1. Elton John "All That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful)"
    Album: Peachtree Road
    Label: Universal
    Director: David La Chapelle
    Time: 4:04

2. Brazilian Girls "Don't Stop"
    Album: Brazilian Girls
    Label: Verve Forecast
    Director: michael.
    Time: 4:07

3. Anuban Lights "Wild Winter"
    Album: Phantascope
    Label: Rhythmbank
    Director: Adele Bertei
    Time: 3:33

4. Sam Prekop "Something"
    Album: Who's Your New Professor?
    Label: Thrill Jockey
    Director: Tim Sutton
    Time: 4:00

5. Weezer "Beverly Hills"
    Album: Make Believe
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Marcos Siega
    Time: 4:05

6. Aqueduct "Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights"
    Album: I Sold Gold
    Label: Barsuk
    Director: Todd Lincoln
    Time: 3:30

7. Low "Monkey"
    Album: The Great Destroyer
    Label: Sub Pop
    Director: Phil Harder
    Time: 4:18

8. Low "Death of a Salesman"
    Album: The Great Destroyer
    Label: Sub Pop
    Directors: Marc Gartman / Chris Bacigalupo
    Time: 2:39

9. Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc."
    Album: Demon Days
    Label: Parlophone/Virgin
    Director: Pete Candeland
    Time: 4:09

10. Daft Punk "Robot Rock"
    Album: Human After All
    Label: Daft Life/Virgin
    Director: Daft Punk
    Time: 3:13

11. Pete Miser "Scent of a Robot"
    Album: Camouflage is Relative
    Label: Ho-Made / Coup de Grace
    Director: UV/Phactory
    Time: 3:50

12. The Living Legends "Down for Nothin'"
    Album: Classic
    Label: Legendary Music
    Director: Anthony Honn
    Time: 4:12

13. Hexstatic featuring Juice Aleem "Distorted Minds"
    Album: Master-View
    Label: Ninja Tune
    Director: Hexstatic
    Time: 3:28

14. Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies "We Come in Peace"
    Album: Live Classics Volume I
    Label: Thrill Jockey
    Director: Sivan Gur-Arieh
    Time: 4:06

15. Common feat. the Last Poets "The Corner"
    Album: Be
    Label: G.O.O.D./Geffen
    Director: Kanye West
    Time: 4:05