1. Shout Out Louds "The Comeback"
Album: Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Label: Capitol
Directors: Ted & Tom Malmros
Time: 2:51

2. Aqueduct "Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights"
Album: I Sold Gold
Label: Barsuk
Director: Todd Lincoln
Time: 3:30

3. Mercury Rev "In a Funny Way"
Album: The Secret Migration
Label: V2
Director: Albert
Time: 3:16

4. Sleater-Kinney "Entertain"
Album: The Woods
Label: Sub Pop
Directors: Molly and Mariah
Time: 3:51

5. Bright Eyes "Easy/Lucky/Free"
Album: Digital Ash In a Digital Urn
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: Lily Thorne / Lauri Faggioni
Time: 4:28

6. Subtle "F.K.O."
Album: A New White
Label: Lex
Director: SSRR
Time: 4:25

7. Kelly Osbourne "One Word"
Album: Sleeping in the Nothing
Label: Sanctuary
Director: Chris Applebaum
Time: 4:06

8. Miss Kittin & The Hacker "1982"
Album: First Album
Label: International DeeJay Gigolo/Emperor Norton
Time: 3:07

9. Jaga Jazzist "All I Know is Tonight"
Album: What We Must
Label: Smalltown Supersound/Ninja Tune
Director: Lasse Gretland
Time: 3:30

10. Dead Meadow "At Her Open Door"
Album: Feathers
Label: Matador
Director: Eric Cheevers
Time: 4:10

11. Common feat. the Last Poets "The Corner"
Album: BE
Label: G.O.O.D./Geffen
Director: Kanye West
Time: 4:05

12. Daft Punk "Robot Rock"
Album: Human After All
Label: Daft Life/Virgin
Director: Daft Punk
Time: 3:13

13. Weezer "Beverly Hills"
Album: Make Believe
Label: Geffen
Director: Marcos Siega
Time: 4:05

14. Weezer "Say It Ain't So"
Album: Weezer
Label: DGC
Director: Sophie Muller
Time: 4:18

15. Majestic Twelve "I Don't Have a Job"
Album: Searching for the Elvis Knob
Label: Pandora's Legacy
Director: Brian Rainey
Time: 3:31

16. Pete Miser "Scent of a Robot"
Album: Camouflage is Relative
Label: Ho-Made / Coup de Grace
Director: UV/Phactory
Time: 3:50