1. Paul McCartney "Freedom"
    Album: Driving Rain
    Label: Capitol
    Time: 3:23

2. Nate Dogg "I Got Luv"
    Album: Music & Me
    Label: Elektra/EEG
    Director: Chris Robinson
    Time: 3:30

3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Whatever Happened to My Rock n' Roll (Punk Song)"
    Album: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Label: Virgin
    Directors: Chris Fagot / B.R.M.C.
    Time: 3:16

4. Beachwood Sparks "By Your Side"
    Album: Once We Were Trees
    Label: Sub Pop
    Director: Chad Misner
    Time: 4:06

5. Radiohead "I Might Be Wrong"
    Album: Amnesiac
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Sophie Muller
    Time: 4:50

6. nine inch nails "starsuckers, inc."
    Album: the fragile
    Label: nothing
    Director: Robert Hales / Marilyn Manson
    Time: 4:15

7. Janet Jackson featuring Missy Elliott with Carly Simon
    Title: "Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song is About You) (Remix)"
    Album: All For You
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Francis Lawrence
    Time: 4:15

8. Missy Elliott f. Tweet and Ginuwine "Take Away"
    Album: Miss E... So Addictive
    Label: The Gold Mind/Elektra/EEG
    Director: David Meyers
    Time: 4:07

9. Aaliyah "Rock the Boat"
    Album: Aaliyah
    Label: Blackground/Virgin
    Director: Hype Williams
    Time: 5:27

10. Fabolous "Young'n (Holla Back)"
    Album: Ghetto Fabolous
    Label: Desert Storm/Elektra/EEG
    Director: Little X
    Time: 4:19

11. Perry Farrell "Song Yet to be Sung"
    Album: Song Yet to be Sung"
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Andrea Giacobbe
    Time: 3:50

12. Daft Punk "Digital Love"
    Album: Discovery
    Label: Daft Life/Virgin France/Virgin
    Director: Leiji Matsumoto at Toei Animation Studios
    Time: 4:25

13. Coldplay "Trouble"
    Album: Parachutes
    Label: Nettwerk/Capitol
    Director: Tim Hope
    Time: 4:51

14. Coldplay "Don't Panic"
    Album: Parachutes
    Label: Nettwerk/Capitol
    Director: Tim Hope
    Time: 3:13

15. Kittie "What I Always Wanted"
    Album: Oracle
    Label: Artemis
    Director: Thomas Mignone
    Time: 3:45