMAN
jamiroquai "virtual insanity" JONATHAN GLAZER
jamiroquai "when you gonna learn" MORGAN LAWLEY
jane's addiction "classic girl"
jane's addiction "just because" ALEX & MARTIN
jane's addiction "true nature" JONAS ÅKERLUND
janet jackson "all for you" DAVE MEYERS
janet jackson "all nite (don't stop)" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
janet jackson "doesn't really matter" JOSEPH KAHN
janet jackson "runaway" MARCUS NISPEL
janet jackson "someone to call my lover" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
janet jackson "that's the way love goes" RENE ELIZONDO
janet jackson feat. jermaine dupri "someone to call my lover (so so def remix)" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
janet jackson feat. missy elliott with carly simon "son of a gun (i betcha think this song is about you) (remix)" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
janet jackson feat. q-tip and joni mitchell "got til it's gone" MARK ROMANEK
jars of clay "flood (version one)" MICHELLE BROWN
jason forrest "steppin' off" JON WATTS
javier "crazy" CHRIS ROBINSON
jaylib feat. frank n dank "mcnasty filth" LEX SIDON
jay-z "99 problems" MARK ROMANEK
jay-z "hard knock life" STEVEN CARR
jay-z feat. babyface and foxy brown "sunshine" HYPE WILLIAMS
jay-z feat. ugk "big pimpin'" HYPE WILLIAMS
jealous sound, the "the fade out" NATE WEAVER
jean-françois coen "la tour de pise" MICHEL GONDRY
jean-michel jarre "oxygene 8" ISTVAN BANYAI
jeff buckley "grace" ERNIE FRITZ
jeff buckley "last goodbye" JOHN JESRUN
jeffrey gaines "in your eyes" ALAN SMITHEE
jem "they" HONEY
jennifer gentle "i do dream you" PAOLO FRANCIOSI
jens lekman "you are the light" MAGNUS MENFORS
jeremy camp "i'll take you back" BRANDON DICKERSON
jerry cantrell "cut you in" PETER CHRISTOPHERSON
jersey "saturday night" CRAIG BERNARD / STEVE MOTTERSHEAD
jessica fletchers "bloody seventies love" NILS PEDER
jessica fletchers "summer holiday and me" LASSE GRETLAND
jesus and mary chain feat. hope sandoval "sometimes always" SOPHIE MULLER
jesus jones "the devil you know" ZANNA
jet "are you gonna be my girl" ROBERT HALES
jet "look what you've done" ROBERT HALES
jet "rollover dj" CHRIS MILK
jet by day "o' salvation" JONAS ELROD
jewel "down so long" LAWRENCE CARROLL
jewel "jupiter (swallow the moon)" MATTHEW ROLSTON
jewel "who will save your souls" GEOFF MOORE
jewel "you were meant for me" LAWRENCE CARROLL
jill sobule "i kissed a girl" MORGAN LAWLEY
jimi tenor "midsummers night" JIMI TENOR / SK KAUKORANTA
jimi tenor "spell" JIMI TENOR / SK KAUKORANTA
jimi tenor "total devastation" JIMI TENOR / SK KAUKORANTA
jimmie's chicken shack feat. aaron lewis "falling out" CHRISTOPHER ROE / HAHA
jimmy cliff "i can see clearly now" SCOTT KENNEDY
jimmy eat world "a praise chorus"
jimmy eat world "bleed american" ROSS RICHARDSON
jimmy eat world "pain" PAUL FEDOR
jimmy eat world "sweetness" TIM HOPE
jimmy eat world "the middle" PAUL FEDOR
jimmy eat world "the middle" (live from london)
jimmy eat world "work" MARC WEBB
jimmy page & robert plant "gallows pole" AUBREY POWELL
joan osborne "one of us" MARK SELIGER / FRED WOODWARD
joan osborne "right hand man" MARK KOHR
joan osborne "st. teresa" v.2 JOAN OSBORNE
joanna newsom "sprout and the bean" TERRI TIMELY (COREY CREASEY / IAN KIBBEY)
jodeci "forever my lady" MICHAEL MARTIN
joel plaskett "work out fine" YAEL STAAV
joggers "hot autism" BRETT SIMON
john callaghan "i'm not comfortable inside my mind" JOHN CALLAGHAN
john doe thing, the "a step outside" NEIL KELLERHOUSE
john forté feat. wyclef jean "99 (flash the message)" DEAN KARR
john lennon "slippin' & slidin'"
john lennon "stand by me"
john lennon "working class hero" BRUCE WESCOTT / BRIAN VOSKO
john mellencamp "dance naked" LUCA DE CARLO
john mellencamp "human wheels" DARK / MEADE
johnathan rice "so sweet" ELEANOR
johnny cash "hurt" MARK ROMANEK
jon spencer blues explosion "afro" TOM SURGAL
jon spencer blues explosion "afro" (live)
jon spencer blues explosion "dang" STEVEN HANFT
jon spencer blues explosion "flavor" EVAN BERNARD
jon spencer blues explosion "livin' up a storm"
jon spencer blues explosion "magical colours" TERRY RICHARDSON
jon spencer blues explosion "rachel" JIM SPRING
jon spencer blues explosion "she said" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
jon spencer blues explosion "sweet and sour" STYLEWAR
jon spencer blues explosion "talk about the blues" EVAN BERNARD
jon spencer blues explosion "wail" AL YANKOVIC
jonatha brooke "linger" LEE FARBER
joni mitchell w/ seal "how do you stop" ROCKY SCHENCK
joni mitchell with peter gabriel "my secret place" ANTON CORBIJN
jordy "d'ur d'ur d'etre bebe" ALAIN FRANCHET
jori hulkkonen feat. jerry caluri "lo-fiction 2005" KALLE KOTILA / TOMI MALAKIAS
joseph arthur "chemical" ANTON CORBIJN
joseph arthur "in the sun" ANTON CORBIJN
josh joplin group "camera one" ERIC HEIMBOLD
josh rouse "comeback (light therapy)" MATT BOYD
josh rouse "love vibration" YAEL STAAV
joshua kadison "jessie" PIERS PLOWDEN
joss stone "fell in love with a boy" NZINGHA STEWART
joss stone "right to be wrong" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
joss stone "spoiled" JOSEPH KAHN
joss stone "super duper love" DAVID LA CHAPELLE
joss stone "you had me" CHRIS ROBINSON
journey man "radical beauty" NICK PHILIP
joy division "atmosphere" ANTON CORBIJN
joy electric "song for all time" MICHAEL PELEAUX
j-shin "one night stand" TIM STORY
juanes "la paga" JASON ARCHER / PAUL BECK
juliana hatfield "universal heartbeat" PHIL MORRISON
juliana hatfield three "my sister" PHIL MORRISON
juliana theory "this is a lovesong for the loveless" TRAVIS KOPACH
juliet "avalon" DAWN SHADFORTH
juliet "ride the pain" BIG TV!
