1. Turin Brakes "Pain Killer"
    Album: Ether Song
    Label: Source/astralwerks
    Director: David Slade
    Time: 3:41

2. Counting Crows feat. Vanessa Carlton "Big Yellow Taxi"
    Album: Hard Candy / from the film Two Weeks Notice
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Liz Friedlander
    Time: 3:43

3. Bright Eyes "Bowl of Oranges"
    Album: LIFTED or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
    Label: Saddle Creek
    Director: Cat Solen
    Time: 3:20

4. Gotan Project "Santa Maria"
    Album: La Revancha del Tango
    Label: ¡Ya Basta!/XL/Beggars Group
    Directors: Thomas Napper / Dominic Leung / Fabian Monheim
    Time: 3:31

5. Rainer Maria "Ears Ring"
    Album: Long Knives Drawn
    Label: Polyvinyl
    Director: David Ahuja
    Time: 3:40

6. Cat Power "He War"
    Album: You Are Free
    Label: Matador/Beggars Group
    Director: Brett Vapnek
    Time: 3:27

7. U2 "The Hands That Built America"
    Album: Gangs of New York soundtrack / The Best Of: 1990-2000
    Label: Interscope/Island
    Time: 4:39

8. Blue Man Group feat. Dave Matthews "Sing Along"
    Album: The Complex
    Label: Blue Man Group/Lava/Atlantic
    Directors: David Kellogg / Blue Man Group
    Time: 3:35

9. Alex Gopher "The Child"
    Album: You, My Baby & I
    Label: Disques Solid/Gee Street/V2
    Director: H5 [Antoine Bardou-Jacquet / Hervé de Crécy / Ludovic Houplain]
    Time: 3:05

10. Röyksopp "Remind Me"
    Album: Melody AM
    Label: Wall of Sound/astralwerks
    Director: H5 [Ludovic Houplain / Hervé de Crécy]
    Time: 4:05

11. Erlend Øye "Sudden Rush"
    Album: Unrest
    Label: Source/astralwerks
    Directors: Jarvis Cocker / Martin Wallace
    Time: 3:36

12. White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"
    Album: Elephant
    Label: Third Man/V2
    Directors: Alex & Martin
    Time: 3:55

13. White Stripes "Fell In Love With a Girl"
    Album: White Blood Cells
    Label: Third Man/V2
    Director: Michel Gondry
    Time: 1:54

14. The Greenhornes "It Returns"
    Album: Dual Mono
    Label: Telstar
    Director: Austin Vince
    Time: 2:46

15. Obie Trice "Rap Name"
    Album: Cheers
    Label: Shady/Aftermath/Interscope
    Director: Smith N' Borin
    Time: 3:48

16. Funki Porcini "The Great Drive-By"
    Album: Fast Asleep
    Label: Ninja Tune
    Directors: Funki Porcini / Team Alcohol
    Time: 7:06