athens music video
2005 summer special #2

1. The Game "Dreams"
Album: The Documentary
Label: G-Unit/Aftermath/Interscope
Director: Philip G. Atwell
Time: 4:41

2. Common "Go"
Album: Be
Label: G.O.O.D./Geffen
Directors: Kanye West / MK12 / Convert
Time: 3:54

3. Aesop Rock "Fast Cars"
Album: Bazooka Tooth
Label: Definitive Jux
Director: Asif Mian
Time: 3:59

4. Smoosh "La Pump"
Album: She Like Electric
Label: Pattern 25
Director: Ace Norton
Time: 3:32

5. Smog "I Feel Like the Mother of the World"
Album: A River Ain't Too Much to Love
Label: Drag City
Director: Bryce Kass
Time: 3:07

6. Damien Jurado "Lion Tamer"
Album: On My Way to Absence
Label: Secretly Canadian
Director: Ryer Banta
Time: 3:50

7. The Golden Republic "You Almost Had It"
Album: The Golden Republic
Label: Astralwerks
Director: Cooper Johnson
Time: 2:57

8. The Zincs "The Moment is Now (version one)"
Album: Dimmer
Label: Thrill Jockey
Director: Tim Sutton
Time: 3:30

9. Interpol "C'mere"
Album: Antics
Label: Matador
Director: Associates in Science
Time: 3:14

10. Fischerspooner "Never Win"
Album: Odyssey
Label: Capitol
Directors: Warren Fischer / Jon Kane
Time: 3:20

11. Chromeo "Rage"
Album: She's in Control
Label: Vice
Director: Moh Azima
Time: 4:36

12. Duran Duran "Save a Prayer"
Album: Rio
Label: Capitol
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Time: 6:04

13. Duran Duran "Rio"
Album: Rio
Label: Capitol
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Time: 5:02

14. Jamie Lidell "The City"
Album: Multiply
Label: Warp
Director: Frederic D
Time: 5:02

15. Hard-Fi "Cash Machine"
Album: Cash Machine
Label: Necessary
Director: James Shanks
Time: 3:41

16. Antony and the Johnsons "Hope There's Someone"
Album: I Am a Bird Now
Label: Secretly Canadian
Director: Glen Fogel
Time: 4:13

17. Mike Doughty "Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well"
Album: Haughty Melodic
Label: ATO
Director: Danny Clinch
Time: 3:59

18. Beck "Girl"
Album: Guero
Label: Interscope
Director: Motion Theory
Time: 3:28

19. Marjorie Fair "Empty Room"
Album: Self Help Serenade
Label: Capitol
Director: Michael Palmieri
Time: 3:45

20. Queens of the Stone Age "In My Head"
Album: Lullabies to Paralyze
Label: Interscope
Time: 3:56

21. Juliette and the Licks "You're Speaking My Language"
Album: You're Speaking My Language
Label: Fiddler
Director: Alex Smith
Time: 2:52

22. Juliet "Ride the Pain"
Album: Random Order
Label: Virgin
Director: Big TV!
Time: 3:37

23. Juliet "Avalon"
Album: Random Order
Label: Virgin
Director: Dawn Shadforth
Time: 3:57

24. nine inch nails "Only"
Album: With Teeth
Label: Interscope
Director: David Fincher
Time: 4:26

25. Chemical Brothers "The Boxer"
Album: Push the Button
Label: Astralwerks
Director: Ne-o
Time: 3:22

26. Slim Thug feat. Bun B "I Ain't Heard of That"
Album: Already Platinum
Label: Boss Hogg Outlawz/Star Trak/Geffen
Director: Hype Williams
Time: 3:59

27. Quasimoto "Bully's Hit"
Album: The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
Label: Stones Throw
Director: James Reitano
Time: 2:41

28. Idlewild "Love Steals Us From Loneliness"
Album: Warnings/Promises
Label: Capitol
Director: Jamie Thraves
Time: 3:23

29. Okkervil River "For Real"
Album: Black Sheep Boy
Label: Jagjaguwar
Director: Zak Margolis
Time: 4:59

30. The Vanity Project "Wilted Rose"
Album: The Vanity Project
Label: Flagship
Director: Plates Animation
Time: 4:09

31. The Sights "Circus"
Album: The Sights
Label: New Line
Director: Anthony Garth
Time: 3:05