1. Everclear "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom"
    Album: Slow Motion Daydream
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Francis Lawrence
    Time: 3:15

2. The Music "Take the Long Road and Walk It"
    Album: The Music
    Label: Capitol
    Director: David Slade
    Time: 3:56

3. All-American Rejects "Swing, Swing"
    Album: All American Rejects
    Label: Doghouse/DreamWorks
    Director: Marcos Siega
    Time: 3:27

4. Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band "Nikita"
    EP: A Special EP
    Label: Emperor Norton
    Director: Thomas Hilland
    Time: 3:13

5. Norah Jones "Come Away With Me"
    Album: Come Away With Me
    Label: Blue Note
    Director: James Frost
    Time: 3:13

6. Dot Allison "Strung Out"
    Album: We Are Science
    Label: Mantra/Beggars Group
    Directors: Jake & Jim
    Time: 3:58

7. White Stripes "We're Going to be Friends"
    Album: White Blood Cells
    Label: Third Man/V2
    Directors: Kevin Carrico / Anthony Ernest Garth
    Time: 2:27

8. White Stripes "Hotel Yorba"
    Album: White Blood Cells
    Label: Sympathy For the Record Industry/Third Man/V2
    Directors: Anthony Ernest Garth / Dan Miller
    Time: 2:09

9. Koop "Summer Sun"
    Album: Waltz For Koop
    Label: Palm 
    Director: StyleWar
    Time: 3:44

10. Legowelt "Disco Rout"
    Album: Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau
    Label: Ghostly International
    Director: Lobo
    Time: 3:29

11. Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"
    Album: Make Up the Breakdown
    Label: Sub Pop
    Directors: Jayson Moyer / Cooper Johnson
    Time: 3:45

12. Cross Canadian Ragweed "Don't Need You"
    Album: Cross Canadian Ragweed
    Label: Universal South
    Director: Roger Pistole
    Time: 4:56

13. Delgados "Coming In From the Cold"
    Album: Hate
    Label: Mantra/Beggars Group
    Time: 3:40

14. Cat Power "Nude As the News"
    Album: What Would the Community Think?
    Label: Matador
    Director: Brett Vapnek
    Time: 4:19

15. Ladytron "Seventeen"
    Album: Light & Magic
    Label: Invicta Hi-Fi/Emperor Norton
    Director: David Chaudoir
    Time: 3:28

16. Anti-Pop Consortium "Ghostlawns"
    Album: Arrhythmia
    Label: Warp
    Director: Carlos Arias
    Time: 3:25

17. Rufus Wainwright "California"
    Album: Poses
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Giles Dunning / Rufus Wainwright
    Time: 3:33