1. Guns n' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle (live)"
    Album: Live Era '87-'93
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Jeff Richter
    Time: 5:15

2. Kittie "Brackish"
    Album: Spit
    Label: Ng/Artemis
    Director: Juli Berg / Candace Corelli
    Time: 3:01

3. Grade "A Year in the Past"
    Album: Under the Radar
    Label: Victory
    Director: Brian Speedway
    Time: 3:19

4. Beth Orton "Best Bit"
    EP: Best Bit
    Label: Deconstruction/Arista
    Director: Steven Hanft
    Time: 4:11

5. Girls Against Boys "Park Avenue"
    Album: Freak*on*ica
    Label: Geffen
    Director: Alex Peacock
    Time: 3:54

6. Snapcase "Typecast Modulator"
    Album: Designs For Automotion
    Label: Victory
    Director: Darren Doane / Derek Dale
    Time: 2:45

7. Spooks "Things I've Seen"
    Album: Once In the Life original soundtrack
    Album: Things I've Seen
    Label: Antra/Artemis
    Director: Brian Beletic
    Time: 3:49

8. Belle and Sebastian "Is It Wicked Not To Care"
    Album: The Boy With the Arab Strap
    Label: Jeepster/Matador
    Director: Belle and Sebastian
    Time: 3:47

9. Looper "Impossible Things #2"
    Album: Up A Tree
    Label: Sub Pop
    Local Director: Michelle Leighty
    Time: 5:30

10. Gomez "We Haven't Turned Around"
    Album: Liquid Skin
    Label: Virgin
    Director: Laurence Dunmore
    Time: 4:43

11. Mindless Self Indulgence "Bitches"
    Album: Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy
    Label: Uppity Cracker/Elektra
    Director: Alexander Serpico
    Time: 3:03

12. Staind "Home"
    Album: Dysfunction
    Label: Flip/Elektra
    Director: Fred Durst
    Time: 4:10

13. Carl Hancock Rux - 'The Visual Rux Revue' EPK
    Album: Rux Revue
    Label: 550 Music / Epic
    Director: Stacie Passon
    Time: 8:10

14. Gerald Levert "Mr. Too Damn Good"
    Album: G
    Label: Eastwest
    Director: Tim Story
    Time: 4:33