1. Sunday Driver "Forever Again"
    Album: A Letter to Bryson City
    Label: Doghouse
    Director: Zach Merck
    Time: 3:45

2. Blue Man Group feat. Dave Matthews "Sing Along"
    Album: The Complex
    Label: Blue Man Group/Lava/Atlantic
    Directors: David Kellogg / Blue Man Group
    Time: 3:35

3. Simian "La Breeze"
    Album: We Are Your Friends
    Label: Source/astralwerks
    Director: Henry Moore Selder
    Time: 2:56

4. Ben Harper "With My Own Two Hands"
    Album: Diamonds on the Inside
    Label: Virgin
    Director: The Malloys
    Time: 3:48

5. Grandaddy "Now It's On"
    Album: Sumday
    Label: V2
    Directors: Jake & Jim
    Time: 4:02

6. Idlewild "A Modern Way of Letting Go"
    Album: The Remote Part
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Alex Smith
    Time: 2:36

7. Gemma Hayes "Hanging Around"
    Album: Night On My Side
    Label: Source/astralwerks
    Director: John Hillcoat
    Time: 3:36

8. Richard Ashcroft "Science of Silence"
    Album: Human Conditions
    Label: Hut/Virgin
    Director: Tim Royes
    Time: 3:30

9. Nirvana "You Know You're Right"
    Album: Nirvana
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Chris Hafner
    Time: 3:42

10. Dredg "Same Ol' Road"
    Album: El Cielo
    Label: Interscope
    Director: American McGee
    Time: 4:43

11. k-os "Superstarr Pt. Zero"
    Album: EXIT
    Label: EMI Music Canada/astralwerks
    Director: Micah Meisner
    Time: 4:59

12. Massive Attack "Special Cases"
    Album: 100th Window
    Label: Circa/Virgin
    Director: H5 [Ludovic Houplain / Hervé de Crécy]
    Time: 5:16

13. Massive Attack "Teardrop"
    Album: Mezzanine
    Label: Circa/Virgin
    Director: Walter Stern
    Time: 4:44

14. Iron and Wine "Southern Anthem"
    Album: The Creek Drank the Cradle
    Label: Sub Pop
    Director: Sam Beam
    Time: 3:53