1. Cross Canadian Ragweed "Don't Need You"
    Album: Cross Canadian Ragweed
    Label: Universal South
    Director: Roger Pistole
    Time: 4:56

2. Paul McCartney "Maybe I'm Amazed"
    Album: Back in the US
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Mark Haefeli
    Time: 3:45

3. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead "Relative Ways"
    Album: Source Tags and Codes
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Conrad Keely / James Olsen / Bruce Dickson / Trail of Dead
    Time: 4:15

4. Lemon Jelly "Space Walk"
    Album: Lost Horizons
    Label: XL/Beggars Group
    Director: Mario Cavalli
    Time: 4:07

5. Snapcase "Coagulate"
    Album: End Transmission
    Label: Victory
    Director: Kathi Prosser
    Time: 2:19

6. Amon Tobin featuring MC Decimal R "Verbal"
    Album: Out From Out Where
    Label: Ninja Tune
    Director: Alexander Rutterford
    Time: 3:25

7. Simian "Never Be Alone"
    Album: We Are Your Friends
    Label: Source/astralwerks
    Director: Paul Gore
    Time: 3:41

8. Ten Foot Pole "Armchair Quarterback"
    Album: Bad Mother Trucker
    Label: Victory
    Director: Darren Doane
    Time: 3:00

9. The Streets "Weak Become Heroes"
    Album: Original Pirate Material
    Label: Vice/Atlantic
    Director: Dawn Shadforth
    Time: 4:28

10. The Streets "Has it Come to This"
    Album: Original Pirate Material
    Label: Vice/Atlantic
    Director: Nick Wood
    Time: 3:52

11. Electric Six "Danger! High Voltage"
    Single: Danger! High Voltage
    Label: XL/Beggars Group
    Director: Kuntz & Maguire
    Time: 3:42

12. Beth Orton "Anywhere (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)"
    Album: Daybreaker
    Label: Heavenly/astralwerks
    Director: Julian Gibbs
    Time: 3:59

13. Siouxsie and the Banshees "Cities in Dust"
    Album: Peep Show
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Tim Pope
    Time: 4:02

14. Siouxsie and the Banshees "Peek-a-Boo"
    Album: Tinderbox
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Peter Scammell
    Time: 3:12

15. Siouxsie and the Banshees "Kiss Them For Me"
    Album: Superstition
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Peter Scammell
    Time: 4:25