juliette and the licks "you're speaking my language" ALEX SMITH
jmbo "monotransistor" HERMANOS PONDEROSA
june "patrick" SHANE DRAKE
junior m.a.f.i.a. "get money" LANCE "UN" RIVERA
junior m.a.f.i.a. "players anthem" LANCE "UN" RIVERA
junior m.a.f.i.a. feat. aaliyah "i need you tonight" LANCE "UN" RIVERA
junior senior "rhythm bandits" THE IMAGINARY TENNIS CLUB
junior varsity, the "get comfortable" MAJOR LIGHTNER
junk science "roads" ANDREW GURA
junkie xl feat. solomon burke "catch up to my step" ADAM BERG
juno reactor "feel the universe"
juno reactor "god is god" SERGEI PARADJANOV
jurassic 5 "concrete schoolyard" DELANEY BISHOP
jurassic 5 "quality control" JEFF RICHTER
jurassic 5 "the influence" MARCOS SIEGA
jurassic 5 "w.o.e. is me (world of entertainment)" [JEFF RICHTER]
jurassic 5 "what's golden" LOGAN
juvenlie "back that thang up" DAVID MEYERS
k.d. lang "just keep me movin'" GUS VAN SANT
k7 "come baby come" HYPE
kahimi karie "good morning world" TAJIIMAX
kaiser chiefs "i predict a riot" CHARLIE PAUL
kaiser chiefs "oh my god" CHARLIE PAUL
kaki king "playing with pink noise" JON FINE
kane hodder "I think patrick swayze is sexy" SHANE DRAKE
kaos feat. kahn "now and forever" STEFAN BATSCH / ALEX FOLEY
kasey chambers "like a river"
kate bush "army dreamers" KEEF
kate bush "babooshka" KEEF
kate bush "breathing" KEEF
kate bush "hammer horror" KEEF
kate bush "love and anger" KATE BUSH
kate bush "rubberband girl" KATE BUSH
kate bush "sat in your lap" BRIAN WISEMAN
kate bush "suspended in gaffa" BRIAN WISEMAN
kate bush "the dreaming" PAUL HENRY
kate bush "the man with the child in his eyes" KEEF
kate bush "the sensual world" KATE BUSH / PETER RICHARDSON
kate bush "them heavy people" KEEF
kate bush "there goes a tenner" PAUL HENRY
kate bush "this woman's work" KATE BUSH
kate bush "wow" KEEF
kate bush "wuthering heights" KEEF
kd lang "constant craving" MARK ROMANEK
keane "everybody's changing (version two)"
keane "somewhere only we know" CORIN HARDY
keane "this is the last time (version two)" MADEFIRE
keith richards "wicked as it seems" MARK ROMANEK
kelis "caught out there" HYPE WILLIAMS
kelis "get along with you" PAUL HUNTER
kelis "young, fresh n' new" DIANE MARTEL
kelly osbourne "one word" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
kenna "hell bent" MARK OSBORNE
kenny g "have yourself a merry little christmas" KEN NAHOUM
kenny g "song bird"
kenny g & peabo bryson "by the time this night is over" BUD SLAETZLE
kevin lyttle "turn me on (carnival version)" LITTLE X
kevin shields "city girl" SOFIA COPPOLA
kid koala "basin street blues" MONKMUS
kid koala "fender bender" MONKMUS
kid rock "i am the bullgod" KEN FOX
kid rock "jackson mississippi" AGWWF PAR
kid606 "the illness" JOEL TRUSSELL
kid-n-play "rollin' with kid-n-play"
killers "all these things that i've done" ANTON CORBIJN
killing joke "seeing red" OBLONG BOX
killradio "where go we" SHAWN GEER / REFUSED TV
kills, the "the good ones" ROJO
kimonos "japanese policemen" RAGNAR HANSSON
king biscuit time "i walk the earth" TIM HOPE
king gordy "nightmares" BILL FISHMAN
kings of convenience "failure" FRANÇOIS NÉMÉTA
kings of convenience "toxic girl" FRANÇOIS NÉMÉTA
kinison, the "you'll never guess who died (animated version)" CHRISTOPHER SIMS
kinky "presidente"
kinski "rhode island freakout" TIMOTHY DEMMON
kinski "the wives of artie shaw" WHITEY MCCONNAUGHY
kittie "brackish" JULI BERG / CANDACE CORELLI
kittie "charlotte" LISA RUBISCH
kittie "what i always wanted" THOMAS MIGNONE
kj-52 "kj five two" DEREK DALE
klonhertz "three girl rhumba" DOUGAL WILSON
knoc-turn'al feat. dr. dre and missy elliott "knoc" JEFF RICHTER
komeda "cul-de-sac" FERNANDO ALTAMIRANO
komeda "it's alright, baby" HENRY MOORE SELDER
komputer "terminus" SLIM SMITH
kool keith "livin' astro" THOMAS MIGNONE
koop "summer sun" STYLEWAR
korn "a.d.i.d.a.s." JOSEPH KAHN
k-os "heaven only knows" DAVID ALLAN
k-os "superstarr pt. zero" MICAH MEISNER
k-os "the man I used to be" THE LOVE MOVEMENT FEAT. MICAH MEISNER, K-OS
kraftwerk "pocket calculator"
kraftwerk "the robots" RALPH HUTTER / FLORIAN SCHNEIDER
kreator "impossible brutality" STEFAN BROWATZKI
kreidler "au-pair" SEBASTIAN KUTSCHER
kreidler "reflections" MICHAEL LAAKMAN
kris kross "alright" RICHARD MURRAY
kris kross "jump"
kristin hersh "echo" DAVID KELLEY
krs-one "illegal business (remix 2004)" ETHAN LADER
krust feat. saul williams "coded language" BEN & JOE DEMPSEY
k's choice "losing you"
kula shaker "hush" ZOWIE BROACH
kula shaker "tattva" NIGEL DICK
kurupt feat. natina reed "it's over" CHARLES INFANTE
kylie minogue "can't get you out of my head" DAWN SHADFORTH
kylie minogue "come into my world" MICHEL GONDRY
kylie minogue "giving you up" ALEX & MARTIN
kylie minogue "i believe in you" VERNIE YEUNG
kylie minogue "love at first sight" JOHAN RENCK
kylie minogue "slow" BAILLIE WALSH
lackloves "the radio's mine" CARSON D. KEYES, JR.
lacquer "behind" OLIVIER & MICHEL GONDRY
ladytron "blue jeans 2.0" JAMES SLATER
ladytron "playgirl" MIKEY TOMKINS
ladytron "seventeen" DAVID CHAUDOIR
laika "uneasy" CAV
lakuna "lemongrass" DAVID NARCIZO / KRAIG JORDAN
lakuna "so happy" DAVID NARCIZO / KRAIG JORDAN
lakuna "st. pauls piano" DAVID NARCIZO / KRAIG JORDAN
lakuna "the very next day" DAVID NARCIZO / KRAIG JORDAN
lamb "b-line" HAMMER & TONGS
lamb of god "as the palaces burn" DAN RUSH
lambchop "is a woman" SHYNOLA
large professor "radioactive" KENNETH "KAOS" JOHNSON
latoiya williams "fallen star" BUCKY CHROME / SNOOP SCORSESE
laura dawn "i would" ANTHONY MANDLER
laura viers "galaxies" TERRI TIMELY
laurent garnier "crispy bacon" QUENTIN DUPIEUX
laurent garnier "flashback" QUENTIN DUPIEUX
lauryn hill "doo-wop (that thing)" BIG TV!
