1. Black Eyed Peas "Joints & Jam"
    Album: Behind the Front / Bulworth soundtrack
    Label: Interscope
    Director: Brian Beletic

2. Björk "Hunter"
    Album: Homogenic
    Label: Elektra
    Director: Paul White

3. Busta Rhymes "Gimme Some Mo'"
    Album: E.L.E.
    Label: Flipmode/Elektra
    Director: Hype Daddy and Busta Remo

4. Daft Punk "Da Funk"
    Album: Homework
    Label: Daft Trax/Virgin France/Virgin
    Director: Spike Jonze

5. Yo La Tengo "Sugarcube"
    Album: I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One
    Label: Matador
    Director: Phil Morrison

6. Moby "Run On"
    Album: Play
    Label: V2
    Director: Mike Mills

7. Air "All I Need"
    Album: Moon Safari
    Label: Source/astralwerks
    Director: Mike Mills

8. P.M. Dawn "I Had No Right"
    Album: Dearest Christian, I Am So Very Sorry For Bringing You Here. Love, Dad.
    Label: Gee Street/V2
    Director: Charles Stone III

9. Radiohead "Palo Alto"
    Film: Meeting People Is Easy
    EP: Airbag / How's My Driving?
    Label: Capitol
    Director: Grant Gee

10. Zack de la Rocha, KRS-ONE, The Last Emperor "C.I.A."
    Album: Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1
    Label: Rawkus
    Director: Jacob Septimus

11. Nightmares on Wax "Les Nuits"
    Album: Carboot Soul
    Label: Warp/Matador
    Director: Babak

12. Red Snapper "Image of You"
    Album: Making Bones
    Label: Warp/Matador
    Director: Ringan Ledwidge

13. Squarepusher "Come On My Selector"
    EP: Big Loada
    Label: Warp/nothing
    Director: Chris Cunningham