1. Rooney "I'm Shakin'"
    Album: Rooney
    Label: Geffen
    Director: John Schwartzman
    Time: 3:49

2. Stereophonics "Maybe Tomorrow"
    Album: You Gotta Go There to Come Back
    Label: V2
    Director: W.I.Z.
    Time: 4:10

3. Grandaddy "El Caminos in the West"
    Album: Sumday
    Label: V2
    Director: Matt Blake
    Time: 3:40

4. Lenny Kravitz "Where Are We Runnin'"
    Album: Baptism
    Label: Virgin
    Directors: Philip Andelman / Lenny Kravitz
    Time: 4:36

5. Wildchild "Wonder Years"
    Album: Secondary Protocol
    Label: Stones Throw
    Director: Andrew Gura
    Time: 3:39

6. Peaches featuring Iggy Pop "Kick It"
    Album: Fatherfucker
    Label: Kitty-Yo/XL/Beggars Group
    Directors: Georgia y Romeo [Dawn Shadforth / Alex Smith]
    Time: 2:53

7. Klonhertz "Three Girl Rhumba"
    Single: Three Girl Rhumba
    Label: Southern Fried
    Director: Dougal Wilson
    Time: 3:00

8. TV On the Radio "Staring at the Sun"
    Album: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
    Label: Touch and Go
    Director: Elliot Jokelson
    Time: 3:21

9. The Features "The Way it's Meant to Be"
    Album: Exhibit A
    Label: Universal
    Director: Chad Denning
    Time: 2:04

10. Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf "Red Light, Green Light"
    Album: Big Shots
    Label: Stones Throw
    Director: Andrew Gura
    Time: 3:06

11. Ty "Wait a Minute"
    Album: Upwards
    Label: Big Dada/Ninja Tune
    Directors: Tom & Jon
    Time: 3:03

12. Auf der Maur "Followed the Waves"
    Album: Auf der Maur
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Jesse Peretz
    Time: 3:34

13. Probot with Lemmy "Shake Your Blood"
    Album: Probot
    Label: Southern Lord/Roswell
    Director: Bill Yukich
    Time: 3:03

14. Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules "Mad World"
    Album: Trading Snakeoil For Wolftickets
    Label: Universal
    Director: Michel Gondry
    Time: 3:09

15. Yerba Buena "Guajira"
    Album: President Alien
    Label: Razor & Tie
    Director: Mark Seliger
    Time: 3:16

16. The High Strung "Real Nice Boy"
    Album: These Are Good Times
    Label: Tee Pee
    Director: J. B. Carlin
    Time: 2:25

17. Crack Pipes "Record Player Party"
    Album: Every Night Saturday Night
    Label: Sympathy For the Record Industry
    Director: Divya Srinivasan
    Time: 2:44

18. Dashboard Confessional "Rapid Hope Loss"
    Album: A Mark · A Mission · A Brand · A Scar
    Label: Vagrant/Interscope
    Director: Brian Scott Weber