lauryn hill "everything is everything" SANJI
layo and bushwacka! "love story (verison one)" TRAKTOR
lcd soundsystem "daft punk is playing at my house" CHRIS CAIRNS
le tigre "new kicks" SAMUAEL TOPIARY
le tigre "tko" RAINBOWS & VAMPIRES
leah andreone "it's alright, it's ok" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
leftfield feat. afrika bambaataa "afrika shox" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
legowelt "disco rout" LOBO
lemon jelly "a man like me" AIRSIDE / JASON KOTEY / JIMI NEWPORT
lemon jelly "come down on me" AIRSIDE / PETER MENICH
lemon jelly "don't stop now" AIRSIDE / TIM BACON
lemon jelly "go" AIRSIDE / IAN STEVENSON
lemon jelly "make things right" AIRSIDE / MURRAY JOHN / JASON KOTEY / JIMI NEWPORT
lemon jelly "nice weather for ducks" AIRSIDE / TANDEM FILMS
lemon jelly "only time" AIRSIDE / JASON KOTEY
lemon jelly "space walk" MARIO CAVALLI
lemon jelly "stay with you" AIRSIDE / JASON KOTEY / JIMI NEWPORT
lemon jelly "the shouty track" AIRSIDE
lemon jelly "the slow train" AIRSIDE / TIM BACON
lemonheads "into your arms" CLAUDIA CASTLE
len "steal my sunshine" B-RAD / THE BURGERPIMP
lenny kravitz "again" PAUL HUNTER
lenny kravitz "are you gonna go my way" MARK ROMANEK
lenny kravitz "believe" MICHEL GONDRY
lenny kravitz "black velveteen" SAMUEL BAYER
lenny kravitz "california" PHILIP ANDELMAN
lenny kravitz "can't get you off of my mind" JIM GABLE
lenny kravitz "dig in" SAMUEL BAYER
lenny kravitz "i belong to you" MARK SELIGER / FRED WOODWARD
lenny kravitz "if you can't say no" MARK ROMANEK
lenny kravitz "it ain't over till it's over" JESSE DYLAN
lenny kravitz "lady" PHILIP ANDELMAN
lenny kravitz "stillness of heart" MARK SELIGER
lenny kravitz "where are we runnin'" PHILIP ANDELMAN / LENNY KRAVITZ
les fils de teuhpu "bricoleur" OLIVIER GONDRY
les rythmes digitales "(hey you) what's that sound" EVAN BERNARD
les rythmes digitales "jacques your body (make me sweat)" SEB CAUDRON
letters to cleo "awake" NEIL POLLOCK
letters to cleo "here and now" MARK KOHR
lfo "freak" DANIEL LEVI
lfo "lfo"
lfo "tied up" DAVID SLADE
liam lynch "still wasted" LIAM LYNCH
liars "there's always room on the broom" CODY CRITCHELOE
liberty x "just a little (video remix)"
liberty x "just a little" ALEX HEMMING / SHAY OLA
lifehouse "you and me" BILL YUKICH
like, the "what i say and what i mean" MIKE MYERBURG
lil' kim "crush on you" LANCE "UN" RIVERA
lil' kim feat. left eye, da brat, missy elliott, angie martinez "not tonight (ladies night)" LANCE "UN" RIVERA
lil' mo "gangsta" CHRIS ROBINSON
lil' mo "ta da" DAVE MEYERS
lil' mo feat. fabolous "superwoman" CHRIS ROBINSON
limp bizkit "behind blue eyes" FRED DURST
limp bizkit "rearranged" FRED DURST
limp bizkit "take a look around" FRED DURST
linda perry "fill me up" JORDAN WINTER
linda perry "freeway" STEPHEN ASHLEY BLAKE
linkin park "faint" MARK ROMANEK
lionel richie "hello" BOB GIRALDI
lionrock "rude boy rock" HOLLY CHERRY
liquid liquid "cavern" OSKAR FISHINGER
lisa lisa "skip to my lu"
lisa loeb "someone you should know" TOM, DICK, AND HARRY [EVAN BERNARD / BILL MCMULLEN / COLBY PARKER, JR.]
lisa loeb and nine stories "do you sleep?" SOPHIE MULLER
lisa loeb and nine stories "stay" ETHAN HAWKE
lisa marie presley "lights out"
lit "looks like they were right" NATHAN COX
lit "miserable" EVAN BERNARD
live "freaks" PAUL CUNNINGHAM
live "lightning crashes" JAKE SCOTT
live "white, discussion" JOSH TAFT
live feat. shelby lynne "run away" MARY LAMBERT
living legends "down for nothin" - ANTHONY HONN
liz phair "down" RODNEY ASHER
liz phair "extraordinary" PHIL HARDER
liz phair "never said" KATY MAGUIRE
liz phair "polyester bride"
liz phair "stratford-on-guy" LIZ PHAIR
liz phair "supernova" LIZ PHAIR
liz phair "whip smart" LIZ PHAIR
liz phair "why can't i?" PHIL HARDER
ll cool j "big ole butt"
ll cool j "doin' it" HYPE WILLIAMS
ll cool j "father" SAMUEL BAYER
ll cool j "going back to cali"
ll cool j "shut 'em down" DAVE MEYERS
llama farmers "get the keys and go" MAT WAKEHAM
llorca with lady bird "my precious thing" VINCENT JEROME
llorca with nicole graham "indigo blues" OLIVIER ABBOU / BRUNO MERLE
lo pro "sunday" ANTHONY ERNEST GARTH
local h "all the kids are right" PHILIP HARDER
local h "half-life" PHIL HARDER
lodger "i love death" HANNES HAYHA
lo-fidelity allstars "blisters on my brain" JAMES GRIFFITH
lo-fidelity allstars feat. pigeonhead "battleflag" JAKE NAVA
lola ray "automatic girl" SAM ERICKSON
london elektricity "billion dollar gravy" CONKERCO
london symphony orchestra & john williams "duel of the fates" GEORGE LUCAS
long beach dub allstars feat. of black eyed peas "sunny hours" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
long hind legs "arranged for viewing" AMERICA / DARMS
long winters "blue diamonds" MICHAEL CHICK
longwave "wake me when it's over" MOH AZIMA
loose cannon "2 late" BIZZ
loreena mckennitt "the mummer's dance" LOREENA MCKENNITT / MARK HESSELINK
loretta lynn feat. jack white "portland, oregon" SOPHIE MULLER
los del rio (feat. bayside boys) "macarena" VINCENT CALVERT
los lobos "kiko & the lavender moon" ONDREJ RUDAVSKY
loudermilk "estrogen oxygen (aches in the teeth again)" LOGAN
louis xiv "god killed the queen" CHRISTIAN SWEGAL
louise goffin "sometimes a circle" GILES DUNNING
love and rockets "all in my mind"
love and rockets "ball of confusion"
love and rockets "holy fool" DIDIER KERBRAT
love and rockets "mirror people"
love and rockets "motorcycle"
love and rockets "no big deal"
love and rockets "no new tale to tell"
love and rockets "r.i.p. 20c."
love and rockets "so alive" HOWARD GREENHALGH
love and rockets "sweet lover hangover"
love and rockets "the dog-end of a day gone by"
love and rockets "the light"
love and rockets "yin and yang"
love battery "fuzz factory" STEPHEN KIRKLYS
love is red "close my eyes" DALE RESTEGHINI
lovethugs "a little bit of something" TOR EGIL SCHEIDE
lovethugs "babylon fading" KALLE KRISTIAN MEIDELL
low "death of a salesman" MARC GARTMAN / CHRIS BACIGALUPO
low "monkey" PHIL HARDER
low millions "eleanor" MARC WEBB
low millions "statue" BRETT SIMON
lucas "lucas with the lid off" MICHEL GONDRY
luciano "why should i" ANJU-VAL / MEHBRAK
lucky boys confusion "bossman" RENNY MASLOW
lucy pearl "dance tonight" DARREN GRANT
luke slater "freek funk" MATT COOKE
luke vibert "i love acid" DELICIOUS NINE
lupine howl "don't lose your head"
luscious jackson "citysong" TAMRA DAVIS
luscious jackson "ladyfingers" TAMRA DAVIS
luscious jackson "naked eye" MARCUS RABOY
luscious jackson "under your skin" CHRIS APPLEBAUM
lush "ladykillers" MARK PELLINGTON
m "belleville rendez-vous" SYLVAIN CHOMET
m "ma mélodie" CYRIL HOUPLAIN
m "pop musik" BRIAN GRANT
m.i.a. "galang" RUBEN FLEISCHER
m.i.a. "sunshowers" RAJESH TOUCHRIVER
macy gray "do something" MARK ROMANEK
macy gray "i try" MARK ROMANEK
macy gray "why didn't you call me" HYPE WILLIAMS
mad action "smile" JONAS ODELL
madigan "snowfell summer" ANDREA MAXWELL
madlib "slim's return" DAVID AHUJA / ONE9INE
madonna "beautiful stranger" BRETT RATNER
madonna "bedtime story" MARK ROMANEK
madonna "borderline" MARY LAMBERT
madonna "cherish" HERB RITTS
madonna "deeper and deeper" BOBBY WOODS
madonna "don't tell me" JEAN BAPTISTE-MONDINO
madonna "drowned world/substitute for love" WALTER STERN
madonna "express yourself" DAVID FINCHER
madonna "fever" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
madonna "frozen" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
madonna "human nature" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
madonna "i'll remember" NICO SOULTANAKIS
madonna "la isla bonita" MARY LAMBERT
madonna "like a prayer" MARY LAMBERT
madonna "like a virgin" MARY LAMBERT
madonna "like a virgin" (truth or dare) ALEK KESHISHIAN
madonna "love don't live here anymore" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
madonna "lucky star" ARTHUR PIERSON
madonna "material girl" MARY LAMBERT
madonna "oh father" DAVID FINCHER
madonna "open your heart" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
madonna "papa don't preach" JAMES FOLEY
madonna "rain" MARK ROMANEK
madonna "ray of light" JONAS ÅKERLUND
madonna "secret (dan-o-rama remix)" MELODIE MCDANIEL
madonna "secret" MELODIE MCDANIEL
madonna "take a bow" MICHAEL HAUSSMAN
madonna "vogue (from the 1990 mtv vmas)"
madonna "vogue" DAVID FINCHER
madonna "you must love me" ALAN PARKER
madonna "you'll see" MICHAEL HAUSSMAN
madonna feat. chistopher walken "bad girl" DAVID FINCHER
madonna with massive attack "i want you" EARLE SEBASTIAN
madvillain "all caps" JAMES REITANO
mae "embers and envelopes" ANASTASIA & IAN
maggie estep "hey baby" MARK PELLINGTON
magic numbers, the "forever lost" TRUNK
majestic twelve "I don't have a job" BRIAN RAINEY
mamani keita and marc minelli "n'ka willy" JULIEN LOLIVRET
man or astro-man? "theme from eeviac" JONATHAN REJ
manic street preachers "found that soul" JEREMY DELLER / NICK ABRAHAMS
manic street preachers "if you tolerate this your children will be next" W.I.Z.
