1. Further Seems Forever "Light Up Ahead"
Album: Hide Nothing
Label: Tooth & Nail
Director: Plates Animation
Time: 3:08

2. Sleep Station "Caroline, London 1940"
Album: After the War
Label: Bardic/Eyeball
Director: Scrambled Visual / Grey Sky Films
Time: 2:44

3. Heatseekers "New (Old) Sound"
Album: In Praise Of...
Label: OHEV
Director: J. B. Carlin
Time: 3:15

4. The Faint "I Disappear"
Album: Wet From Birth
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: The Faint
Time: 4:10

5. A Perfect Circle "Imagine"
Album: eMOTIVe
Label: Virgin
Director: Gerald Casale
Time: 4:47

6. Fatboy Slim "Slash Dot Dash"
Album: Palookaville
Label: Skint/astralwerks
Director: Tim Pope
Time: 2:32

7. Swayzak "Keep It Coming"
Album: Loops From the Bergerie
Label: !K7
Director: Nathan Brown
Time: 3:19

8. Tricky "Hell Is Around The Corner"
Album: Maxinquaye
Label: Island
Director: Stephane Sednaoui
Time: 3:40

9. Squirrel Nut Zippers "Hell"
Album: Hot
Label: Mammoth
Director: Norwood Cheek/Grady Cooper/Tom Maxwell
Time: 3:25

10. (The Real) Tuesday Weld "The Ugly and the Beautiful"
Album: I, Lucifer
Label: Six Degrees
Director: Tim Kirkby
Time: 4:37

11. Jet "Look What You've Done"
Album: Get Born
Label: Elektra
Director: Robert Hales
Time: 3:50

12. nine inch nails "closer"
Album: the downward spiral
Label: nothing/TVT/Interscope/Atlantic
Director: Mark Romanek
Time: 4:40

13. Aphex Twin "Come To Daddy"
EP: Come To Daddy
Label: Warp/Sire
Director: Chris Cunningham
Time: 5:50

14. Weird War "Grand Fraud (long version)"
Album: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Bite 'Em
Label: Drag City
Director: Eric Cheevers
Time: 6:04

15. Autechre "Second Bad Vilbel"
Album: Tri Repetae++
Label: Warp/Wax Trax/TVT
Director: Chris Cunningham