Sera is a former AMV VJ (2000-1).
Hello.  This is Sera.  I'm a senior at Ohio University and I'm earning my B.A. in international relations and A.A. in political science.  What that means is that I spend way too much time speaking spanish and watching the History Channel.
Dislikes! :(
I work at Haffa's Records and the Union Bar and Grille. The Union is the only place in Athens to see rocknroll and I can usually be found playing Door Nazi upstairs.  The Union is also home to my band Jet Lucas, in which I play bass and scream out of tune.  The kids seem to like it.  Last year we played a show with Enon and Girls Against Boys.  I creamed my jeans.  We have a cd that is for sale at Haffa's (yay!) and Schoolkid's (okay) for $5.00.  You can also buy it directly from us by emailing [ed: VOID].  It's $4 plus s&h, but we will throw in a button and a sticker because that's how nice we are.
Dream Date!
Some of my favorite all time bands are the Jesus Lizard, the Muffs, the Pixies, Queen, and Blondie.  I'm a Touch and Go Records whore.  Right now I'm also listening to a lot of Unsane, P.J. Harvey, Beach Boys, and Refused.
Cool Stuff!
Don't confuse me with nerds, I am a dork. I am obsessed with Jem and the Holograms and have been since 1986.  Operation is my current favorite board game because it scares the crap out of me. I have a recently acquired fetish for wearing too much black eyeliner and kiddie flavored lip gloss.  I watch HGTV like a maniac.  Tim Burton is my favorite director.  My current favorite movie is Drop Dead Gorgeous.  It makes me pee my pants.  This summer I went to Kenya and saw hippos do it. Hippos sure are loud when they do it.