manic street preachers "you stole the sun from my heart" SOPHIE MULLER
manitoba "jacknuggeted" DELICIOUS NINE
marbles "magic" GREG GILPATRICK
marcy playground "sex and candy" JAMIE CALIRI
mardo "anyone but me" LEONARD SHIELDS
maria taylor "song beneath the song" TAI YIN HO
mariah carey "all i want for christmas is you" DIANE MARTEL
mariah carey "dreamlover" DIANE MARTEL
mariah carey "fantasy" MARIAH CAREY
marilyn manson "coma white" SAMUEL BAYER
marilyn manson "cryptorchid" E. ELTAS MERRIGE
marilyn manson "dope hat" TOM STERN
marilyn manson "get your gunn" ROD CHONG
marilyn manson "i don't like the drugs (but the drugs like me)" PAUL HUNTER
marilyn manson "long hard road out of hell" MATTHEW ROLSTON
marilyn manson "lunch box" RICHARD KERN
marilyn manson "man that you fear" W.I.Z.
marilyn manson "mobscene" MARILYN MANSON / THOMAS KLOSS
marilyn manson "personal jesus" MARILYN MANSON / NATHAN COX
marilyn manson "rock is dead" SAMUEL BAYER
marilyn manson "sweet dreams" DEAN KARR
marilyn manson "the beautiful people" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
marilyn manson "the dope show" PAUL HUNTER
marilyn manson "tourniquet" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
marjorie fair "empty room" MICHAEL PALMIERI
marjorie fair "waves" LEX SIDON
mark geary "adam and eve" GABRIEL JUDET-WEINSHEL
mark geary "you're the only girl" KEITH GABY
mark lanegan band "sideways in reverse" CHARLES MEHLING
mars volta "l'via l'viaquez" OMAR A. RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ
mars volta "son et lumiere, intertiatic e.s.p." OMAR A. RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ
mars volta "televators" THE SALINE PROJECT
mars volta "the widow" JIM AGNEW
martina topley-bird "anything" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
martyr ad "american hollow" CHRISTOPHER SIMS
mary j. blige "all that i can say" NOBLE JONES
mary j. blige "it's a wrap" SANAA HAMRI / MARY J. BLIGE
mary j. blige "no more drama" SANJI
mary j. blige "real love" MARCUS RABOY
mary j. blige feat. eve "not today" CHRIS ROBINSON
mary timony "dr. cat" BRETT VAPNEK
mase "feel so good" HYPE WILLIAMS
masia one "split second time" MATT BURKE
massive attack "angel" WALTER STERN
massive attack "be thankful for what you've got" BAILLIE WALSH
massive attack "daydreaming" BAILLIE WALSH
massive attack "inertia creeps" W.I.Z.
massive attack "karmacoma (censored version)" JONATHAN GLAZER
massive attack "karmacoma" JONATHAN GLAZER
massive attack "protection" MICHEL GONDRY
massive attack "risingson" WALTER STERN
massive attack "safe from harm" BAILLIE WALSH
massive attack "sly" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
massive attack "special cases" H5 [LUDOVIC HOUPLAIN / HERVÉ DE CRÉCY]
massive attack "teardrop" WALTER STERN
massive attack "unfinished sympathy" BAILLIE WALSH
mastodon "iron tusk" CHAD RULLMAN
mastodon "march of the fire ants" CHAD RULLMAN
mates of state "goods (all in your head)" JONATHAN YI / SAM GOETZ
matisyahu "close my eyes" ROSALYN ROSEN
matisyahu "king without a crown" ROSALYN ROSEN
matthew jay "call my name out"
matthew sweet "sick of myself" ROMAN COPPOLA
maximo park "apply some pressure" JARON ALBERTIN
maximo park "graffiti" LYNNFOX
maxwell "fortunate" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
maxwell "luxury: cococure" SOPHIE MULLER
maxwell implosion "l'homme en peluche" OPTIMAT
mazzy star "fade into you" KEVIN KERSLAKE
mazzy star "halah" KEVIN KERSLAKE
mc 900 ft. jesus "if i only had a brain" SPIKE JONZE
mc more or les "a little too much" MATTHEW EASTMAN
mclusky "she will only bring you happiness" JEREMY SOLTERBECK
mclusky "to hell with good intentions (version one)"
mclusky "to hell with good intentions (version two)" KARL ROONEY
meat beat manifesto "edge of no control" BEN STOKES
meat beat manifesto "prime audio soup" BEN STOKES / BRIAN ADEE / ADAM ROTHLEIN
meat puppets "backwater" ROCKY SCHENCK
meatloaf "i'd do anything for love (but i won't do that)" MICHAEL BAY
meatloaf "i'd lie for you (and that's the truth)" HOWARD GREENHALGH
meatloaf "rock and roll dreams come true" MICHAEL BAY
med "push" ANDREW GURA
medeski martin and wood "uninvisible" BILL GILMAN / JEFF EARDLE
megadeth "99 ways to die" WAYNE ISHAM
megadeth "die dead enough" THOMAS MIGNONE
melissa etheridge "i want to be in love" DAVID HOGAN
melissa etheridge "if i wanted to" SAMUEL BAYER
melissa etheridge "refugee" JAMES FROST
melissa etheridge "your little secret" DAVID HOGAN
melissa mcclelland "pretty blue" YAEL STAAV
mello-d & the rados feat. d'mite "cool witchu" MELLO-D / JOSEPH PATTISAL
men without hats "safety dance" TIM POPE
menomena "cough coughing" JONNIE ROSS
men's recovery project "million man march" MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT / DAVID GRANT
mercury rev "goddess on a hiway (uk version)" ANTON CORBIJN
mercury rev "goddess on a hiway" JAMES & ALEX
mercury rev "in a funny way" ALBERT
mercury rev "nite & fog" LUKE LOSEY
mercury rev "opus 40" ANTON CORBIJN
mercury rev "the dark is rising"
me'shell n'degeo'cello "if that's your boyfriend" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
me'shell n'degeo'cello "leviticus:faggot" KEVIN BRAY
metallica "no leaf clover" (live) WAYNE ISHAM
metallica "turn the page" JONAS ÅKERLUND
metallica "until it sleeps" SAMUEL BAYER
metallica "whiskey in the jar" JONAS ÅKERLUND
method man "judgement day" SEB JANIAK
method man featuring mary j. blige "you're all i need" DIANE MARTEL
michael andrews feat. gary jules "mad world" MICHEL GONDRY
michael jackson "bad (long version)" MARTIN SCORSESE
michael jackson "beat it" BOB GIRALDI
michael jackson "billie jean" STEVE BARRON
michael jackson "black or white" JOHN LANDIS
michael jackson "childhood" NICK BRANDT
michael jackson "don't stop 'til you get enough" NICK SAXTON
michael jackson "earth song" NICK BRANDT
michael jackson "give in to me" ANDY MORAHAN
michael jackson "heal the world" JOE PYTKA
michael jackson "jam" MICHAEL JACKSON / DAVID KELLOG
michael jackson "remember the time" JOHN SINGLETON
michael jackson "rock with you" BRUCE GOWERS
michael jackson "the way you make me feel (long version)" JOE PYTKA
michael jackson "thriller" JOHN LANDIS
michael jackson "who is it" GLENN RIBBLE
michael jackson & janet jackson "scream" MARK ROMANEK
