athens music video
two-hour 2000 summer special

1. D'Angelo "Send It On"
    Album: Voodoo
    Label: Cheeba Sound/Virgin
    Director: Diane Martel
    Time: 4:37

2. Bloodhound Gang "Mope"
    Album: Hooray For Boobies
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Cousin Mike
    Time: 4:19

3. The (International) Noise Conspiracy "Smash It Up"
    Album: Survival Sickness
    Label: Burning Heart/Epitaph
    Director: Bjorn Lindgren
    Time: 3:18

4. Queens of the Stone Age
    Title: "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"
    Album: Rated R
    Label: Interscope
    Director: John Pirozzi
    Time: 3:38

5. Beck "Nicotine & Gravy"
    Album: Midnite Vultures
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Fullerene
    Time: 3:26

6. Counting Crows "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby"
    Album: This Desert Life
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Olivia D'Albis
    Time: 7:40

7. Richard Ashcroft "A Song for the Lovers"
    Album: Alone With Everybody
    Label: Hut/Virgin
    Director: Jonathan Glazer
    Time: 5:53

8. Belle and Sebastian "The Wrong Girl"
    Album: Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
    Label: Jeepster/Matador
    Director: Lance Bangs
    Time: 3:24

9. Belle and Sebastian f. the Maisonettes "Legal Man"
    Single: Legal Man
    Label: Jeepster/Matador
    Director: Isobel Campbell
    Time: 2:42

10. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals "Steal My Kisses"
    Album: Burn To Shine
    Label: Virgin
    Director: J.P. Plunier
    Time: 4:33

11. Kittie "Charlotte"
    Album: Spit
    Label: Ng/Artemis
    Director: Lisa Rubisch
    Time: 3:54

12. Shelter "In the Van Again"
    Album: When 20 Summers Pass
    Label: Victory
    Director: The Stone Brothers
    Time: 2:49

13. Infesticons "Hero Theme"
    Album: Gun Hill Road
    Label: Big Dada/Ninja Tune
    Director: Jenny Bowers
    Time: 3:12

14. MxPx "Responsibility"
    Album: The Ever Passing Moment
    Label: A&M
    Director: The Malloys
    Time: 3:00

15. Primus "Lacquer Head"
    Album: Antipop
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Les Claypool
    Time: 3:49

16. Rah Digga "Break Fool"
    Album: Dirty Harriet
    Label: Flipmode/Elektra/EEG
    Director: Diane Martel
    Time: 3:42

17. Busta Rhymes "Get Out"
    Album: Anarchy
    Label: Flipmode/Elektra/EEG
    Director: Hype Williams/Busta Rhymes
    Time: 4:23

18. Crooked Fingers "New Drink for the Old Drunk"
    Album: Crooked Fingers
    Label: Warm
    Director: Adam Little
    Time: 3:53

19. Calexico "Ballad of Cable Hogue"
    Album: Hot Rail
    Label: Our Soil, Our Strength/Quarterstick
    Director: John Pirozzi
    Time: 3:26

20. Jurassic 5 "Quality Control"
    Album: Quality Control
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Jeff Richter
    Time: 4:38

21. Torrey Carter f. Missy Elliott "Take That"
    Album: Torrey Carter - The Life I Live
    Label: The Gold Mind/EastWest/EEG
    Director: Nzingha Stewart
    Time: 3:48

22. Jimi Tenor "Spell"
    Album: Out of Nowhere
    Label: Warp/Matador
    Director: Jimi Tenor/Sökö Kaukoranta
    Time: 3:50

23. Joseph Arthur "Chemical"
    Album: Come To Where I'm From
    Label: Real World/Virgin
    Director: Anton Corbijn
    Time: 4:03

24. AC/DC "Satellite Blues"
    Album: Stiff Upper Lip
    Label: Elektra/EEG
    Director: Andy Morahan
    Time: 3:48

25. Greyarea "Colossus"
    Album: Fanbelt Algebra
    Label: Victory
    Director: Steve O'Brien
    Time: 2:32

26. Millencolin "Fox"
    Album: Pennybridge Pioneers
    Label: Burning Heart/Epitaph
    Director: David Barron
    Time: 2:03

27. Amon Tobin "Slowly"
    Album: Supermodified
    Label: Ninja Tune
    Time: 5:36

28. Yolanda Adams "Open My Heart"
    Album: Mountain High...Valley Low
    Label: Elektra/EEG
    Director: Sanaa Hamri
    Time: 4:17