1. Baha Men "Move It Like This"
    Album: Move It Like This
    Label: S-Curve/Capitol
    Director: Bryan Barber
    Time: 3:50

2. Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles"
    Album: Be Not Nobody
    Label: A&M
    Director: Marc Klasfeld
    Time: 4:26

3. Grade "Termites Hollow"
    Album: Headfirst, Straight to Hell
    Label: Victory
    Director: Darren Doane
    Time: 3:06

4. Unwritten Law "Seein' Red"
    Album: elva
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Marc Webb
    Time: 3:47

5. Tweet featuring Missy Elliott "Oops (Oh My)"
    Album: Southern Hummingbird
    Label: The Gold Mind/Elektra/EEG
    Director: Cameron Casey
    Time: 4:01

6. Money Mark "Information Contraband"
    Album: Change Is Coming
    Label: Emperor Norton
    Director: LOGAN
    Time: 3:35

7. Thursday "Understanding in a Car Crash"
    Album: Full Collapse
    Label: Victory
    Director: Mortimer Jones
    Time: 4:26

8. Garbage "Breaking Up the Girl"
    Album: Beautifulgarbage
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Francis Lawrence
    Time: 3:31

9. eels "Souljacker Pt. 1"
    Album: Souljacker
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Wim Wenders
    Time: 3:21

10. Tanya Donelly "Keeping You"
    Album: beautysleep
    Label: 4AD/Beggars Group
    Director: Joel Peissig
    Time: 4:21

11. Rob Zombie "Never Gonna Stop"
    Album: The Sinister Urge / Rollerball original motion picture soundtrack
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Rob Zombie
    Time: 3:09

12. Juno Reactor "God is God"
    from the film The Color of Pomegranates
    Album: Bible of Dreams
    Label: Wax Trax!/TVT
    Director: Sergei Paradjanov
    Time: 5:16

13. Dead Can Dance "Yulunga (Spirit Dance)"
    from the film Baraka
    Album: Into the Labyrinth
    Label: 4AD/Warner Bros.
    Director: Ron Fricke
    Time: 6:53

14. Madonna "Bedtime Story"
    Album: Bedtime Stories
    Label: Maverick/Warner Bros.
    Director: Mark Romanek
    Time: 4:23