michael penn "try" PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON
mick jagger "god gave me everything" MARK ROMANEK
mick jagger "visions of paradise" DAVE MEYERS
micronauts "the jag" GREGG ARAKI
mike doughty "looking at the world from the bottom of a well" DANNY CLINCH
mike flowers pops "wonderwall" ZOWIE BROACH
mike watt "liberty calls!" SPIKE JONZE
milla "the gentlemen who fell (version two)" LISA BONET
millencolin "fox" DAVID BERRON
milli vanilli "girl you know it's true" KAI VON KOTZE / ROLAND WILLAERT
mindless self indulgence "bitches (live)" ALEXANDER SERPICO
mindy smith "come to jesus" SOPHIE MULLER
mindy smith "one moment more" SOPHIE MULLER
ming + fs "chester goes to town" ROD BASHAM
mint royale "blue song" EDGAR WRIGHT
minus "romantic exorcism" BRKUR SIGTHORSSON
mira calix "little numba" DANIELE LUNGHINI
miranda july "a shape called horse" MIRANDA JULY
mirwais "disco science" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
mirwais "i can't wait" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
miss kittin "professional distortion" JOEL MARCUS
miss kittin and the hacker "1982"
mission of burma "dirt" JEFF IWANICKI
missy elliott "get ur freak on" DAVE MEYERS
missy elliott "she's a bitch" HYPE WILLIAMS
missy elliott "the rain (supa dupa fly)" HYPE WILLIAMS
missy elliott feat. 702, timbaland and magoo "beep me 911" EARLE SEBASTIAN
missy elliott feat. da brat "sock it 2 me" HYPE WILLIAMS
missy elliott feat. ludacris and trina "one minute man" DAVE MEYERS
missy elliott feat. nas, eve, and lil' mo "hot boyz (remix)" HYPE WILLIAMS
missy elliott feat. tweet and ginuwine "take away" DAVE MEYERS
missy higgins "ten days"
moby "bodyrock" (auditions) FREDRICK BOND
moby "bodyrock" (version one) FREDRICK BOND
moby "bodyrock" (version three) STEVE CARR
moby "extreme ways" WAYNE ISHAM
moby "find my baby" BARNABY & SCOTT
moby "honey" ROMAN COPPOLA
moby "in this world" STYLEWAR
moby "james bond theme" (moby's re-version)" JONAS ÅKERLUND
moby "natural blues (animated)" SUSI WILKINSON / HOTESSA LAURENCE / FILIPE ALCADA
moby "natural blues" DAVID LACHAPELLE
moby "porcelain (version one)" JONAS ÅKERLUND
moby "porcelain (version two)" NICHOLAS BRANDT
moby "run on" MIKE MILLS
moby "we are all made of stars (dj tiesto remix)"
moby "we are all made of stars" JOSEPH KAHN
moby "why does my heart feel so bad?" SUSI WILKINSON / HOTESSA LAURENCE / FILIPE ALCADA
moby feat. gwen stefani "south side (remix)" JOSEPH KAHN
mocean worker "detonator" ERIC MARKO
mocky "catch a moment in time" JASON MACFARLANE
modest mouse "float on" CHRISTOPHER MILLS
modey lemon "crows" JEREMY SOLTERBECK
mogwai "christmas steps" (live) TOBIAS PERSE
mogwai "hunted by a freak" PLATES ANIMATION
mojave 3 "any day will be fine" MARK VAN HOEN / IAN MCCUTCHEON
molotov "frijolero" JASON ARCHER / PAUL BECK
moments in grace "stratus" LAURENT BRIET
money mark "hand in your head" EVAN BERNARD
money mark "information contraband" LOGAN
money mark "maybe i'm dead" EVAN BERNARD
monica "angel of mine" DIANE MARTEL
monster magnet "heads explode" JOHAN RENCK
monster magnet "monolithic" MIKE MACHIN
monster magnet "negasonic teenage warhead" GORE VERBINSKI
monster magnet "space lord" JOSEPH KAHN
monster magnet "unbroken (hotel baby)" BRIAN SMITH
montauk p "if i" OLLI SCHMIDT
montefiore cocktail "crazy beat" CLAUDIO SINATTI
montell jordan "this is how we do it"
morcheeba "let me see" MARTIN WEISZ
morcheeba "part of the process" TECHNOBABBLE
morcheeba "shoulder holster" THOMAS Q. NAPPER
morcheeba "summertime" FUNNY GARBAGE / ZARKOW
morcheeba "trigger hippie" MIKE LIPSCOMBE
morningwood "jetsetter" WORMSEYE
morphine "early to bed" JAMIE CALIRI
morrissey "first of the gang to die" BUCKY FUKUMOTO / AV CLUB
morrissey "irish blood, english heart" AV CLUB
mos def "umi says" CALABAZITAZ TIERNAZ
mos def feat. q-tip & tash "body rock" NICK QUESTED / SKWERM / GAMUT
moth "i see sound" MIKE PISCITELLI
motion city soundtrack "the future freaks me out" ANDREW CARRANZA / MCS
mountain goats "this year' ANDY BRUNTEL
mouse on mars "wipe that sound" ROSA BARBA
mr. lif "live from the plantation" IAN LEVASSEUR
mr. lif "return of the b-boy, pt. ii" CHIOKE NASSOR
mr. oizo "flat beat" QUENTIN DUPIEUX
mr. scruff "get a move on" MR. SCRUFF / WARREN EDMOND
mr. scruff "sweet smoke" MR. SCRUFF / BEN TURNER
mr. scruff feat. fi "honeydew" MR. SCRUFF / WARREN EDMOND
ms. dynamite "dy-na-mi-tee (swizz beatz remix)" JAKE NAVA
ms. dynamite "it takes more" JAKE NAVA
ms. jade "big head" CHRIS ROBINSON
ms. jade feat. timbaland and nelly furtado "ching ching" MARC KLASFELD
mudhoney "sonic infusion" JACK & CAROL HODGE
mull historical society "the final arrears" JOHN HARDWICK
mull historical society "watching xanadu" WENDY RATTRAY / GORDON BUCHANAN
mm "we have a map of the piano" BRIAN LEE HUGHES / PUBLIC INCORPORATED
murder city devils "idle hands"
murs feat. shock g and humpty hump "risky business" STEVE VANASCO
muse "muscle museum" JOSEPH KAHN
muse "sing for absolution" ARK
music, the "breakin'" PHIL HARDER
music, the "take the long road and walk it" DAVID SLADE
mxpx "grey skies turn blue" MICHAEL KAMINSKY
mxpx "responsibility" THE MALLOYS
mya "fallin" DARREN GRANT
myracle brah "when she comes around" ANDY BOPP
n.e.r.d. "maybe" PAUL HUNTER
n.e.r.d. "rock star (version two)" DIANE MARTEL
n.e.r.d. "she wants to move" DAVE MEYERS
n.e.r.d. feat. lee harvey and vita "lapdance (censored version)" DIANE MARTEL
n.e.r.d. feat. lee harvey and vita "lapdance" DIANE MARTEL
nada surf "always love" GREIFER & KRTENBLUTH
nada surf "inside of love" MARTA BARTHOLOMEW
nada surf "popular" JESSE PERETZ
nas "halftime"
nas "street dreams" HYPE WILLIAMS
nasum "wrath" LIGISTFILM
natacha atlas "when i close my eyes" SIRAJ JHAVERI
natalie imbruglia "identify" SAMUEL BAYER
natalie merchant "carnival" MELODIE MCDANIEL
natalie merchant "just can't last" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
natalie merchant "kind and generous" MARK SELIGER / FRED WOODWARD
nate dogg "i got luv" CHRIS ROBINSON
nate dogg feat. fabolous, kurupt, and b.r.e.t.t. "i got luv (remix)" CHRIS ROBINSON
nathan "sunset chaser"
national, the "abel" ASSOCIATES IN SCIENCE
naughty by nature "hip hop hooray" SPIKE LEE
n'dea davenport "underneath the red moon" KEVIN BRAY
