1. Dandy Warhols "Smoke It"
Album: Odditorium or Warlords of Mars
Label: Capitol
Director: Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Time: 3:13

2. Athlete "Half Light"
Album: Tourist
Label: Astralwerks
Director: Jamie Thraves
Time: 4:07

3. Nada Surf "Always Love"
Album: The Weight is a Gift
Label: Barsuk
Directors: Greifer & Krötenbluth
Time: 3:18

4. The Churchills "I'm a Sucker for a Girl in Uniform"
Album: The Odds of Winning
Label: Near
Director: Jonathan Kesselman
Time: 3:32

5. LCD Soundsystem "Tribulations"
Album: LCD Soundsystem
Label: DFA/Capitol
Director: Dougal Wilson
Time: 3:58

6. Kaos feat. Khan "Now and Forever"
Album: Hello Stranger
Label: !K7
Directors: Stefan Batsch / Alex Foley
Time: 3:54

7. MED "Push"
Album: Push Comes to Shove
Label: Stones Throw
Director: Andrew Gura
Time: 3:40

8. Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"
Album: Plans
Label: Atlantic
Director: Jon Watts
Time: 3:51

9. Luke Temple "Private Shipwreck"
Album: Hold a Match For a Gasoline World
Label: Mill Pond
Director: Ramon Bloomberg
Time: 3:32

10. UNKLE with Thom Yorke "Rabbit In Your Headlights"
Album: Psyence Fiction
DVD: The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer
Label: Mo' Wax/London/Palm
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Time: 5:01

11. Jamiroquai "Virtual Insanity"
Album: Travelling Without Moving
DVD: The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer
Label: The WORK Group/Palm
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Time: 3:56

12. Gabin feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater "Into My Soul"
Album: Mr. Freedom
Label: Astralwerks
Director: Daniele Persica
Time: 4:37

13. The Valley Arena "Paint it Red"
Album: Take Comfort in Strangers
Label: Astro Magnetics/The Platform Group
Director: Robert Schober
Time: 2:27

14. Viva K "No Better Time"
Album: Viva K
Label: Stinky
Director: Ravi Dhar
Time: 3:25

15. Sleater-Kinney "Jumpers"
Album: The Woods
Label: Sub Pop
Director: Matt McCormick
Time: 4:25