athens music video
2003 summer special #2

1. B.R.M.C. "Stop"
    Album: Take Them On, On Your Own
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Charles Mehling
    Time: 4:07

2. Calla "Televised"
    Album: Televise
    Label: Arena Rock/Quartermass/Ryko
    Director: Moh Azima
    Time: 3:34

3. River City Rebels "Life's a Drag"
    Album: No Good, No Time, No Pride
    Label: Victory
    Director: Darren Doane
    Time: 3:12

4. New Pornographers "The Laws Have Changed"
    Album: Electric Version
    Label: Mint/Matador
    Director: Blaine Thurier
    Time: 3:38

5. Blur "Out of Time"
    Album: Think Tank
    Label: Parlophone/Virgin
    Director: John Hardwick
    Time: 3:51

6. Gold Chains "Nada"
    Album: Young Miss America
    Label: PIAS America
    Director: Ruben Fleischer / Musorkvision
    Time: 3:34

7. Bright Eyes "Lover I Don't Have to Love"
    Album: LIFTED or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
    Label: Saddle Creek
    Director: James Frost
    Time: 4:00

8. Thrice "All That's Left"
    Album: The Artist in the Ambulance
    Label: Island Def Jam Music Group
    Director: The Workshop
    Time: 3:09

9. Earlimart "Lost at Sea"
    Album: Everyone Down Here
    Label: Palm
    Director: Elfish Design
    Time: 1:26

10. Pepe Deluxé "Salami Fever"
    Album: BEATitude
    Label: Catskills/Emperor Norton
    Director: Douglas Avery
    Time: 3:42

11. Pepe Deluxé "Girl!"
    Album: BEATitude
    Label: Catskills/Emperor Norton
    Directors: Paul Malmström / Linus Karlsson
    Time: 3:37

12. Jaga Jazzist "Animal Chin"
    Album: A Livingroom Hush
    Label: Smalltown Supersound/Ninja Tune
    Directors: Christian Mona / Leif Henning Broch Johnsen
    Time: 4:06

13. Dandy Warhols "We Used to Be Friends"
    Album: Welcome to the Monkey House
    Label: Capitol
    Directors: Courtney Taylor-Taylor / David Palmer
    Time: 3:42

14. Guided By Voices "My Kind of Soldier"
    Album: Earthquake Glue
    Label: Matador
    Director: Adam Levite
    Time: 2:35

15. The Pixies "Here Comes Your Man"
    Album: Doolittle
    Label: 4AD/Beggars Group
    Directors: Bekemeier / Neil Pollock
    Time: 3:17

16. The Pixies "Dig For Fire / Allison"
    Album: Bossanova
    Label: 4AD/Beggars Group
    Director: Peter Scammell
    Time: 4:29

17. The Pixies "Velouria"
    Album: Bossanova
    Label: 4AD/Beggars Group
    Director: Peter Fowler
    Time: 3:40

18. Datsuns "MF From Hell"
    Album: The Datsuns
    Label: V2
    Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds
    Time: 3:33

19. Jet "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"
    Album: Get Born
    Label: Elektra/EEG
    Director: Robert Hales
    Time: 3:34

20. Jay-Z featuring UGK "Big Pimpin'"
    Album: Vol. 3...Life and Times of S. Carter
    Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam
    Director: Hype Williams
    Time: 5:10

21. The Soft Pink Truth "Promofunk"
    Album: Do You Party?
    Label: Soundslike
    Director: Ryan Junell
    Time: 3:07

22. Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band "Think Twice"
    Album: A Special Album
    Label: Emperor Norton
    Directors: Geir Henning Hopland / Arild Fröhlich
    Time: 3:58

23. Longwave "Wake Me When it's Over"
    Album: Strangest Things
    Label: RCA
    Director: Moh Azima
    Time: 3:16

24. Skalpel "Sculpture"
    Single: Sculpture
    Label: Ninja Tune
    Director: Lukasz Tunikowski
    Time: 4:51

25. Calexico "Quattro (World Drifts In)"
    Album: Feast of Wire
    Label: Quarterstick/Touch and Go
    Director: John Pirozzi
    Time: 3:13

26. Calexico "The Ballad of Cable Hogue"
    Album: The Hot Rail
    Label: Quarterstick/Touch and Go
    Director: John Pirozzi
    Time: 3:25

27. The Notwist "Pick Up the Phone"
    Album: Neon Golden
    Label: Domino/City Slang
    Director: Luis Briceno
    Time: 3:40

28. Whirlwind Heat "Purple"
    Album: Do Rabbits Wonder?
    Label: Third Man/V2
    Director: Terry Richardson
    Time: 2:55

29. Molotov "Frijolero"
    Album: Dance and Dense Denso
    Label: Surco/Universal Latin
    Directors: Jason Archer / Paul Beck
    Time: 3:39

30. Jane's Addiction "Just Because"
    Album: Strays
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Alex & Martin
    Time: 3:57

31. Death in Vegas "Scorpio Rising"
    Album: Scorpio Rising
    Label: Sanctuary
    Director: Muto Masashi
    Time: 4:13

32. Cursive "Art is Hard"
    Album: The Ugly Organ
    Label: Saddle Creek
    Director: Travis John Dopp
    Time: 2:50

33. Alien Ant Farm "These Days"
    Album: truANT
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Marc Klasfeld
    Time: 3:33

34. Electric Six "Gay Bar"
    Album: Fire
    Label: XL/Beggars Group
    Directors: Kuntz & Maguire