nearly god "poems" PINKO / TRICKY
neil finn "she will have her way" JONATHAN DAYTON & VALERIE FARIS
neil finn and friends "there is a light that never goes out" PAUL CASSERLEY
neil finn and friends feat. eddie vedder "take a walk" PAUL CASSERLEY
neil finn and friends feat. tim finn "weather with you" PAUL CASSERLEY
nelly furtado "...on the radio (remember the days)" HYPE WILLIAMS
nelly furtado "i'm like a bird" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
nelly furtado "powerless (say what you want)" BRYAN BARBER
nelly furtado "turn off the light" SOPHIE MULLER
neneh cherry "buddy x" JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO
neotropic "sunflower girl" RIZ MASLEN / BIN DOG
network, the "joe robot" ROY MILES
network, the "spike" ROY MILES
network, the "supermodel robots" ROY MILES
new flesh feat. gift of gab "communicate" RICHARD ANTHONY
new flesh for old "eye of the hurricane" RICHARD ANTHONY
new found glory "all downhill from here" MEIERT AVIS / NO BRAIN
new found glory "failure's not flattering (what's your problem?)" MEIERT AVIS
new found glory "i don't wanna know" LIZ FRIEDLANDER
new found glory "truth of my youth (live in london)" MEIERT AVIS
new order "bizarre love triangle" ROBERT LONGO
new pornographers "all for swinging you around" BLAINE THURIER
new pornographers "the laws have changed" BLAINE THURIER
new pornographers "use it" BLAINE THURIER
new year, the "disease" KEVEN MCALESTER
nic armstrong and the thieves "broken mouth blues" DUNCAN JONES
nick cave and the bad seeds "(are you) the one that i've been waiting for?" ANGELA CONWAY
nick cave and the bad seeds "deanna" MICK HARVEY
nick cave and the bad seeds "do you love me?" JOHN HILLCOAT
nick cave and the bad seeds "henry lee" ROCKY SCHENCK
nick cave and the bad seeds "i had a dream joe" JOHN HILLCOAT
nick cave and the bad seeds "in the ghetto" EVAN ENGLISH / PAUL GOLDMAN
nick cave and the bad seeds "into my arms" JONATHAN GLAZER
nick cave and the bad seeds "jack the ripper" JOHN HILLCOAT
nick cave and the bad seeds "loverman" JOHN HILLCOAT
nick cave and the bad seeds "red right hand" JESSE DYLAN
nick cave and the bad seeds "stagger lee" EMMA DAVIS
nick cave and the bad seeds "straight to you" ANTON CORBIJN
nick cave and the bad seeds "the mercy seat" CHRISTOPH DREHER
nick cave and the bad seeds "the ship song" JOHN HILLCOAT
nick cave and the bad seeds "the singer" CHRISTOPH DREHER
nick cave and the bad seeds "the weeping song" ANGELA CONWAY
nick cave and the bad seeds "tupelo" CHRISTOPH DREHER
nick cave and the bad seeds "what a wonderful world" ANGELA CONWAY
nick cave and the bad seeds "where the wild roses grow" ROCKY SCHENCK
nickelback "feelin' way too damn good" MARTIN WEISZ
nicole "eyes better not wander" DIANE MARTEL
nightmares on wax "aftermath" JARVIS COCKER
nightmares on wax "know my name" SUZY EWING
nightmares on wax "les nuits" BABAK
nikka costa "like a feather" PAUL HUNTER
nile "execration text" DARREN DOANE
nine "anxiety report" ROBINOVICH
nine inch nails "burn" HANK CORWIN / TRENT REZNOR
nine inch nails "closer" MARK ROMANEK
nine inch nails "deep" ENDA MCCALLION
nine inch nails "down in it" ERIC ZIMMERMAN
nine inch nails "gave up" JON REISS
nine inch nails "happiness in slavery" JON REISS
nine inch nails "head like a hole" ERIC ZIMMERMAN
nine inch nails "help me i'm in hell" ERIC GOODE / SARGE BECKER
nine inch nails "hurt (live)" SIMON MAXWELL
nine inch nails "into the void" WALTER STERN
nine inch nails "march of the pigs" PETER CHRISTOPHERSON
nine inch nails "only" DAVID FINCHER
nine inch nails "pinion" ERIC GOODE / SARGE BECKER
nine inch nails "sin" ERIC ZIMMERMAN / BENJAMIN STOKES
nine inch nails "starsuckers, inc." ROBERT HALES / MARILYN MANSON
nine inch nails "the hand that feeds" ROB SHERIDAN
nine inch nails "the perfect drug" MARK ROMANEK
nine inch nails "we're in this together" MARK PELLINGTON
nine inch nails "wish" PETER CHRISTOPHERSON
nirvana "about a girl" (unplugged) BETH MCARTHY
nirvana "all apologies" (unplugged) BETH MCARTHY
nirvana "come as you are" KEVIN KERSLAKE
nirvana "heart-shaped box" ANTON CORBIJN
nirvana "in bloom (sub pop version)" STEVE BROWN
nirvana "smells like teen spirit" SAMUEL BAYER
nirvana "territorial pissings" (mtv live)
nirvana "the man who sold the world" (unplugged) BETH MCARTHY
nirvana "you know you're right" CHRIS HAFNER
nitro microphone underground "still shinin'" BRESLIN AND COLE
no doubt "don't speak" SOPHIE MULLER
no doubt "hella good" MARK ROMANEK
no doubt "it's my life" DAVID LACHAPELLE
no doubt "just a girl" MARK KOHR
no doubt "running" CHRIS HAFNER
no doubt "simple kind of life" SOPHIE MULLER
no doubt "spiderwebs" MARCUS NISPEL
no doubt feat. bounty killer "hey baby" DAVE MEYERS
no doubt feat. lady saw "underneath it all" SOPHIE MULLER / LOGAN
no motiv "into the darkness" MAUREEN EGAN / MATTHEW BARRY
no use for a name "for fiona" KING OF HEARTS
nobukazu takemura "sign" KATSURA MOSHINO
norah jones "come away with me" JAMES FROST
norah jones "don't know why" ANASTASIA SIMONE / IAN SPENCER
norah jones "sunrise" JAMES FROST
norah jones "those sweet words" DAVID LA CHAPELLE
norah jones "what am i to you" QUINN WILLIAMS
northern state "at the party" KURT ST. THOMAS
notorious b.i.g. "sky's the limit" SPIKE JONZE
notwist "pick up the phone" LUIS BRICENO
now it's overhead "wait in a line" BRADLEY SCOTT
ntm "le monde de demain" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
oasis "champagne supernova" NIGEL DICK
oasis "wonderwall" NIGEL DICK
obie trice "got some teeth" EMINEM / PHILIP G. ATWELL
obie trice "rap name" SMITH N' BORIN
obie trice "the set up" BRYAN BARBER
of montreal "wraith pinned to the mist and other games" LAUREN GREGG / CRAIG SHELDON / KANGAROO ALLIANCE
offspring "come out & play" DARREN LAVETT
offspring "gotta get away" SAMUEL BAYER
oh no "move pt. 2" LEX SIDON
ok go "a million ways" OK GO
ok go "get over it" FRANCIS LAWRENCE
ok go "you're so damn hot" SCOTT KEINER
okkervill river "for real" ZAK MARGOLIS
ol' dirty bastard feat. kelis "got your money" NZINGHA STEWART / HYPE WILLIAMS / SCOTT KALVERT / D'URVILLE MARTIN
one self "bluebirds" ALBERTO BLANCO
onelinedrawing "we had a deal" TESS ERNST
onyx "slam" PARRIS MAYHEW
ooioo "grow sound tree" TARO / SEIGO FUKUTA
