athens music video
two-hour 2002 summer special #1

1. Kylie Minogue "Love At First Sight"
    Album: Fever
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Johan Renck
    Time: 3:56

2. Moth "I See Sound"
    Album: Provisions, Fiction and Gear
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Mike Piscitelli
    Time: 3:14

3. Alien Crime Syndicate "Ozzy"
    Album: XL From Coast to Coast
    Label: V2
    Director: Alexander Kosta
    Time: 3:32

4. No Doubt "Hella Good"
    Album: Rock Steady
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Mark Romanek
    Time: 4:10

5. Gorillaz "Rock the House"
    Album: Gorillaz
    Label: Parlophone/Virgin
    Directors: Jamie Hewlett / Pete Candeland
    Time: 3:14

6. Placebo "Special K"
    Album: Black Market Music
    Label: Hut/Virgin
    Director: Howard Greenhalgh
    Time: 3:46

7. Jimmy Eat World "Sweetness"
    Album: Bleed American
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Tim Hope
    Time: 3:59

8. Ed Harcourt "Apple of My Eye"
    Album: Here Be Monsters
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Cyndi Rhoades
    Time: 3:58

9. 4th Avenue Jones' "Move On"
    Album: No Plan B
    Label: Lookalive/Interscope
    Director: Jessy Terrero
    Time: 3:58

10. Weezer "Dope Nose"
    Album: maladroit
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Marcos Siega
    Time: 2:14

11. Eminem "Without Me"
    Album: The Eminem Show
    Label: Shady/Aftermath/Interscope
    Director: Joseph Kahn
    Time: 4:56

12. Roni Size and Cypress Hill "Child of the Wild West"
    Album: Blade 2 original soundtrack
    Label: Immortal/Virgin
    Time: 3:31

13. Herbaliser featuring Seaming To "Something Wicked"
    Album: Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Label: Ninja Tune
    Director: Mao Mao
    Time: 3:14

14. Grandaddy "Hewlett's Daughter"
    Album: The Sophtware Slump
    Label: V2
    Director: Lance Bangs
    Time: 3:05

15. Grandaddy "The Crystal Lake"
    Album: The Sophtware Slump
    Label: V2
    Directors: Jake & Jim
    Time: 3:52

16. Coldplay "In My Place"
    Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head
    Label: Parlophone/Capitol
    Director: Sophie Muller
    Time: 3:47

17. Capitol K "Pillow"
    Album: Island Row
    Label: Planet µ/XL/Beggars Group
    Director: Dominic Leung
    Time: 3:09

18. Citizen Cope "If There is Love"
    Album: Citizen Cope
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Erik White
    Time: 3:47

19. Lisa Loeb "Someone You Should Know"
    Album: Cake And Pie
    Label: A&M
    Director: Tom, Dick, and Harry [Evan Bernard / Bill McMullen / Colby Parker, Jr.]
    Time: 3:29

20. Black Crowes "Soul Singing"
    Album: Lions
    Label: V2
    Time: 3:49

21. Thicke "When I Get You Alone"
    Album: Cherry Blue Skies
    Label: NuAmerica/Interscope
    Director: Mat Kirkby
    Time: 3:35

22. Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman "Somethin' Stupid"
    Album: Swing While You're Winning
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Vaughan Arnell
    Time: 3:08

23. ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead "Another Morning Stoner"
    Album: Source Tags and Codes
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Bruce Dickson
    Time: 4:01

24. Ms. Jade "Big Head"
    Album: Girl Interrupted
    Label: 215/Beat Club/Interscope
    Director: Chris Robinson
    Time: 4:18

25. N.E.R.D. featuring Lee Harvey and Vita "Lapdance (censored version)"
    Album: In Search Of...
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Diane Martel
    Time: 3:29

26. Yann Tiersen "A quai"
    Album: Amelie soundtrack
    Label: Victoires Productions/Virgin
    Time: 3:27

27. Mercury Rev "Nite & Fog"
    Album: All Is Dream
    Label: V2
    Director: Luke Losey
    Time: 3:55

28. Ugly Casanova "Things I Don't Remember (edit version)"
    Album: Sharpen Your Teeth
    Label: Sub Pop
    Director: Yuria
    Time: 3:31

29. Radiohead "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
    Album: The Bends
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Jonathan Glazer
    Time: 4:18

30. Refused "New Noise"
    Album: The Shape of Punk to Come
    Label: Burning Heart/Epitaph
    Director: Jocke Ahlund
    Time: 5:09