athens music video
2005 summer special #1

1. Coldplay "Speed of Sound"
Album: X&Y
Label: Capitol
Director: Mark Romanek
Time: 4:20

2. Wallflowers "Beautiful Side of Somewhere"
Album: Rebel, Sweetheart
Label: Interscope
Director: Jon Watts
Time: 4:02

3. No Use For a Name "For Fiona"
Album: Keep Them Confused
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Director: King of Hearts
Time: 2:47

4. Beck "Black Tambourine"
Album: Guero
Label: Interscope
Director: Associates in Science
Time: 3:05

5. The Mars Volta "L'Via, L'Viaquez"
Album: Frances the Mute
Label: Strummer/Universal
Director: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Time: 4:27

6. At the Drive-In "One Armed Scissor"
Album: Relationship of Command / This Station is Non-Operational
Label: Virgin/Fearless
Director: At the Drive-In
Time: 3:45

7. Jamie Lidell "The City"
Album: Multiply
Label: Warp
Director: Frederic D
Time: 5:02

8. Common "Go"
Album: Be
Label: G.O.O.D./Geffen
Directors: Kanye West / MK12 / Convert
Time: 3:54

9. k-os "The Man I Used to Be"
Album: Joyful Rebellion
Label: EMI Canada/Astralwerks
Director: The Love Movement feat. Micah Meisner, k-os
Time: 3:41

10. Tricky feat. PJ Harvey "Broken Homes"
Album: Angels With Dirty Faces
Label: Island
Director: Theodore Witcher
Time: 3:26

11. Snoop Dogg "Ups and Downs"
Album: R&G: Rhthym & Gangsta: Tha Masterpiece
Label: Doggystyle/Star Trak/Geffen
Director: Anthony Mandler
Time: 4:44

12. Diplo feat. Sandra Melody "Diplo Rhythm"
Album: Florida
Label: Big Dada
Director: Calé / Diplo / Leandro
Time: 2:39

13. Sarah Vaughan "Fever (Adam Freeland Remix)"
Album: Verve Remixed 3
Label: Verve
Director: HAPPY
Time: 4:36

14. The Cloud Room "Hey Now Now"
Album: The Cloud Room
Label: Gigantic Music
Director: Alexander Kane
Time: 3:30

15. Weird War "Illuminated"
Album: Illuminated By the Light
Label: Drag City
Director: M Frohman
Time: 3:42

16. Chemical Brothers "The Boxer"
Album: Push the Button
Label: Astralwerks
Director: Ne-o
Time: 3:22

17. Chemical Brothers "Life is Sweet"
Album: Exit Planet Dust
Label: astralwerks
Directors: Dom & Nic
Time: 3:59

18. Fischerspooner "Never Win"
Album: Odyssey
Label: Capitol
Directors: Warren Fischer / Jon Kane
Time: 3:20

19. She Wants Revenge "Sister"
Single: Sister
Label: Perfect Kiss
Time: 3:46

20. Kaiser Chiefs "Oh My God"
Album: Employment
Label: Universal
Director: Charlie Paul
Time: 3:40

21. Smashing Pumpkins "The Everlasting Gaze"
Album: MACHINA/The Machines of God
Label: Virgin
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Time: 4:03

22. nine inch nails "the hand that feeds"
Album: with teeth
Label: nothing/Interscope
Directors: Rob Sheridan / Trent Reznor
Time: 3:40

23. The Churchills "Sometimes Your Best Isn't Good Enough"
Album: The Odds of Winning
Label: Near
Director: Joerg Fockele
Time: 3:09

24. The Heavenly States "Pretty Life"
Album: Black Comet
Label: Baria
Director: Morgan Williams
Time: 4:12

25. The Kills "The Good Ones"
Album: No Wow
Label: Rough Trade/RCA
Director: Rojo
Time: 3:44

26. Psapp "About Fun"
Album: Tiger, My Friend
Label: The Leaf Label
Director: Thorsten Levin
Time: 3:15

27. Ben Lee "Catch My Disease"
Album: Awake Is the New Sleep
Label: New West
Director: Evan Bernard
Time: 4:13

28. Colleen "The Happy Sea"
Album: The Golden Morning Breaks
Label: The Leaf Label
Director: Carolina Melis
Time: 3:04

29. Jessica Fletchers "Summer Holiday and Me"
Album: Less Sophistication
Label: Rainbow Quartz
Director: Lasse Gretland
Time: 3:02

30. Cantinero "Make Me an Offer"
Album: Championship Boxing
Label: Artemis
Director: Mad Injection
Time: 3:41

31. Doves "Snowden"
Album: Some Cities
Label: Capitol
Director: Dominic Leung