orb "asylum (remix)" BENJAMIN STOKES
orb "perpetual dawn" SIMON MAXWELL / MARION WALDORF
orb "toxygene" BENJAMIN STOKES
orbital "are we here" ROBERT SHACKLETON
orbital "halcyon" ROBERT SHACKLETON
orbital "lush" ROBERT SHACKLETON
orbital "the box" LUKE LOSEY
orbital "the saint" v.1 GILES THACKER / JONATHAN CHARLES
orbital "the saint" v.2 DAVID HARDWICK
orenda fink "bloodline" NIK FACKLER
otep "warhead" PAUL BROWN
oui oui "bolide" MICHEL GONDRY
oui oui "junior et sa voix d'or" MICHEL GONDRY
oui oui "la ville" MICHEL GONDRY
oui oui "les cailloux" MICHEL GONDRY
oui oui "ma maison" MICHEL GONDRY
oui oui "un joyeux noel" MICHEL GONDRY
ours "leaves" STEVEN ORITT
outkast "b.o.b." DAVE MEYERS
outkast "hey ya!" BRYAN BARBER
outkast "ms. jackson" F. GARY GRAY
outkast feat. sleepy brown "the way you move" BRYAN BARBER
outkast feat. slick rick "da art of storytellin'" GREGORY DARK
outrageous cherry "unless" NICOLAS HILL
oval "do while" SEBASTIAN OSCHATZ
over it "siren on the 101" SCOTT CULVER
ozomatli "cut chemist suite" EVAN BERNARD
ozomatli "saturday night" JEFF RICHTER
ozomatli "street signs" KURT KEPPELER
ozomatli and the kumbia kings "mi gente" GILBERT AGUIRRE II
ozomatli feat. medusa and "vocal artillery" CALABAZITAZ TIERNAZ
p.m. dawn "downtown venus" JULIE HERMELIN
p.m. dawn "i had no right" CHARLES STONE III
p.m. dawn "i'd die without you" DAVID CAMERON
p.m. dawn "looking through patient eyes" ALBERT WATSON
p.m. dawn "more than likely" MATT MAHURIN
p.m. dawn "paper doll" NEIL ABRAMSON
p.m. dawn "plastic" MARCUS RABOY
p.m. dawn "reality used to be a friend of mine" MARK PELLINGTON
p.m. dawn "set adrift on memory bliss" MARK PELLINGTON
p.m. dawn "sometimes i miss you so much" NICK EGAN
p.m. dawn "ways of the wind (cash money mix)" HYPE WILLIAMS
p.m. dawn "ways of the wind" STÉPHANE SEDNAOUI
p.o.d. "rock the party" MARCOS SIEGA
pace won "i declare war"
page & plant "most high" FLORIA SIGISMONDI
palais schaumburg "hockey" ANTON CORBIJN
pantera "revolution is my name" JIM VAN BEBBER
papa roach "between angels and insects" JOSEPH KAHN
papa roach "scars (version two)" MOTION THEORY
papa roach "she loves me not" DAVE MEYERS
papa roach "time and time again" SAMUEL BAYER
papas fritas "hey hey you say" MIKE MILLS
paper chase, the "said the spider to the fly" KRIS YOUMANS / KRIS HARDY
paper dolls "one night stand" KURT VOSS
passengers "miss sarajevo" MAURICE LINNANE
patti rothberg "inside" MARK GERARD
patti smith - trampin' epk TOM KRUEGER
paul mccartney "fine line" SIMON HILTON
paul mccartney "freedom"
paul mccartney "lonely road" JONAS ÅKERLUND
paul mccartney "maybe i'm amazed" MARK HAEFELI
paul mccartney "your loving flame" GAVIN GORDON-ROGERS
paula abdul "crazy cool" MATTHEW ROLSTON
paula abdul "my love is for real" MICHAEL HAUSSMAN
paula cole "me" PAULA GREIF
paula cole "where have all the cowboy's gone?" CAITLIN FELTON
pavement "cut your hair" DAN KORETZKY / RIAN MURPHY
pavement "painted soldiers" R. MURPHY / D. KORETSKY
pavement "range life" SCOTT BLEN
pavement "shady lane" SPIKE JONZE
pavement "spit on a stranger" LANCE BANGS
pavement "stereo" JOHN KELSEY
peaches "rock 'n' roll"
peaches "set it off" DANIEL LWOWSKI / FRANK WILDE
peaches feat. iggy pop "kick it" GEORGIA Y ROMEO [DAWN SHADFORTH / ALEX SMITH]
pearl jam "do the evolution" TODD MCFARLANE / KEVIN ALTIERI
pearl jam "jeremy" MARK PELLINGTON
peechees "mad doctor" KATHI WILCOX
pennywise "alien" HONEY
pennywise "society" GABBY O'NEILL
pepe deluxé "girl!" PAUL MALMSTRM / LINUS KARLSSON
pepe deluxé "salami fever" DOUGLAS AVERY
perry farrell "song yet to be sung" ANDREA GIACOBBE
pest "chicken spit" MARK ROCHE
pete miser "scent of a robot" UV/PHACTORY
peter gabriel "big time" STEPHEN R. JOHNSON
peter gabriel "biko (version two)" GODLEY AND CREME
peter gabriel "blood of eden" MICHAEL COULSON / NICHOLA BRUCE
peter gabriel "come talk to me" MATT MAHURIN
peter gabriel "digging in the dirt" JOHN DOWNER
peter gabriel "father, son" ANNA GABRIEL
peter gabriel "games without frontiers (2004 version)" YORK TILLYER / DAVID MALLET
peter gabriel "games without frontiers (live)" HAMISH HAMILTON
peter gabriel "growing up" FRANÇOIS VOGEL
peter gabriel "i don't remember" MARCELLO ANCIANO
peter gabriel "in your eyes (2004 version)" YORK TILLYER / GRAHAM DEAN / PETER GABRIEL / MICHAEL COULSON
peter gabriel "kiss that frog" BRETT LEONARD
peter gabriel "lovetown" MICHAEL COULSON
peter gabriel "mercy street" MATT MAHURIN
peter gabriel "modern love" PETER MEDAK
peter gabriel "red rain" MATT MAHURIN
peter gabriel "shock the monkey" BRIAN GRANT
peter gabriel "sledgehammer" STEPHEN R. JOHNSON
peter gabriel "solsbury hill (2004 version)" YORK TILLYER / GRAHAM DEAN / PETER GABRIEL / JERRY CHATER / PETER CAMPUS
peter gabriel "solsbury hill" GRAHAM DEAN / PETER GABRIEL / JERRY CHATER
peter gabriel "steam" STEPHEN R. JOHNSON
peter gabriel "the barry williams show" SEAN PENN
peter gabriel "the drop" GLENN MARSHALL
peter gabriel "the nest that sailed the sky" YORK TILLYER
peter gabriel "washing of the water" YORK TILLYER
peter gabriel "zaar" STEFAN ROLOFF
peter gabriel feat. kate bush "don't give up (version one)" GODLEY AND CREME
peter gabriel feat. youssou n'dour "shaking the tree" ISAAC JULIEN
peter salett "with anybody else" GLEN WILSON
phantom planet "big brat" SPIKE JONZE / AV CLUB
pharcyde "drop" SPIKE JONZE
pharoahe monch "simon says" BUSTA RHYMES
pharoahe monch "the light" JEFF RICHTER
pharrell williams feat. jay-z "frontin'" PAUL HUNTER
phoenix "everything is everything" ROMAN COPPOLA
phoenix "if i ever feel better" ALEX & MARTIN
phoenix foundation "hitchcock" REUBEN SUTHERLAND
photek "ni ten ichi ryu" HIROYUKI NAKANO
photek feat. robert owens "mine to give" MIRIAM KRUISHOOP
piebald "i haven't tried it" WHITEY MCCONNAUGHY
piebald "part of your body is made out of rock" PAT TOBIN
pietasters "out all night" GRADY COOPER
pietasters "yesterday's over" MARCOS NAVARRO
pig destroyer "gravedancer" VLADIMIR LIK
pillar "bring me down" ROMAN WHITE
pinback "afk" MATT HOYT
pink floyd "another brick in the wall (part 2)" ALAN PARKER
pitty sing "radio" CASSEUS
pixies "alec eiffel" STRETCH
pixies "debaser" VAUGHAN OLIVER
pixies "dig for fire / allison" PETER SCAMMELL
pixies "head on"
pixies "here comes your man" BEKEMEIER / NEIL POLLOCK
