1. Ms. Jade "Big Head"
    Album: Girl Interrupted
    Label: 215/Beat Club/Interscope
    Director: Chris Robinson
    Time: 4:18

2. Placebo "Special K"
    Album: Black Market Music
    Label: Hut/Virgin
    Director: Howard Greenhalgh
    Time: 3:46

3. Stereophonics "Don't Let Me Down"
    Album: I Am Sam soundtrack
    Label: V2
    Director: James Frost
    Time: 4:07

4. Beth Orton "Concrete Sky"
    Album: Daybreaker
    Label: Heavenly/astralwerks
    Director: Mike Mills
    Time: 4:32

5. Baldwin Brothers featuring Miho Hatori "Dream Girl"
    Album: Cooking With Lasers
    Label: TVT
    Director: Laurence Thrush
    Time: 3:40

6. Llorca with Nicole Graham "Indigo Blues"
    Album: New Comer
    Label: F Communications/PIAS America
    Directors: Olivier Abbou / Bruno Merle
    Time: 4:07

7. Sparta "Cut Your Ribbon"
    Album: Wiretap Scars
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Sophie Muller
    Time: 3:05

8. The Faint "Agenda Suicide"
    Album: Danse Macabre
    Label: Saddle Creek
    Director: MK12
    Time: 3:57

9. Floetry "Floetic"
    Album: Floetry
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Marc Klasfeld
    Time: 3:19

10. Slum Village featuring Dwele "Tainted"
    Album: Trinity (Past, Present, Future)
    Label: Barak/Priority/Capitol
    Director: Chris Robinson
    Time: 4:04

11. Underworld "Two Months Off"
    Album: One Hundred Days Off
    Label: JBO/V2
    Director: Graham Wood
    Time: 3:54

12. Reindeer Section "You Are My Joy"
    Album: Son of Evil Reindeer
    Label: Bright Star/PIAS America
    Directors: Stuart Hilton / Anthony Burrill
    Time: 3:48

13. Grandaddy "The Crystal Lake"
    Album: The Sophtware Slump
    Label: V2
    Directors: Jake & Jim
    Time: 3:52

14. Rolling Stones "Love is Strong"
    Album: Voodoo Lounge
    Label: Virgin
    Director: David Fincher
    Time: 3:41

15. Weezer "Dope Nose"
    Album: maladroit
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Marcos Siega
    Time: 2:14