1. Peaches "Set It Off"
    Album: The Teaches of Peaches
    Label: Kitty•Yo/XL/Beggars Group
    Directors: Daniel Lwowski / Frank Wilde
    Time: 3:32

2. Dot Allison "Strung Out"
    Album: We Are Science
    Label: Mantra/Beggars Group
    Directors: Jake & Jim
    Time: 3:58

3. Catheters "Nothing"
    Album: Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days
    Label: Sub Pop
    Director: Whitey McConnaughy
    Time: 3:39

4. Moby "In This World"
    Album: 18
    Label: V2
    Director: StyleWar
    Time: 3:27

5. Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"
    Album: Make Up the Breakdown
    Label: Sub Pop
    Directors: Jayson Moyer / Cooper Johnson
    Time: 3:45

6. Guru "Feel the Music"
    Album: Jazzmatazz Volume II: The New Reality
    Label: Chrysalis/EMI
    Director: J. Smiley
    Time: 3:42

7. 1 Giant Leap f. Maxi Jazz and Robbie Williams "My Culture"
    Album: 1 Giant Leap original motion picture soundtrack
    Label: Palm
    Director: Tim Hope
    Time: 4:11

8. Exies "My Goddess"
    Album: Inertia
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Diane Martel
    Time: 2:45

9. Timo Maas feat. Kelis "Help Me"
    Album: Loud
    Label: Mushroom/Kinetic
    Director: Rojo
    Time: 3:41

10. Interpol "PDA"
    Album: Turn On the Bright Lights
    Label: Matador
    Director: Christopher Mills
    Time: 3:16

11. nine inch nails "Into the Void"
    Album: the fragile
    Label: nothing
    Director: Walter Stern
    Time: 4:10

12. Mudhoney "Sonic Infusion"
    Album: Since We've Become Translucent
    Label: Sub Pop
    Director: Jack & Carol Hodge
    Time: 4:11

13. Grandaddy "Hewlett's Daughter"
    Album: The Sophtware Slump
    Label: V2
    Director: Lance Bangs
    Time: 3:05

14. ENON "Pleasure and Privilege"
    Album: High Society
    Label: Touch and Go
    Director: Clark Vogeler
    Time: 1:54

15. Guns n' Roses "Paradise City"
    Album: Appetite For Destruction
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Nigel Dick
    Time: 6:35