Josh is a former AMV VJ (1998-2000).

Josh (1992)

    Josh is AMV's most experienced VJ.  He first blasted onto the scene in Europe in the late 80's with a scathing look at the state of Rock in underdeveloped nations.  After winning several awards for his work, he was pulled deeper and deeper into the sordid underworld that he helped expose.  After a long and very public battle with drugs and other addictions, he lost all of his credibility and was for all intents and purposes blacklisted from the industry.  Recently, he resurfaced in Athens piss drunk and naked in the gutter.  AMV Producer Kevin offered him a place to stay and some food, and soon afterwards Josh was aboard for the long haul.  With his firsthand knowledge of the artists and the industry, and his driving passion for the music, Josh is an invaluable addition to the AMV staff.  When not shooting on location, Josh enjoys impressionistic films of 1930's Europe and has a vast collection of antique miniature plastic men in various action poses.  He likes fast food Mexican and all you can eat Chinese and his favorite bodily function is urinating and he likes girls that wear cool eye make-up.

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