athens music video
finale: season three

1. 2pac f. RL "Until the End of Time"
    Album: Until the End of Time
    Label: Amaru/Death Row/Interscope
    Director: Chris Hafner
    Time: 4:30

2. Idlewild "Roseability"
    Album: 100 Broken Windows
    Label: Food/Odeon/Capitol
    Director: Grant Gee
    Time: 3:39

3. St. Germain "Sure Thing"
    Album: Tourist
    Label: Blue Note/Capitol
    Director: Nathalie Canguilhem
    Time: 3:47

4. Delgados "No Danger"
    Album: The Great Eastern
    Label: Mantra/Beggars Group
    Director: Morag McKinnon
    Time: 4:02

5. Proclaimers "There's A Touch"
    Album: Persevere
    Label: Nettwerk America
    Director: Tim Godsall
    Time: 3:19

6. Dandy Warhols "Bohemian Like You"
    Album: Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Courtney Taylor
    Time: 3:31

7. The (International) Noise Conspiracy "Smash It Up"
    Album: Survival Sickness
    Label: Burning Heart/Epitaph
    Director: Bjorn Lindgren
    Time: 3:18

8. Plastilina Mosh "Human Disco Ball"
    Album: Juan Manuel
    Label: Virgin Mexico/astralwerks
    Director: Hermanos Ponderosa
    Time: 3:40

9. Titan "Corazon"
    Album: Elevator
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Evan Bernard
    Time: 3:46

10. Badly Drawn Boy "Once Around the Block"
    Album: The Hour of Bewilderbeast
    Label: Twisted Nerve/XL/Beggars Group
    Director: Suzy Ewing
    Time: 3:59

11. Ladytron "Playgirl (version two)"
    Album: 604
    Label: Invicta Hi-Fi/Emperor Norton
    Director: Another Rising Star Experience
    Time: 3:56

12. 1Plus1 "Cherry Bomb"
    Single: Cherry Bomb
    Label: Elektra/EEG
    Director: Steven Murashige
    Time: 2:53

13. Rufus Wainwright "April Fools"
    Album: Rufus Wainwright
    Label: DreamWorks
    Director: Sophie Muller
    Time: 3:55

14. Guns N' Roses "Garden of Eden"
    Album: Use Your Illusion I
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Andy Morahan
    Time: 2:47

15. BIGdumbFACE "Duke Lion"
    Album: Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!
    Label: Flawless/Flip/Geffen
    Director: Wes Borland / Marc Webb
    Time: 2:02

16. Dave Navarro "Rexall"
    Album: Trust No One
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Honey
    Time: 4:01

17. Jurassic 5 "The Influence"
    Album: Quality Control
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Marcos Siega
    Time: 4:16

18. A Perfect Circle "Judith"
    Album: Mer de Noms
    Label: Virgin
    Director: David Fincher
    Time: 4:00

19. Tool "Schism"
    Album: Lateralus
    Label: Tool/Dissectional/Volcano
    Director: Adam Jones
    Time: 7:26

20. Basement Jaxx "Bingo Bango"
    Album: Remedy
    Label: XL/astralwerks
    Director: Simon Ratcliffe / Felix Buxton / Jerry Chater
    Time: 3:39

21. Burning Heads "Wise Guy"
    Album: Escape
    Label: Epitaph Europe/Victory
    Director: Burning Heads/Je Suis Bien Content
    Time: 1:31

22. Radiohead "Pyramid Song"
    Album: Amnesiac
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Shynola
    Time: 4:55

23. Kate Bush "The Man With the Child in His Eyes"
    Album: The Kick Inside
    Label: EMI
    Director: Keef
    Time: 2:50

24. They Might Be Giants "Boss of Me"
    Album: Music From "Malcolm in the Middle"
    Label: Restless
    Director: Ted Crittenden
    Time: 3:11

25. Guru f. Chaka Khan "Watch What You Say"
    Album: Jazzmatazz II: The New Reality
    Label: Chrysalis/EMI Records
    Director: Hype Williams
    Time: 3:50

26. Shakespear's Sister "Stay"
    Album: Hormonally Yours
    Label: London
    Director: Sophie Muller
    Time: 3:56

27. Björk "All is Full of Love"
    Album: Homogenic / Stigmata soundtrack
    Label: Elektra/EEG/Virgin
    Director: Chris Cunningham
    Time: 4:10

28. Beck "Beercan"
    Album: Mellow Gold
    Label: Bong Load Custom/DGC
    Director: Steven Hanft
    Time: 4:00