1. At the Drive-In "One Armed Scissor" (version two)
    Album: Relationship of Command
    Label: Grand Royal/Virgin
    Director: At the Drive-In
    Time: 3:45

2. Joseph Arthur "In the Sun"
    Album: Come To Where I'm From
    Label: Real World/Virgin
    Director: Anton Corbijn
    Time: 4:08

3. Fatboy Slim "Sunset (Bird of Prey)"
    Album: Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
    Label: Skint/astralwerks
    Director: Rob Leggatt / Leigh Marling
    Time: 6:00

4. Phoenix "If I Ever Feel Better"
    Album: United
    Label: Source/astralwerks
    Director: Alex & Martin
    Time: 3:27

5. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek "Move Something"
    Album: Reflection Eternal
    Label: Rawkus
    Director: David Nelson
    Time: 3:10

6. Jurassic 5 "Quality Control"
    Album: Quality Control
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Jeff Richter
    Time: 4:38

7. Black Eyed Peas "B.E.P. Empire"
    Album: Bridging the Gap
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Brian Beletic
    Time: 3:45

8. A Perfect Circle "3 Libras"
    Album: Mer de Noms
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Paul Hunter
    Time: 3:32

9. Massive Attack "Karmacoma"
    Album: Protection
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Jonathan Glazer
    Time: 4:27

10. Plastilina Mosh "Human Disco Ball"
    Album: Juan Manuel
    Label: Virgin Mexico/astralwerks
    Director: Hermanos Ponderosa
    Time: 3:40

11. Titan "Corazon"
    Album: Elevator
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Evan Bernard
    Time: 3:46

12. Badly Drawn Boy "Once Around the Block"
    Album: The Hour of Bewilderbeast
    Label: Twisted Nerve/XL/Beggars Group
    Director: Suzy Ewing
    Time: 3:59

13. Shelter "Don't Walk Away"
    Album: When 20 Summers Pass
    Label: Victory
    Director: Ray Cappo/Joe Pattisall
    Time: 2:19

14. Lenny Kravitz "Again"
    Album: Greatest Hits
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Paul Hunter
    Time: 4:32

15. Lenny Kravitz "Believe"
    Album: Are You Gonna Go My Way?
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Michel Gondry
    Time: 4:02