1. An Angle "White Horse"
Album: We Can Breathe Under Alcohol
Label: Drive Thru
Director: Shane C. Drake
Time: 4:26

2. British Sea Power "Please Stand Up"
Album: Open Season
Label: Rough Trade
Director: Nick Wickham
Time: 3:16

3. Majestic Twelve "I Don't Have a Job"
Album: Searching for the Elvis Knob
Label: Pandora's Legacy
Director: Brian Rainey
Time: 3:31

4. Matisyahu "King Without a Crown"
Album: Live at Stubb's
Label: JDub/Or Music
Director: Rosalyn Rosen
Time: 4:48

5. Garbage "Bleed Like Me"
Album: Bleed Like Me
Label: Almo Sounds/Geffen
Directors: Muller + Manson [Sophie + Shirley]
Time: 4:11

6. Télépopmusik "Into Everything"
Album: Angel Milk
Label: Capitol
Director: Körner Union
Time: 3:39

7. Sam Prekop "Something"
Album: Who's Your New Professor
Label: Thrill Jockey
Director: Tim Sutton
Time: 4:00

8. Supersystem "Born Into the World"
Album: Always Never Again
Label: Touch and Go
Director: Ramone Blumberg / Elliot Jokelson
Time: 3:37

9. Doves "Snowden"
Album: Some Cities
Label: Capitol
Director: Dominic Leung
Time: 4:10

10. Spoon "Everything Hits at Once"
Album: Girls Can Tell
Label: Merge
Director: Divya Srinivasan
Time: 3:58

11. Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc."
Album: Demon Days
Label: Parlophone/Virgin
Director: Pete Candeland
Time: 4:09

12. Roots Manuva "Colossal Insight"
Album: Awfully Deep
Label: Banana Klan/Big Dada
Director: Huse
Time: 3:01

13. Wrens "Faster Gun"
Album: The Meadowlands
Label: Absolutely Kosher
Directors: Michael Palmieri
Time: 3:48

14. Wrens "Everyone Chooses Sides"
Album: The Meadowlands
Label: Absolutely Kosher
Directors: Corey Creasey / Ian Kibbey
Time: 4:39

15. Bright Eyes "Easy/Lucky/Free"
Album: Digital Ash In a Digital Urn
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: Lily Thorne / Lauri Faggioni
Time: 4:28