1. Sparta "Breaking the Broken"
Album: Porcelain
Label: Geffen
Director: Marc Webb
Time: 3:50

2. The Faint "I Disappear"
Album: Wet From Birth
Label: Saddle Creek
Director: The Faint
Time: 4:10

3. Heatseekers "New (Old) Sound"
Album: In Praise Of...
Label: OHEV
Director: J. B. Carlin
Time: 3:15

4. Faultline "Biting Tongues"
Album: Your Love Means Everything
Label: Capitol
Director: Vernie Yeung
Time: 3:32

5. Dizzee Rascal "Stand Up Tall"
Album: Showtime
Label: XL/Beggars Group
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Time: 3:09

6. X-ecutioners feat. Ghostface Killah, Trife, Black Thought "Live From the PJ's"
Album: Revolutions
Label: Columbia
Director: VEM
Time: 3:03

7. Van Hunt "Down Here in Hell (With You)"
Album: Van Hunt
Label: Capitol
Director: Paul Hunter
Time: 3:31

8. Bebel Gilberto "All Around"
Album: Bebel Gilberto
Label: Ziriguiboom/Six Degrees
Director: John Wood
Time: 4:06

9. Rex the Dog "Prototype"
Single: Prototype
Label: Kompakt
Director: Laurent Briet
Time: 3:40

10. !!! "Hello? Is This Thing On?"
Album: Louden Up Now
Label: Touch and Go
Director: Laurent Briet
Time: 3:39

11. (The Real) Tuesday Weld "The Ugly and the Beautiful"
Album: I, Lucifer
Label: Six Degrees
Director: Tim Kirkby
Time: 4:37

12. Supergrass "Kiss of Life"
Album: Supergrass is 10
Label: Capitol
Directors: Dom & Nic
Time: 3:45

13. Mouse on Mars "Wipe That Sound"
Album: Radical Connector
Label: Thrill Jockey
Director: Rosa Barba
Time: 3:00

14. Beta Band "Assessment"
Album: Heroes to Zeros
Label: astralwerks
Director: Beta Band (John McLean / Robin Jones)
Time: 4:50

15. Badly Drawn Boy "Year of the Rat"
Album: One Plus One is One
Label: XL/astralwerks
Director: Monkmus
Time: 4:03

16. Ozomatli "Saturday Night"
Album: Street Signs
Label: Concord
Director: Jeff Richter