1. A Perfect Circle "Judith"
    Album: Mer de Noms
    Label: Virgin
    Director: David Fincher
    Time: 4:00

2. Kittie "Brackish"
    Album: Spit
    Label: Ng/Artemis
    Director: Juli Berg / Candace Corelli
    Time: 3:01

3. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott "She's A Bitch"
    Album: Da Real World
    Label: Gold Mind/Eastwest
    Director: Hype Williams
    Time: 3:42

4. Mos Def "Ms. Fat Booty"
    Album: Black On Both Sides
    Label: Rawkus/Priority
    Director: Mos Def / J. Jesses Smith / Calabazitaz Tiernaz
    Time: 4:02

5. Dilated Peoples "The Platform"
    Album: The Platform
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Sanji
    Time: 3:56

6. Hippos "Wasting My Life"
    Album: Heads Are Gonna Roll
    Label: Interscope
    Director: The Malloys
    Time: 2:43

7. AC/DC "Stiff Upper Lip"
    Album: Stiff Upper Lip
    Label: Elektra
    Director: Andy Morahan
    Time: 3:51

8. Stone Temple Pilots "Big Bang Baby"
    Album: Tiny Music...Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop
    Label: Atlantic
    Director: John Eder
    Time: 3:33

9. Kelis "Get Along With You"
    Album: Kaleidoscope
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Paul Hunter
    Time: 4:36

10. Ian Brown "Love Like A Fountain"
    Album: Golden Greats
    Label: Polydor/Interscope
    Director: Juan Carlos Martin
    Time: 3:31

11. Spooks "Things I've Seen"
    Album: Once In the Life original soundtrack
    Album: Things I've Seen
    Label: Antra/Artemis
    Director: Brian Beletic
    Time: 3:49

12. Console "14 Zero Zero"
    Album: Rocket in the Pocket
    Label: Matador
    Director: Boris Enaud
    Time: 3:48

13. Enigma "Gravity of Love"
    Album: The Screen Behind the Mirror
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Thomas Job
    Time: 3:56

14. Smashing Pumpkins "Stand Inside Your Love"
    Album: MACHINA/The Machines of God
    Label: Virgin
    Director: W.I.Z.
    Time: 4:33

15. Lenny Kravitz "I Belong To You"
    Album: 5
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Mark Seliger / Fred Woodward
    Time: 4:16