1. Strait Up featuring Sevendust "Angel's Son"
    Album: Strait Up
    Label: Immortal/Virgin
    Director: Nathan "Karma" Cox
    Time: 3:36

2. Laika "Uneasy"
    Album: Good Looking Blues
    Label: Too Pure/Beggars Group
    Director: Cav
    Time: 3:42

3. Smashing Pumpkins "Everlasting Gaze"
    Album: MACHINA / The Machines of God
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Jonas Åkerlund
    Time: 3:57

4. At the Drive-In "One Armed Scissor" (version two)
    Album: Relationship of Command
    Label: Grand Royal/Virgin
    Director: At the Drive-In
    Time: 3:45

5. Titan "Corazon"
    Album: Elevator
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Evan Bernard
    Time: 3:46

6. Plastilina Mosh "Human Disco Ball"
    Album: Juan Manuel
    Label: Virgin Mexico/astralwerks
    Director: Hermanos Ponderosa
    Time: 3:40

7. Crystal Sierra f. Stylez Skillz "Playa No More"
    Album: Morena
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Hype Williams
    Time: 3:52

8. OutKast featuring Slick Rick "Da Art of Storytellin'"
    Album: Aquemini
    Label: LaFace/Arista
    Director: Gregory Dark
    Time: 3:50

9. Queens of the Stone Age
    Title: "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"
    Album: Rated R
    Label: Interscope
    Director: John Pirozzi
    Time: 3:38

10. Blur "Song 2"
    Album: Blur
    Label: EMI/Virgin
    Director: Sophie Muller
    Time: 2:00

11. Guru's Jazzmatazz f. Angie Stone "Keep Your Worries"
    Album: Streetsoul
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Marcus Raboy
    Time: 4:07

12. Hip Hop For Respect "One Four Love"
    Single: Hip Hop For Respect
    Label: Rawkus
    Director: Calabazitaz Tiernaz
    Time: 4:06

13. Delgados "No Danger"
    Album: The Great Eastern
    Label: Mantra/Beggars Group
    Director: Morag McKinnon
    Time: 4:02

14. Delgados "Everything Goes Around the Water"
    Album: Peloton
    Label: Mantra/Beggars Group
    Director: Henry James
    Time: 4:23