1. Floetry feat. Common "SupaStar"
Album: Flo'Ology
Label: Geffen
Time: 4:04

2. Common "Testify"
Album: Be
Label: G.O.O.D./Geffen
Director: Anthony Mandler
Time: 3:31

3. Gorillaz feat. Shaun Ryder "Dare"
Album: Demon Days
Label: Virgin
Directors: Jamie Hewlett / Pete Candeland
Time: 4:47

4. Jason Forrest "War Photographer"
Album: Shamelessly Exciting
Label: Sonig
Director: Joel Trussell
Time: 4:06

5. The Sun "Must Be You"
Album: Blame It On the Youth
Label: Warner Bros.
Director: Shawn M. Foster
Time: 3:19

6. The Sun "Valentine"
Album: Blame It On the Youth
Label: Warner Bros.
Directors: Shawn M. Foster / Michael Barnett
Time: 3:58

7. Pinback "Fortress"
Album: Summer in Abaddon
Label: Touch and Go
Directors: Elliot Jokelson / Loyalkaspar
Time: 3:29

8. Goblin Cock "Stumped"
Album: Bagged and Boarded
Label: Absolutely Kosher
Director: Matt Hoyt
Time: 2:32

9. Bright Eyes "At the Bottom of Everything"
Album: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: Cat Solen
Time: 4:41

10. Feist "Mushaboom (version two)"
Album: Let It Die
Label: Cherrytree/Interscope
Director: Patrick Daughters
Time: 3:20

11. Why? "Rubber Traits"
Album: Elephant Eyelash
Label: Anticon
Director: Ravi Zupa
Time: 3:40

12. Cut Copy "Saturdays"
Album: Bright Like Neon Love
Label: Modular
Director: Dan Whitford & Alter
Time: 3:07

13. Maximo Park "Apply Some Pressure (version two)"
Album: A Certain Trigger
Label: Warp
Director: Diamond Dogs
Time: 2:43

14. Deerhoof "Wrong Time Capsule"
Album: The Runners Four
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Director: Martha Colburn
Time: 2:52

15. Shout Out Louds "Shut Your Eyes"
Album: Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Label: Capitol
Director: Magnus Härdner
Time: 3:13

16. Sia "Breathe Me"
Album: Six Feet Under: Everything Ends Soundtrack
Label: Astralwerks
Directors: Daniel Askill / Sia
Time: 3:24