1. Brandon Wiard "Miss Michigan"
Album: Painting a Burning Building
Label: Cerebrus
Director: Brandon Wiard
Time: 4:16

2. Beta Band "Assessment"
Album: Heroes to Zeros
Label: astralwerks
Director: Beta Band (John McLean / Robin Jones)
Time: 4:50

3. Bebel Gilberto "All Around"
Album: Bebel Gilberto
Label: Ziriguiboom/Six Degrees
Director: John Wood
Time: 4:06

4. Norah Jones "Those Sweet Words"
Album: Feels Like Home
Label: Blue Note
Director: David La Chapelle
Time: 3:38

5. Giant Sand "Remote"
Album: Is All Over... The Map
Label: Thrill Jockey
Director: Bill Carter
Time: 3:47

6. Elvis Costello "Monkey to Man"
Album: The Delivery Man
Label: Lost Highway
Director: Jesse Dylan
Time: 3:41

7. Eagles of Death Metal "I Only Want You"
Album: Peace Love Death Metal
Label: Rekords Rekords/AntAcid Audio
Director: Jay Martin
Time: 2:54

8. The New Year "Disease"
Album: The End is Near
Label: Touch & Go
Director: Keven McAlester
Time: 3:24

9. Jason Forrest "Steppin' Off"
Album: The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash
Label: Sonig
Director: Jon Watts
Time: 3:54

10. Bogdan Raczynski - track 6 from
Album: Renegade Platinum Mega Dance Attack Party
Label: Rephlex
Director: Ben Dawkins
Time: 2:36

11. Danger Mouse and Jemini feat. Cee-Lo and Tha Liks "What U Sittin' On (Remix)"
Album: Ghetto Pop Life
Label: Lex
Director: Up the Resolution
Time: 3:20

12. Madvillain "ALL CAPS"
Album: Madvillainy
Label: Stones Throw
Director: James Reitano
Time: 2:15

13. Rjd2 "Exotic Talk"
Album: Since We Last Spoke
Label: Definitive Jux
Director: Plates Animation
Time: 3:44

14. Blues Explosion "Burn it Off"
Album: Damage
Label: Sanctuary
Director: StyleWar
Time: 3:23

15. Rex the Dog "Prototype"
Single: Prototype
Label: Kompakt
Director: Laurent Briet
Time: 3:40

16. Dizzee Rascal "Stand Up Tall"
Album: Showtime
Label: XL/Beggars Group
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Time: 3:09