1. Janet Jackson "All Nite (Don't Stop)"
    Album: Damita Jo
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Francis Lawrence
    Time: 4:27

2. Lenny Kravitz "Where Are We Runnin'"
    Album: Baptism
    Label: Virgin
    Directors: Philip Andelman / Lenny Kravitz
    Time: 4:36

3. Incubus "Talk Shows On Mute"
    Album: A Crow Left of the Murder
    Label: Epic
    Director: Floria Sigismondi
    Time: 3:39

4. Death Cab For Cutie "The Sound of Settling"
    Album: Transatlanticism
    Label: Barsuk
    Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds
    Time: 2:14

5. The Darkness "Growing on Me"
    Album: Permission to Land
    Label: Must Destroy Music/Atlantic
    Director: Alex Smith
    Time: 4:23

6. Young Heart Attack "Tommy Shots"
    Album: Mouthful of Love
    Label: XL/Beggars Group
    Director: Anthony Ernest Garth
    Time: 3:05

7. Truman "Girl With a Pearl"
    Album: Payne Avenue / Girl With a Pearl Earring soundtrack
    Label: Geffen/Decca/Universal
    Director: Meiert Avis
    Time: 3:02

8. Counting Crows "Accidentally in Love"
    Album: Shrek 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Label: DreamWorks/Geffen
    Time: 3:11

9. Beastie Boys "Ch-Check It Out"
    Album: To the 5 Boroughs
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Nathaniel Hornblower
    Time: 3:33

10. Sleepy Brown feat. OutKast "I Can't Wait"
    Album: For the Grown & Sexy / Barbershop 2: Back in Business oundtrack
    Label: DreamWorks/Interscope
    Director: Barbarino
    Time: 5:01

11. Mission of Burma "Dirt"
    Album: ONoffON
    Label: Matador
    Director: Jeff Iwanicki
    Time: 3:45

12. Auf der Maur "Followed the Waves"
    Album: Auf der Maur
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Jesse Peretz
    Time: 3:34

13. Azure Ray "We are Mice"
    Album: Hold On Love
    Label: Saddle Creek
    Director: Nik Fackler
    Time: 4:07

14. Solyoni "Gold Mime Robberies"
    Album: Prairie Monsters
    Label: Athens local video
    Director: Dan Lurie
    Time: 2:37

15. Hayden "Hollywood Ending"
    Album: Elk-Lake Serenade
    Label: Hardwood/Badman
    Director: Yael Staav
    Time: 2:52

16. Bonnie "Prince" Billy "Agnes, Queen of Sorrow"
    Album: Sings Greatest Palace Music
    Label: Palace/Drag City
    Director: David Shrigley
    Time: 3:13