1. We Are Scientists "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt"
Album: With Love and Squalor
Label: Virgin
Director: Akiva Shaffer
Time: 3:19

2. The Caesars "It's Not the Fall That Hurts"
Album: Paper Tigers
Label: Astralwerks
Director: Christopher Mills
Time: 2:49

3. Calla "It Dawned on Me"
Album: Collisions
Label: Beggars Banquet
Director: Moh Azima
Time: 3:14

4. Chromeo "Rage"
Album: She's in Control
Label: Vice
Director: Moh Azima
Time: 4:36

5. Of Montreal "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games"
Album: The Sunlandic Twins
Label: Polyvinyl
Director: Kangaroo Alliance
Time: 3:05

6. Laura Viers "Galaxies"
Album: Year of Meteors
Label: Nonesuch
Director: Terri Timely
Time: 3:35

7. Juliet "Avalon"
Album: Random Order
Label: Virgin
Director: Dawn Shadforth
Time: 3:57

8. nine inch nails "the perfect drug"
Album: Lost Highway soundtrack
Label: nothing/Interscope
Director: Mark Romanek
Time: 4:10

9. Beck "Devil's Haircut"
Album: Odelay
Label: Bong Load Custom/DGC
Director: Mark Romanek
Time: 3:13

10. Beck "Girl"
Album: Guero
Label: Interscope
Director: Motion Theory
Time: 3:28

11. Fruit Bats "Lives of Crime"
Album: Spelled in Bones
Label: Sub Pop
Director: Greg Brown
Time: 4:00

12. New Pornographers "Use It"
Album: Twin Cinema
Label: Mint/Matador
Director: Blaine Thurier
Time: 3:24

13. The Zincs "The Moment is Now (version one)"
Album: Dimmer
Label: Thrill Jockey
Director: Tim Sutton
Time: 3:30

14. CocoRosie "Noah's Ark"
Album: Noah's Ark
Label: Touch and Go
Director: Kai Regan
Time: 3:54

15. Pinback "Fortress"
Album: Summer in Abaddon
Label: Touch and Go
Directors: Elliot Jokelson / Loyalkaspar
Time: 3:29

16. Bloc Party "Helicopter"
Album: Silent Alarm
Label: Vice
Director: Minivegas
Time: 3:40

17. Quasimoto "Bully's Hit"
Album: The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
Label: Stones Throw
Director: James Reitano
Time: 2:41