pixies "monkey gone to heaven" NEIL POLLOCK / BLACK FRANCIS
pixies "velouria" PETER FOWLER
pizzicato five "contact (dimitri from paris remix)"
pizzicato five "i hear a symphony" KONISHI YASUHARU
pizzicato five "it's a beautiful day" KONISHI YASUHARU / MR. INOUE
pizzicato five "playboy playgirl" KONISHI YASUHARU
pj harvey "a perfect day elise" MARIA MOCHNACZ
pj harvey "c'mon billy" MARIA MOCHNACZ
pj harvey "c'mon billy" (120 minutes live) JEFF BOYLE
pj harvey "down by the water" MARIA MOCHNACZ
pj harvey "is that all there is?" MARIA MOCHNACZ
pj harvey "send his love to me" MARIA MOCHNACZ
pj harvey & john parish "that was my veil" MARIA MOCHNACZ
pj olsson "three light years and a day" AARON HAYE / ANDREW BENNETT
placebo "36 degrees" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
placebo "black-eyed" VANESSA JOPP
placebo "bruise pristine" HOWARD GREENHALGH
placebo "english summer rain" GREGOIRE PINARD
placebo "every you every me" MATTHEW AMOS
placebo "nancy boy" HOWARD GREENHALGH
placebo "protége moi (live in paris)" RUSSELL THOMAS
placebo "pure morning" NICK GORDON
placebo "slave to the wage" HOWARD GREENHALGH
placebo "special k" HOWARD GREENHALGH
placebo "special needs" PAUL GORE
placebo "taste in men" BARBARA MCDONOUGH
placebo "teenage angst" TREVOR ROBINSON
placebo "the bitter end" HOWARD GREENHALGH
placebo "this picture" HOWARD GREENHALGH
placebo "twenty years" SIMON CRACKNELL
placebo "you don't care about us" JOHN HILLCOAT
placebo feat. david bowie "without you i'm nothing" RUSSELL THOMAS
plaid "eyen" JEAN LUC CHANSAY
plaid "itsu" PLEIX
plain white t's "take me away" JAY MARTIN
plastikman "disconnect" ALI M. DEMIREL
plastikman "skizofrenik" SCOTT SOVILLIERE / ROBERT KENT
plastilina mosh - juan manuel epk HERMANOS PONDEROSA
plastilina mosh "bassass" HERMANOS PONDEROSA
plastilina mosh "human disco ball" HERMANOS PONDEROSA
plastilina mosh "monster truck" TED CRITTENDEN
plastilina mosh "nio bomba (tampico mix)" HERMANOS PONDEROSA
pleased, the "we are the doctor" TERRI TIMELY (COREY CREASEY / IAN KIBBEY)
pocket size "walking" PAUL ANDRESEN
poe "angry johnny" PAUL ANDRESEN
poe "trigger happy jack" PAUL ANDRESEN
polarbear "belly" BRETT SIMON
police "can't stand losing you" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "de do do do de da da da" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "don't stand so close to me (version one)" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "don't stand so close to me (version two)" KEVIN GODLEY / LOL CREME
police "every breath you take" KEVIN GODLEY / LOL CREME
police "every little thing she does is magic" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "invisible sun" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "message in a bottle" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "roxanne" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "so lonely" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "spirits in the material world" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "synchronicity ii" KEVIN GODLEY / LOL CREME
police "walking on the moon" DEREK BURBIDGE
police "wrapped around your finger" KEVIN GODLEY / LOL CREME
polyphonic spree "light & day (movie version)" MICHEL GONDRY
porno for pyros "tahitian moon" JOHN LINSON / PERRY FARRELL
portishead "all mine" (live in nyc) DICK CARRUTHERS
portishead "only you" CHRIS CUNNINGHAM
portishead "sour times (nobody loves me)" ALEXANDER HEMMING
portrait "here we go (again)" PETER NYRDLE
positive k "i got a man" HYPE WILLIAMS *OR* JEFFREY BYRD
postal service "such great heights" JOSH MELNICK / XANDER CHARITY
postal service "the district sleeps alone tonight" COBRA KAI
postal service "we will become silhouettes" JARED HESS
powerman 5000 "action" VEM AND TONY / SPIDER ONE
powerman 5000 "free" VEM AND TONY / SPIDER ONE
prefuse 73 "half of what" ED HOLDSWORTH
presidents of the u.s.a. "lump (version one)" ROMAN COPPOLA
presidents of the u.s.a. "lump (version two)" ROMAN COPPOLA
presidents of the u.s.a. "mach 5" ROMAN COPPOLA
presidents of the u.s.a. "peaches" ROMAN COPPOLA
presidents of the u.s.a. "volcano" MARK KOHR
preston school of industry "caught in the rain" JUSTIN STONE / CHRIS HEINRICH / ZACH PASSERO / STEPHEN OSBORN
preston school of industry "falling away" LANCE BANGS
preston school of industry "line it up" CHRIS HEINRICH / ZACH PASSERO / THE KANNBERGS
pretty girls make graves "this is our emergency" MIKE OTT / JASON HARRIS
pretty ricky "grind with me" RAY KAY
primal scream "kill all hippies" JULIAN GIBBS / JULIAN HOUSE
primer 55 "loose" SHAWN FOSTER
primitive radio gods "standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hands" GOB TV
primus - infomercial MARK KOHR
primus "jerry was a race car driver (live)" PRIMUS
primus "lacquer head" LES CLAYPOOL
primus "over the falls" LES CLAYPOOL
primus "pudding time (live)" PRIMUS
primus "the devil went down to georgia" MIKE JOHNSON
primus "wynona's big brown beaver" LES CLAYPOOL
prince "kiss" REBECCA BLAKE
prince and the new power generation "7" SATERA TSCHETTER
prince and the new power generation "the one" MAYTÉ GARCIA-NELSON
princess superstar "perfect" NED AMBLER
princess superstar feat. kool keith "keith 'n me" RAUB SHAPIRO
probot "shake your blood" BILL YUKICH
proclaimers "i'm gonna be (500 miles)" DOUG KLUTHE
proclaimers "there's a touch" TIM GODSALL
prodigy "breathe" WALTER STERN
prodigy "firestarter" WALTER STERN
prodigy "girls" COOK / HOUSE [MATT / JULIAN]
prodigy "smack my bitch up" JONAS ÅKERLUND
prodigy "voodoo people" WALTER STERN
project 86 "the spy hunter" DEREK DALE
propaganda "dr. mabuse" ANTON CORBIJN
propellerheads feat. shirley bassey "history repeating" PEDRO ROMHANYI
prozzak "sucks to be you" PROZZAK
psapp "about fun" THORSTEN LEVIN
pthalo "chasm" CHRIS SCHIEDEL
public enemy "911 (is a joke)"
public enemy "give it up" CHRIS GILLIGAN
puddle of mudd "heel over head" CHRIS CUFFARO
puddle of mudd "spin you around" GOETZ BROTHERS
puff daddy and the family.. "benjamins (rock remix)" SPIKE JONZE
pulp "common people" PEDRO ROMHANYI
pulp "this is hardcore" DOUG NICHOL
pulsars "tunnel song" GRAEME JOYCE
pure "chocolate bar" v.1 GEORGE VALE
pure "feverish" DEREK HORN
puretone "addicted to bass (video remix)"
puretone "addicted to bass" JOLYON WATKINS