1. Fantastic Plastic Machine "Take Me to the Disco"
    Album: Beautiful
    Label: Emperor Norton
    Director: Takeshi Nakamura
    Time: 4:41

2. Angie Martinez f. Wyclef Jean "Coast 2 Coast (Suavamente)"
    Album: Up Close and Personal
    Label: Elektra
    Director: Terry Heller
    Time: 3:27

3. Jurassic 5 "The Influence"
    Album: Quality Control
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Marcos Siega
    Time: 4:16

4. BIGdumbFACE "Duke Lion"
    Album: Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!
    Label: Flawless/Flip/Geffen
    Director: Wes Borland / Marc Webb
    Time: 2:02

5. 2pac f. RL "Until the End of Time"
    Album: Until the End of Time
    Label: Amaru/Death Row/Interscope
    Director: Chris Hafner
    Time: 4:30

6. Eve f. Gwen Stefani "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"
    Album: Scorpion
    Label: Ruff Ryders/Interscope
    Director: Philip G. Atwell
    Time: 4:06

7. Coldplay "Shiver (live at the Fillmore)"
    Album: Parachutes
    Label: Nettwerk/Capitol
    Director: Bob Staples
    Time: 5:37

8. Coldcut and The Guilty Party "Re:volution"
    Album: Re:volution
    Label: Ninja Tune
    Director: Coldcut
    Time: 4:20

9. Robbie Williams "Rock DJ"
    Album: Sing When You're Winning
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Vaughan Arnell
    Time: 4:16

10. Radiohead "Pyramid Song"
    Album: Amnesiac
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Shynola
    Time: 4:55

11. Tortoise "Seneca"
    Album: Standards
    Label: Thrill Jockey
    Director: Braden King
    Time: 6:25

12. Weezer "Undone: The Sweater Song"
    Album: Weezer
    Label: DGC
    Director: Spike Jonze
    Time: 4:20

13. Weezer "Buddy Holly"
    Album: Weezer
    Label: DGC
    Director: Spike Jonze
    Time: 3:59