1. Donnas "Fall Behind Me"
Album: The Gold Medal
Label: Atlantic
Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds
Time: 3:24

2. Brandon Wiard "Miss Michigan"
Album: Painting a Burning Building
Label: Cerebrus
Director: Brandon Wiard
Time: 4:16

3. fan_3 "Geek Love"
Album: Let Me Clear My Throat
Label: Geffen
Director: Nzingha Stewart
Time: 3:44

4. M.I.A. "Galang"
Single: Galang
Label: XL/Beggars Group
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Time: 3:31

5. Beastie Boys "Right Right Now Now"
Album: To the 5 Boroughs
Label: Capitol
Director: Nathaniel Hörnblowér
Time: 2:56

6. Danger Mouse and Jemini feat. Cee-Lo and Tha Liks "What U Sittin' On (Remix)"
Album: Ghetto Pop Life
Label: Lex
Director: Up the Resolution
Time: 3:20

7. k-os "The Love Song"
Album: Joyful Rebellion
Label: EMI Music Canada/astralwerks
Directors: The Love Movement feat. Micah Meisner, k-os
Time: 3:59

8. Polyphonic Spree "Light & Day (version two)"
Album: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Original Soundtrack / Beginning Stages Of...
Label: Hollywood
Director: Michel Gondry
Time: 3:02

9. Raising the Fawn "Gwendolyn"
Album: The North Sea
Label: Sonic Unyon
Director: Christopher Mills
Time: 4:23

10. Peter Salett "With Anybody Else"
Album: After a While
Label: Dusty Shoes Music
Director: Glen Wilson
Time: 2:32

11. John Callaghan "I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind"
Single: I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind
Label: Warp
Director: John Callaghan
Time: 4:37

12. Beep Beep "Executive Foliage"
Album: Business Casual
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: Jason Kulbel
Time: 2:02

13. The Good Life "Lovers Need Lawyers"
Album: Album of the Year
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: Nik Fackler
Time: 2:45

14. Tears For Fears "Shout"
Album: Songs From the Big Chair
Label: Mercury
Director: Nigel Dick
Time: 5:59

15. Tears For Fears "Sowing the Seeds of Love"
Album: The Seeds of Love
Label: Mercury
Director: Jim Blashfield
Time: 5:32